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Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011)

October. 17,2011
| Horror Thriller

Follows a group of friends that decide to go snowmobiling during their winter break. They make a "wrong turn", getting lost in a storm.


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Kattiera Nana

I think this is a new genre that they're all sort of working their way through it and haven't got all the kinks worked out yet but it's a genre that works for me.


This movie is magnificent!


the audience applauded


The best films of this genre always show a path and provide a takeaway for being a better person.


Undermined from the very beginning by gratuitous sex scenes including straight sex, lesbian sex, and inter racial sex. I'm surprised there wasn't 2 gay guys as well just to be absolutely politically correct.. Purely used as titillation with nothing to do with the story and therefore left with an impression there would be no integrity to this film albeit a fourth instalment.All the characters are unbelievably obnoxious except one guy, and you can't wait for them to get killed off.The great thing about the other wrong turn's is that they were gruesome and gory, but always had a sense of humour regarding the gore and splatter. This chucks in the gore aspect but we have a rather nasty prolonged torture scene which crosses the line from fun gore and splatter to what was termed as torture porn. The inventive deaths, usually over quickly were watchable. This particular scene is just pretty nasty and unpleasant.The actors despite the negative reviews have a pretty impossible job. To be constantly in a state on set of being petrified I imagine is not easy, and it doesn't help when all the dialogue is contrived and wouldn't be said in these circumstances. They would all be mad from fear, incomprehensible wrecks just doing what they can to survive. Here, they are all too logical, coherent, and behaving remarkably well seeing as most of their party have been butchered, eaten and tortured right in front of their eyes. Even after they unknowingly stab to death one of their own, there's just a mid level panic. It's not their fault. It's bad screen writing and bad direction.As for the ending, nothing is clear. What happened to the cannibals? Who was the guy in the end in the truck? They didn't see brown wooden posts with barbed wire on an all white landscape? stupid ending going for laughs and shocks with no coherence.


Wrong Turn was a good two piece film series gone down the drain sadly with it's terribly acted, awful effected third installment and there was no way a fourth could happen but Declian O'Brian, who directed three, then decided in order to make fans happy then went and bought Wrong Turn 4: "Bloody Beginnings". Wrong Turn 4 is the first prequel to the series and follows the story of a group of stranded teens who stay in a isolated asylum for sleep and comfort while lost. Soon though, the group then realize that they somehow may be up against the terrible cannibal clan from 1-3. If I had to say, Wrong Turn 4 is definitley the most watched to me in the series due to me and my friends crazy obsession with this film back in the day and theres reasons for that. Declian O'Brian, thank you for restitching Wrong Turn's wounds because this is an awesome film / sequel / prequel. The film's setting for the most part was just really good and really isolated and creepy. The film's only problem that I had was probably the acting, but I guess what do you expect from a low budget "unrated" sequel. Wrong Turn 4 is a good prequel, you should watch because it is worth it although is still miles away from being as good as the first two, sorry O'Brian, but it's true!


The logic of the movie is very flawed: the hillbillies are smart enough to come up with a decoy and remove the spark plugs, though unable to speak. Seems legit, right? And I don't know about you, but it really annoyed me that the stupid girl decides to have mercy and not to burn them alive. This could have been the very ending...Oh, and that lock-picking skill is just over 9000: the unable-to-speak-hillbillies are just rattling the pins and BAM! "Sesame, open!". Also excessive gore does not make any point, even though it is a horror title: more mysteries and less murdered tomatoes. Overall it is so unrealistic and rather a commercial low-quality movie that I strongly recommend NOT to watch, as it will waste 93 precious minutes of your life watching some second-hand horror film.with hatred, everyone


No, seriously, I only found out I'd watched a prequel when I looked it up on the internet after sitting through the film. So, that would explain why it's an 'origin' story of those three inbred hillbillies. Basically, they escaped from a secure institution and went on to kill people. That's the backstory. Did they really need to stretch it into an hour and a half? A group of teenagers - the girls all enormously attractive, wearing tight-fitting tops - and the boys all sporting mock-Justin Bieber haircuts - all go on a skiing trip, but end up in a old asylum (does it really matter why?). Then, after spending the night loudly partying and fondling each other, they discover the hillbillies are in there. You can probably guess what happens next.Yes, there's some decent gore, but it's extreme gore in place of a story or characters. Seriously, this is one of those films where you're on the baddies' side. The teens are so obnoxious you'll be cheering when they're offed one by one - possibly payback for their lousy acting? The original 'Wrong Turn' movie was a nice little horror gem. However, as we sit here with number 4, it's really just wringing as much money as you can out of a name. This felt like it could have been called anything - it's the ultimate generic horror/slasher film. No, it's not terrible, but I sat through it with a sense that I couldn't care about anything in it because I'd seen it all before...better.http://thewrongtreemoviereviews.blogspot.co.uk/