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Release : 2014
Rating : 8.3
Studio : Disney Channel, 
Crew : Creator,  Creator, 
Cast : Dee Bradley Baker Thomas Brodie-Sangster April Winchell Ashley Tisdale Caroline Rhea
Genre : Animation Action Comedy

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Danny Blankenship

Sexy feel good erotic skin filled thriller that's filled with lust, passion, betrayal, and discovered love.---This independent and direct to video suspense erotic thriller "Secret Pleasures" might be soft porn to many, yet after watching I will say I enjoyed plenty of the skin it showcased. Yet still I found this work to have a pretty interesting story as it's plot is a triangle and a web of turns that all lead to love in the end. As it's road to love has many twist of lust, passion, and betrayal.Set in sunny California it involves the world and inner workings of two beautiful private eyes named Alex and Ginger. And their cases involve stakeouts mostly videotaping illicit lovers and snapping shots of romantic conquest. The desires for this eventually lead Alex and Ginger both into a world of lust as they both satisfy their own kinky appetites. As with a case they take it turns out to be a triangle and web connection of money, lust, secret passion, and most of all it reveals in the end that love can be developed! Overall this film is a nice little treat that's given plenty of sugar and spice with the many sexy scenes of skin and love making, it's sure a feel good erotic film. Still it's plot is a good suspense thrilling triangle that leads to love. This is certainly a film to watch for fun a feel good guilty pleasure for any film buff.

L. Denis Brown

This film contains the good, the bad and the ugly---Starring Kim Yates, Nikki Fritz and Rich Majeske, this is a film which I assume is primarily intended for showing as a late night soft porn offering in hotels or motels, and it is best classified as an erotic thriller. Those who are fully prepared to suspend or abandon any concerns about extreme improbabilities in the story when a film is well made and entertaining should make sure that they have done so before starting to watch it, as they may then enjoy it. Anyone who finds extreme improbabilities destroy their enjoyment of a film should keep well away. The story here is a fairly hackneyed one of a female private eye (Kim Yates playing the part of Alex Dulany) who makes a very comfortable living by carrying out unauthorised videotaping of the private behaviour of individuals, on behalf of lovers or spouses who suspect them of infidelity or are contemplating a divorce. Many of the characters are quite unbelievable cut-outs; and it is also hard to believe that this private eye could get away with constantly videotaping as she does without more elaborate hides, or that she would not show mental and/or physical signs of many unpleasant incidents when her efforts were noticed and resented by her victims. Ultimately there is a totally incredible scene where the police become involved after threats are made and weapons are used, but then quietly go away again when told that they are not wanted. Such implausibilities makes it hard for any of the cast to make their part appear believable. If you can ignore all this, the film is quite competently made, the acting is probably better that that in most similar films, and the story flows quite smoothly.Those who order such films in their hotel to help pass a boring evening away from home, probably do so primarily because they enjoy watching a physically attractive young cast; or in the case of couples, because they find that watching a film together helps put them into the right mood to enjoy each others company. From this perspective Secret Pleasures is probably quite successful. Both the men and women in the cast are attractive and personable. Films for the hotel market have to appeal strongly to both men and women so the female cast members are usually selected to generate the initial reaction "I am really looking forward to seeing what she will look like when she takes her clothes off", and this is probably a significant part of the their appeal for most men, as well as many women who enjoy a vicarious interest in watching the sex appeal shown by their contemporaries. To satisfy all tastes the women featured in this film include both blonds and brunettes, some appear perfectly natural whilst others have attempted to have their physical attractions augmented. Of its genre, I would rate this film unusually highly because it has found a perfect film-script to justify its soft porn sexual sequences which are here an integral part of the story and not unnecessary accretions that stick out like a sore thumb. I personally enjoy films showing attractive young women moving about free of the restrictions of conventional clothing so that I can fully appreciate the beauty of their bodies, much more than those which feature direct sexual activities that I feel should never be reduced to merely the status of a spectator sport. But the many who do not agree with me should get a great deal of enjoyment from this film.Most films of this type are completely amoral comedies, featuring a very limited story designed solely to couple and re-couple the various cast members in as many different pairings as possible, with these sequences far too often linked only by a very thin thread of short and depressingly unimaginative slapstick comedy. Fortunately these films are generally neglected by IMDb reviewers. On the rare occasions when I have found myself commenting on one, I spend most of my time trying to recall a single reason which would justify giving the film concerned a rating as high as the mandatory one out of ten. Secret Pleasures will never be a significant film but it is far superior to most of its genre in two ways. Not only is it more complex than the typical meaningless comedy as it has a story line adequate to bring it into the category of an erotic thriller but, more importantly, it attempts to depict a real relationship when Alex Delaney falls for her latest very personable (and apparently very rich) client. This ultimately leads to a traditional romantic white marriage, and to a final rapturous love scene that is immediately post nuptial - a twist which I had not met in any similar film before. For me, these later sequences began to make the characters portrayed by the film appear more credible, and eventually created an interest in them at a point where I had abandoned any hope for this. Ultimately this elevated my viewing experience very considerably, and I am therefore giving this film a perhaps overgenerous IMDb rating of 4.

Smooth B

Good acting, nice plot, flows along nicely....a well-deserved A.---I just seen this movie a couple of days ago, and I was shocked. A great cast, good sex scenes (lots of "in-the-water" sex going on), and a decent, but not overwhelming story.Kim Yates stars as a detective who is hired to spy on spouses suspected of cheating. She gets them caught in the act to get her clients off the hook when it comes to the divorce settlement. Nikki Fritz is her secretary and sidekick.You don't need much else when it comes to the story....just let the women do the rest. Not only are there Yates and Fritz to look at, but Michelle von Flotow, Taimie Hannum (can't forget her), and the very flexible Ahmo Hight round out a formidable cast of babes.This goes on my short list of great softcore/erotica movies. See the unrated version; they show lots more!Sex: A Women: A Story: A- Overall: A


ONE OF THE BEST IN THE GENRE---When you get Nikki Fritz and Kim Yates in one film, how can you go wrong? Kim heads a detective agency and Nikki is her eager assistant who takes too much interest in the guy she is shadowing. Her strip dance in his apartment alone is worth the price of admission.Kim is at her doe look sexiest and hs been a favorite of mine for some time now. She does have a web site although there are no pics in it. Apparently she is an enthusiastic member of the Church of Scientology (I wonder if she knows John Travolta).I only wish this was on a VCR or a DVD.


Biggest video ripoff I've ever seen---Video renter, beware. This is a total ripoff. It's about as sexy as a grade school play. I guess the "R" rating was because you see a couple of boobs, but then it just cuts out to the next scene. Even the kissing is bad, can you believe that? Seems like the actors were under Doris Day-style 1950's instructions to not touch each other or something. This isn't soft-porn; just soft crap. Talk about boring, too.... I finally fast fowarded thru it and switched over to Ted Kopel!

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