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Season 1

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Wagle Ki Duniya Season 1

February. 08,2021
| Drama Comedy Family

Three generations of the family live together, who share all their happiness and sorrows. Follow the story of this family as they bring laughter to each other's lives and will make your heart melt. A new generation of the old critically acclaimed show is here to take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

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AD:This title is currently not available on Prime Video

Wagle Ki Duniya


Three generations of the family live together, who share all their happiness and sorrows. Follow the story of this family as they bring laughter to each other's lives and will make your heart melt. A new generation of the old critically acclaimed show is here to take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.


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Aatish Kapadia
Sumeet Raghvan, Pariva Pranati
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Hats Off Productions
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Wagle Ki Duniya Season 1 Full Episode Guide

Episode 978 - Dakshesh Ka Naya Rule
Episode 977 - I Love You Boldo
First Aired: May. 17,2024

Sakhi and her friends aim to rekindle Radhika and Srinivas' romance. While Srinivas hesitates to say "I love you," Sakhi and Vivaan work to bring them closer and, in the process, grow closer themselves.

Episode 976 - Kishori Ki Tips
First Aired: May. 16,2024

Dilip explains how he resorted to begging and got involved with Monty, who controls the beggars. Dilip mentions that he helped Manoj find a job. Later, Radhika's friend advises her to encourage more romance from Srinivas and gives her tips.

Episode 975 - Dilip Majboor Hai
First Aired: May. 15,2024

Rajesh discovers that Dilip once sought his help but was unable to meet him due to colleagues' interference. Dilip urges Asha to quit working at Vandana's place. Later, Dilip confides in Manoj that he is not proud of his current job.

Episode 974 - Dilip Kya Kaam Karta Hai?
First Aired: May. 14,2024

Rajesh suspects Asha's husband, Dilip, of suspicious behaviour. When Asha confronts Dilip, he reacts defensively. Sakhi tells Vivaan she'll maintain her distance from him in front of Anvita. Later, everyone begins to suspect Dilip of fraud.

Episode 973 - Vandana And Rajesh's Fight
First Aired: May. 13,2024

Sakhi and Atharva share with Srinivas and Radhika that Rajesh and Vandana are upset with each other. They all work together to arrange a meeting for Rajesh and Vandana, to help them reconcile. Will they succeed?

Episode 972 - Battle Of Egos
First Aired: May. 11,2024

Dakshesh starts staying at Rajesh's house after getting into a fight with Yamini. Later, Harshad and Jyoti come up with an idea to resolve Dakshesh and Yamini's fight. Will their plan work?

Episode 971 - Yamini And Dakshesh's Fight
First Aired: May. 10,2024

After a fight with Yamini, Dakshesh decides to leave home. Yamini expresses her disappointment to her friends about Dakshesh missing her special event and lying to her. Dakshesh then chooses to spend the night sleeping in the park. What will happen next?

Episode 970 - Rajesh Ke Joote
First Aired: May. 09,2024

Rajesh's shoes get stolen at a temple, causing stress as he's running late for a crucial meeting. Meanwhile, P2P Max's key clients are upset by the company's unprofessional behaviour. What will Rajesh do next?

Episode 969 - Rajesh's Important Deal
First Aired: May. 08,2024

Kadambari reveals she came to give money to her sons, not to take from them, and decides to give it to Vandana instead. Later, Rajesh grows nervous about an upcoming important meeting.

Episode 968 - Kadambari Ki Majboori
First Aired: May. 07,2024

Kadambari’s sons are taken aback when she informs them about the lingering family loan she has been tirelessly trying to pay off for years. How will they react to this?

Episode 966 - The New Form Of Communication
First Aired: May. 04,2024

Sakhi takes help from Vivaan to find the topic of her next article. Later, Rajesh decides to go to a client's office to clear up the miscommunication caused by Dasani. What will he do?

Episode 965 - Corrupt Doctors
First Aired: May. 03,2024

The Wagle family plans to confront Srinivas' corrupt doctor. With Kiara and Dakshesh's help, Rajesh exposes the doctor's unethical behaviour. Later, Sakhi discusses her documentary idea titled 'Medical Industry: Business or Service?' with Rajesh.

Episode 964 - Recording Mein Sach Pakda Gaya
First Aired: May. 02,2024

Srinivas messages Radhika about his enjoyable trip. Meanwhile, Sakhi hears a nurse's recording and urges Vandana to stop Srinivas' surgery. What does the nurse reveal in the recording?

Episode 963 - Radhika Ko Jhooth Bolna Padha
First Aired: May. 01,2024

Manoj and Vidya give 3 lakh rupees for Srinivas' operation. Rajesh asks Harshad for a loan to cover the rest. Later, Srinivas lies to Radhika about going on a trip with friends.

Episode 962 - Operation Ke Liye Paise
First Aired: April. 30,2024

The doctor tells Srinivas' sons that he needs urgent heart surgery due to a serious blockage. Rajesh and Vandana scramble to gather funds for the operation. Will they raise enough money in time?

Episode 961 - Srinivas' Heart Problem
First Aired: April. 29,2024

The doctor tells Srinivas he has heart problems, but Manoj and Srinivas feel the recommended tests are too expensive and unnecessary. Srinivas asks Manoj and Harshad to keep it a secret from the family. What will happen when the family finds out?

Episode 960 - Izzat Ki Bhook
First Aired: April. 27,2024

Rajesh finds out that Dilip and Asha's self-respect has been hurt due to the members of Sai Darshan Heights. He calls Vandana and the others back to Asha's house to make things right.

Episode 959 - Celebration For Komal
First Aired: April. 26,2024

Members of the Sai Darshan Heights Society arrive at Asha's house to congratulate her and celebrate her success. Meanwhile, Asha's husband, Dilip, feels undermined by all the other guests.

Episode 958 - Komal's Big Achievement
First Aired: April. 25,2024

Asha feels inadequate compared to parents who provide more for their children. Meanwhile, Komal wins a topper award and a scholarship at school. To celebrate, Asha throws a party at her house.

Episode 957 - Atharva Ne Chori Kari?
First Aired: April. 24,2024

A man reports his grandson's undelivered order to P2P Max. Rajesh worries about Atharva, suspecting trouble. Meanwhile, Nick accuses Atharva of theft, and Atharva goes missing. What happens next?

Episode 956 - Kaam Ki Value
First Aired: April. 23,2024

Vandana and Sakhi miss Atharva at home. Rajesh advises Atharva on managing personal and professional life. Atharva finds his favorite video game in a package at P2P Max. Later, Rajesh catches Atharva lying.

Episode 955 - Atharva's Internship
First Aired: April. 22,2024

Atharva doesn't want to intern during his vacation at Rajesh's office, but Rajesh tempts him with his favourite video game. Rajesh instructs everyone not to show Atharva any special treatment. Later, Atharva complains to Vidyut about the difficulties he faced at Rajesh's office.

Episode 954 - Importance Of Discipline
First Aired: April. 20,2024

Rajesh and Vandana tell everyone about the importance of voting through the mock elections at Sai Darshan Heights Society. Meanwhile, Rajesh decides to bring some discipline back to Atharva's life during his vacations. What will he do?

Episode 953 - Election Fever
First Aired: April. 19,2024

Election fever grips Sai Darshan society as the candidates lay out their manifestos and visions for the future. With three diverse candidates offering distinct plans, the society members face a crucial decision. Who will win their votes?

Episode 952 - Voting Is Important
First Aired: April. 18,2024

Harshad tells Srinivas about government benefits for lower-class individuals. Vandana and Rajesh feel that today's youth don't grasp the importance of voting. Rajesh then organizes elections in Sai Darshan society.

Episode 951 - Atharva Ka Exam
First Aired: April. 17,2024

Atharva gets ready for his exam with Rajesh's trust in him. Atharva questions why Vaibhav didn't seek revenge. Meanwhile, Vandana makes ladoos for everyone.

Episode 950 - Vaibhav's Real Intentions
First Aired: April. 16,2024

Atharva's principal assigns Vaibhav as his exam writer. Atharva suspects Vaibhav's motives and discusses with Manoj, who suggests a plan to deal with Vaibhav.

Episode 949 - Atharva Is Injured
First Aired: April. 15,2024

Atharva lies about studying and goes to play football. Rajesh and Vandana catch him in the lie. Unfortunately, Atharva gets injured and now can't take his board exams. What happens next?

Episode 948 - Football Match And Board Exams
First Aired: April. 13,2024

Rajesh helps find the fruit vendor's mobile phone by using social media. Atharva injures his leg while playing football. Vandana and Rajesh forbid him from playing again till his board exams. What will Atharva do now?

Episode 947 - Rajesh Ka Guilt
First Aired: April. 12,2024

Rajesh feels guilty for wrongly accusing a man and tries to reach out to him. He scolds Dasani for mocking the poor fruit vendor. Later, Rajesh then rushes to the market to apologize to the vendor.

Episode 946 - Rajesh Se Hui Galti
First Aired: April. 11,2024

Rajesh confronts a fruit vendor after getting scammed but later can't find him to apologize. Meanwhile, Manoj suspects Mangesh of stealing Radhika's gold chain.

Episode 945 - Tiwari Jaata Kaha Hai?
First Aired: April. 10,2024

Harshad warns Dakshesh about the harmful effects of the 'Go Macchar Go' spray on animals as well as humans. Meanwhile, Rajesh investigates where Tiwari goes at night instead of fulfilling his responsibilities.

Episode 944 - Bye Bye Mosquitoes
Episode 943 - Atharva Ka Purana Coat
First Aired: April. 08,2024

Atharva recites a moving poem at the farewell. Vandana and Rajesh fondly recall school memories with friends. However, unkind remarks about Atharva's coat cast a shadow over the evening's spirit.

Episode 942 - Atharva's School Farewell Party
First Aired: April. 06,2024

Rajesh gives his old coat to Atharva for the farewell. Atharva is worried about how Ruchita will react after seeing his coat. Meanwhile, Rajesh shares his schooltime stories with his friends.

Episode 941 - Farewell Aa Raha Hai
First Aired: April. 05,2024

Aditya refuses to help Harshad, causing Vidyut's health to worsen and making Harshad realize his mistake. Meanwhile, Atharva and his friends recall their upcoming farewell and talk about the school uniform.

Episode 940 - Saas Lena Hai Mushkil
First Aired: April. 04,2024

Rajesh apologizes to Sakhi and pledges his support. Dakshesh proposes to file Public Interest Litigation against Goradia and Shah builders, but Harshad declines. Later, Vidyut struggles to breathe, experiencing coughing fits.

Episode 939 - Relationships Or Duty?
First Aired: April. 03,2024

Harshad advises Sakhi to remove her video exposing the powerful builder, revealing his own investment in the project. Sakhi is left to decide whether to comply with his request or stand by her principles.

Episode 938 - Mumbai Ki Air Quality
First Aired: April. 02,2024

Rajesh impresses the client and considers buying an air purifier for his family after learning about the poor air quality in their locality. Later, Sakhi informs Rajesh about the poor air quality specifically in their neighbourhood.

Episode 937 - Surprise Or No Surprise?
First Aired: April. 01,2024

Vandana eagerly awaits a surprise from Rajesh on their anniversary, but feels let down when nothing happens. Atharva and Sakhi step in to uncover Rajesh's plans for Vandana.

Episode 936 - Best Husband In The World
First Aired: March. 30,2024

Rajesh seeks Dakshesh and Harshad's advice to come up with a surprise for Vandana on their marriage anniversary. However, Vandana thinks that Rajesh has forgotten about their anniversary. What will Rajesh do now?

Episode 935 - Kittu Is Embarrassed
First Aired: March. 29,2024

Dakshesh messes up Kittu's makeup before her function, causing embarrassment. Upset, Kittu decides to stay at Vandana's. Later, everyone attends Kittu’s Elocution contest. Will Dakshesh show up?

Episode 934 - Mata Aur Pita Ka Role
First Aired: March. 28,2024

Kittu feels embarrassed by her tiffin in front of her friends and asks Yamini to quit her job. Dakshesh looks after Kittu while Yamini continues working, leading Kittu to speak rudely to Dakshesh.

Episode 933 - Who Broke The Swing?
First Aired: March. 27,2024

Dakshesh reviews CCTV footage to catch the swing breaker. Srinivas claims to have witnessed the incident, prompting a society meeting to unveil the truth.

Episode 932 - Jhula Kisne Todha?
First Aired: March. 26,2024

Dakshesh inaugurates the garden with the kids. Walia breaks the rule but refuses to pay the fine. Later, Dakshesh reveals that someone broke the swing in the garden.

Episode 931 - Garden Band Hai
First Aired: March. 25,2024

Rajesh regrets his insensitive comments about Vandana and his children and seeks to apologize. Later, Dakshesh enforces a temporary ban on entry into the society.

Episode 930 - Holi Ki Galati
First Aired: March. 23,2024

Harshad, Rajesh and Dakshesh get shut out by their family members for doing something questionable during the Holi function. However, three of them don't have a clue about what they did. Will they find out the truth?

Episode 929 - Awareness Is Power
First Aired: March. 22,2024

Goons create chaos at Sakhi's office. Later, Rajesh discovers contaminated face creams have been distributed in the market. What will Rajesh do next?

Episode 928 - Quarantine Karna Hoga
First Aired: March. 21,2024

Rajesh and the police catch Tonki. When Rajesh puts work ahead of their vacation, Atharva loses his�cool. Later, Rajesh and the team are asked to quarantine in the office by the police as they may be infected with the virus.

Episode 927 - Vivaan And Sakhi's Adventure
First Aired: March. 20,2024

Rajesh approaches Sakhi to get help finding a phone number. Vivaan and Sakhi install a recorder in Tonki's house. Subsequently, Rajesh finds out that the Beauty Gloss Cosmetics lab is creating a dangerous virus.

Episode 926 - Rajesh Ko Hua Doubt
First Aired: March. 19,2024

When a man retrieves his phone from P2P Max, Rajesh suspects something is wrong with him. After speaking with Atharva, Rajesh discovers that their courier service is being misused. Who is carrying this out?

Episode 925 - P2P Is Haunted?
First Aired: March. 18,2024

Rajesh gets a very troubling call from Atharva. Rajesh chooses to take his family on vacation while his coworkers believe that P2P Max's storage room is haunted.

Episode 924 - Vidyut's Poem
First Aired: March. 16,2024

Rajesh finds out that Harshad has a deep-rooted gender bias. Atharva is unable to tell Ishita the truth about the poem. Everyone tries to convince Harshad to go to the juvenile home to rescue Vidyut. However, Harshad is unable to put his male ego aside and show his emotional side.

Episode 923 - Mard Ko Dard Hota Hai
First Aired: March. 15,2024

Vidyut gets scared to tell Harshad that he loves poetry. Vidyut has to spend a night in a juvenile home. Later, to avoid coming across as weak, Vidyut doesn't accept credit for his poem in class.

Episode 922 - Sab Normal Act Karo
First Aired: March. 14,2024

Rajesh’s family finds out about Rajesh’s inappropriate messages on the group chat. Later, Vandana and Sakhi come up with plans to make Rajesh confess what he did.

Episode 921 - Dakshesh Ne Diya Solution
First Aired: March. 13,2024

Rajesh is mortified by his message in the family chat. Dakshesh suggests flooding the group with other messages to bury Rajesh's message. Will it work?

Episode 920 - Rajesh's Controversial Messages
First Aired: March. 12,2024

Rajesh feels guilty for calling Dakshesh lazy. Manoj praises Rajesh's playful texts to the family, but Rajesh is clueless. Later, he discovers the content of his messages.

Episode 919 - Group Chat
First Aired: March. 11,2024

Caught in the crossfire of Harshad and Dakshesh's quarrel in the group chat, Rajesh finds himself stuck. Meanwhile, Sakhi fires away questions at Vandana for her podcast, and Vandana gets a bit anxious, fearing Rajesh might be ignoring her.

Episode 918 - Inspiring Women Of Sai Darshan Heights Society
First Aired: March. 09,2024

Vandana gets awarded the Ultimate Fighter award for winning her battle against cancer. Later, Rajesh presents special awards to Sakhi, Kiara, and Kittu as well. All the audience members are inspired by listening to the award speeches of all the winners.

Episode 917 - Sabke Liye Awards Hai
First Aired: March. 08,2024

The women eagerly anticipate winning the Best Women's Award, driven by a desire for recognition. During the Women's Day celebration, each is honored with awards tailored to their individual achievements.

Episode 916 - Women's Day Celebration Planning
First Aired: March. 07,2024

Sakhi and Vandana explain to Yamini and Jyoti that Padma Shree winners are everyday people doing exceptional work. The kids plan a Women's Day celebration, contemplating an award for the most outstanding woman. Who will get this award?

Episode 915 - Ek Majboor Insaan
First Aired: March. 06,2024

A man attempts to rob P2P Max with a gun. Dakshesh and Harshad join Rajesh in persuading the masked assailant to surrender. Police arrive promptly. Later, the masked man reveals his motive to Rajesh.

Episode 914 - Diamonds In Danger
First Aired: March. 05,2024

P2P Max's employees safeguard the diamonds at night. Yamini suspects Rajesh of hiding her ghungroo in his office. Later, a masked intruder with a gun enters P2P Max, aiming to steal the precious diamonds.

Episode 913 - Diamonds Ki Safety
First Aired: March. 04,2024

Rajesh reveals information about his company's 3 crore diamond package to the family, expressing worry over its safety. Meanwhile, Dakshesh seeks Vandana's help to curb noise pollution caused by his wife's dancing with ghungroo on.

Episode 912 - Vidya's Choice
First Aired: March. 02,2024

The Wagle family members discuss what Vidya should do about her pregnancy. Radhika understands Vandana's point of view and decides to give Vidya the choice. What will Vidya choose?

Episode 911 - Radhika Blames Vandana
First Aired: March. 01,2024

Vidya decides not to have the child, and Vandana says she'll support her. Radhika overhears their conversation. Later, Vidya goes to the hospital without informing anyone, and Radhika blames Vandana for influencing Vidya's decision.

Episode 910 - Sabko Hai Khabar
First Aired: February. 29,2024

Manoj reveals his impending fatherhood to Sakhi's friends. The doctor informs Vidya of her pregnancy, and she's surprised to learn that everyone already knows and is congratulating her.

Episode 909 - Vidya's Pregnancy News Spreads
First Aired: February. 28,2024

The Wagle family suspects Jyoti might be pregnant. Vandana and Vidya visit a gynaecologist to confirm Vidya's pregnancy, with Vidya urging Vandana to keep it confidential. Despite their efforts, the news spreads, and everyone finds out.

Episode 908 - Pregnancy Ka Darr
First Aired: February. 27,2024

Jyoti worries Radhika might see the ordered pregnancy kit, mistakenly delivered to Mangesh. The Wagles gather for game night, where a drunken Manoj expresses his desire to become a father, while Vidya prefers avoiding the pregnancy topic.

Episode 907 - Harshad Apologises To Srinivas
First Aired: February. 26,2024

Rajesh reassures Harry about P2P Max's profit and unveils his plan. Harshad apologizes to Srinivas, acknowledging there was no betrayal. Meanwhile, Jyoti, anxious about a potential pregnancy, decides to take a test.

Episode 906 - Harshad Ki Galati
First Aired: February. 24,2024

Harshad speaks rudely to Srinivas as he thinks that he called the income tax officer to report him. Rajesh gets angry when he sees Harshad disrespecting Srinivas. What will he do now?

Episode 905 - Manoj Insults Harshad
First Aired: February. 23,2024

Harshad, upset with Srinivas over an alleged tip to the income tax department, creates a scene at his house. In the confrontation, Manoj insults Harshad. To settle the dispute with P2P Max, Harry demands a written apology from Rajesh. Rajesh reveals his plan to colleagues and bosses.

Episode 904 - Padosi Ki Madad
First Aired: February. 22,2024

Walia stirs trouble at Vandana's house, suspecting she has kept more than three helpers. Vandana clarifies the identities of the other two workers. Mangesh manipulates Harshad against Srinivas, while Manoj and Vidya get into a fight.

Episode 903 - Vandana Needs More Helpers
First Aired: February. 21,2024

Vandana asks Dakshesh for help in hiring additional helpers, but he can't assist. Meanwhile, at P2P Max, a worker shares job insecurity concerns with Rajesh. Finding no aid from Yamini and Jyoti, Vandana later receives two workers arranged by Dakshesh.

Episode 902 - Rajesh Takes Charge
First Aired: February. 20,2024

Dasani warns Rajesh that matching Harry's company prices would cause a loss for P2P Max. Rajesh takes charge of P2P Max's operations. Later, Manoj complains to Jyoti about his job and Anvita insults Manoj.

Episode 901 - Rajesh Challenges Harry
First Aired: February. 19,2024

Mr. Walia opposes Vandana working from home, and she assures him of having only three workers. Rajesh discovers Harry and Manocha joining forces, and he challenges Harry to ensure P2P Max's victory over their company.

Episode 900 - Srinivas Ka Swabhimaan
First Aired: February. 17,2024

Srinivas scolds Harshad in front of his client, and his client decides to cancel his deal with Harshad. Meanwhile, Vandana gets a notice from the society members against her home kitchen. What will happen now?

Episode 899 - Rajesh Gets A Job Opportunity
First Aired: February. 16,2024

Manocha, a P2P Max client reconnects with Rajesh. Rajesh reveals his departure reasons to Manocha. Later, Manocha agrees to do business with P2P Max only on the condition that Rajesh joins P2P Max again.

Episode 898 - Karen Is Going Back
First Aired: February. 15,2024

Sakhi tells Karen that she doesn't love him and requests him to go back to Germany. During their conversation, Karen inadvertently leaves his ring at Sakhi's place. Karen tells Sakhi that Vivaan has genuine feelings for her. Later, Asha organizes two helpers to support Vandana in efficiently handling her responsibilities.

Episode 897 - Karen Ko Wapas Nahi Jana
First Aired: February. 14,2024

The Wagle family learns that Karen wants to marry Sakhi but the family aims to convince him to return to Germany. Meanwhile, Anvita quarrels with Vivaan on Valentine's Day and asks him if he loves Sakhi.

Episode 896 - Made For Each Other
First Aired: February. 13,2024

Sakhi feels for Vivaan when she takes Vivaan's girlfriend's interview for Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, Karen comes back to meet Sakhi.

Episode 895 - Harshad Ko Mile New Clients
First Aired: February. 12,2024

Harshad admits to helping Jyoti and takes the blame and later reveals his profit motive to Dakshesh. Later, Sakhi is in a bad mood on Valentine's Day.

Episode 894 - Jyoti Ki Guarantee
First Aired: February. 10,2024

Jyoti gets upset when Sakhi doubts her ability to give share market tips. Jyoti's tip backfires, and all the shares drop drastically in value. All the parents from the parent's group arrive at her house to demand their money back.

Episode 893 - Jyoti Gains Popularity
First Aired: February. 09,2024

Jyoti gains popularity by sharing share market tips with the school's parent group, but Sakhi is concerned as she believes she shouldn't provide such advice because she's not authorised to do so.

Episode 892 - Jyoti's Confidence Shakens
First Aired: February. 08,2024

Judges announce Kitchen Ka Champion results while Rajesh encourages kids to choose their own future. Later, Jyoti faces embarrassment for her English at her child's school.

Episode 891 - Kushal's Ambitions
First Aired: February. 07,2024

Kushal's father reduses to accept his ambitions and aspirations as he believes that him being a doctor is the best career path for him. Will the Wagles be able to convince him to change his views?

Episode 890 - Bade Hokar Kya Banana Hai?
First Aired: February. 06,2024

Atharva admits lying about Digvijay Dewan and Rajesh is disappointed in Atharva. Atharva and Vidyut share about their school aptitude test with their mothers. The kids later discuss their future aspirations.

Episode 889 - Jimmy Ka Fraud
First Aired: February. 05,2024

The police come to Rajesh's place to take Atharva's statement. Rajesh aims to send Digvjay Dewan to jail for negligence in driving. Later, Dakshesh tries to record Jimmy's confession to fraud.

Episode 888 - Atharva's Accident
First Aired: February. 03,2024

Rajesh rushes to the hospital when he finds out about Atharva's accident. A lawyer named Jimmy convinces Atharva to fake an injury so that they can sue Digvijay Dewan for money. Will Atharva agree?

Episode 887 - Inka Milna Likha Tha
First Aired: February. 02,2024

Jyoti is locked in the bathroom, and Harshad is stuck in a cupboard in their tenants' flat. Meanwhile, Zareen and Farad turn out to be eachother’s ex-lovers. Later, Vandana steps in to mediate and resolve the conflicts between the couple.