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Saw (2004)

October. 01,2004
| Horror Crime Mystery

Obsessed with teaching his victims the value of life, a deranged, sadistic serial killer abducts the morally wayward. Once captured, they must face impossible choices in a horrific game of survival. The victims must fight to win their lives back, or die trying...


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This is a coming of age storyline that you've seen in one form or another for decades. It takes a truly unique voice to make yet another one worth watching.


A terrific literary drama and character piece that shows how the process of creating art can be seen differently by those doing it and those looking at it from the outside.


Many critics hate this because it is "too gory." That seems silly to me. The movie is called "Saw." Saws cut, and in this case, they cut arms to set people free. This movie is about 2 men who wake up in a dirty bathroom, and they must survive the torture in this horror movie. I really liked this movie. Not really "love", but I I liked it a lot. It kept me engaged throughout. The movie ends suspensefully, setting up(and making me want to see) the 2nd movie. I haven't seen any of the sequels, but the ending made me want to. To the late Roger Ebert, who gave this 2 stars for the violence, I have to ask: you think the movie is too gory? "The Passion of The Christ" was violent as well, and I'd argue they both use them to condemn it. There's not much else to say, but this was a good movie. I think it's worth seeing.


This incarnation of Saw is the closest it will come to being a movie in terms of filmmaking. There are far too many cuts and edits to add horror to a situation such as Dr Gordon sawing his foot off to reach the phone. The movie was something I enjoyed though. It was good in terms of story and had some nice twists.


A very original concept. For such a small budget, this film is very well-done and horrific, with an interesting twist at the end. If you like gore and suspense, you will find Saw to be a pleasant surprise. I recommend it, mostly because it is a classic and a large part of pop culture.

Kyle Swanson

Man, this movie. Now I see a-lot of Horror Movies in my time but never that brutally sick and twisted like this one. Basically a new serial killer is in town, but is unique than any others as he set traps for his victims, in which ain't like any other as they usually uses a weapon like a knife or a gun. The killer was dubbed as "Jigsaw" as according to the video tapes he left behind with a dummy he voiced in order to hide his identity, may have a connection to these people he kills because he seemly knows a-lot about them as they goes from Drug Addicts to Pathological Liars to Those who attempted Suicide, and his games that he have them plays are kinda like puzzles, and if they figured it out, not only their allowed to make it out alive (Which unfortunately is a rare chance), but also learns about their mistakes in life and shelled changed their ways of living. Meanwhile, a Ruthless Doctor is suspected to this "Jigsaw" individual because his applys was found at one of the crime scenes. But it turned out he Innocent like he proved to be, as he was soon kidnapped by the killer himself to become another of his victims and plays another of his deadly games, and if he fails, his family shall be killed, alongside with him is another individual who is also kidnapped and his purpose is somehow connected to the doctor's case, and the Doctor have to killed him to shows his realization of his Cruelty especially what he learns about him.The movie got ton of great acting in it, I absolutely loves the interaction between both the doctor and the other person in the room which is primarily of the film takes placed in, it started kinda funny at the beginning, and gets really twisted to watch as it drags. The doctor was good as the actor did good playing such a jerk of a doctor who deserves to play the game by Jigsaw especially what Jigsaw turned-out to be in the end, with his Identity is revealed at the end. As it makes total sense for his abduction to exist not because he was accused of his killings but because he's quite cruel at his job. The other individual was at times amusing to watch, such loves his sarcastic talk at the beginning of the film as he answering the Doctor's question of his identity, just wow. Danny Glover plays in this film as a detective who is working on the Jigsaw's case, he was alright here not much to say about him, except for two scenes in which are good-old Cop actions my favorite is close by the end of the movie in which he was fighting against who thought is the actual killer. The trap scenes are brutal to watch especially the infamous Amanda Young's scene in which quite shocking to see with her digging though that one dude's body, just glory as it's gorgeous. One last thing to say about this movie is the ending which is like awesome, now I figured there would be a Twist after-all but still it nice to viewed, and the theme song is something I'll not forget, it awesome to hear, and I'm glad I have it on my Cellphone.Over-all, I still don't think I could give this movie a score like 10, because I think this is not the best horror movie yet, but I give this movie a good score still like 8. Check this out if you want to see a movie that have good Brutalities and such interesting characters, or not if you're too sensitive to this type of movie, make your choice.