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NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool

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NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool

NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool will take place in the Empress Ballroom on Saturday, Jan. 12, and stream live on the award-winning WWE Network.

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Release : 2019
Rating : 0
Studio : World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), 
Crew :
Cast : Peter Thomas England Joe Coffey Tyler Bate Jack Rea James Drake
Genre :

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Truly the worst movie I've ever seen in a theater


Memorable, crazy movie


A different way of telling a story


An old-fashioned movie made with new-fashioned finesse.

bob the moo

Around where I work is pretty rough, it is a very industrial area, a lot of unemployment and the only places to eat for a mile in all directions is a Greggs, a McDonalds and a few pubs (all of them are usually busy). I mention this because to those form the UK who know the sort of pub where this short animation is set, it will be really accurate to see the terrible characters drifting in and out. The big-armed cackling women on a hen-do, the tattooed football fans out for a "large one", the old men who have been coming there for years and hate to see the way the old place has gone, the family on an evening out and so on. The characters are very well captured in terms of who they are and it is painful to watch because I have been in a few places precisely like this and it really does make you feel dirty to be in such a leery place.This is the downside of the film, because it is so accurate it made me feel like a snob, but this is a strength of the film and a weakness in me I guess. The whole thing is filmed and then animated on top of, so we see these terrible characters transform and shift into animals, objects, whatever as they be themselves – it is mostly clever and it adds to the context of the characters as it happens. Those familiar with the pub culture in the UK will find this an accurate depiction of some lesser (but not rare) establishments and the only problem with it is just how accurate it is.


I went into the viewing not sure what to expect from the other reviews here, but whenever I see a movie that is written and directed by the same guy it sparks my interest so I gave it a chance and was very pleasantly surprised at how very good it is. Definitely the trailer helped to suck me in and I was very glad that the music from the trailer was actually in the movie as well. There have been some big budget films lately that had a great song on the trailer but then that music was nowhere to be found in the movie itself. The music is amazingly good futuristic techno, comforting when it needs to be and exciting when appropriate, reminds me of Daft Punk's soundtrack for the Tron: Legacy movie. If you want to actually compare this to million dollar budget movies, I think this could give some of them a run for their money. I was definitely far more entertained by this film than I was when I watched Ridley Scott's horrendous movie "The Counselor" which I was completely bored by. That film had great actors but the writing was very dull and did not appeal to my need for action. The very short sequences of action in that were designed to cater to our sadistic nature, which has shock value but is poor in taste, whereas in Down and Dangerous the excitement is built by the music and very good writing. I could not say enough about the writing, it was brilliant.It is true there weren't very many conversations with the main character's friend who sits in jail but they're both smart guys, there isn't too much they need to say to each other even though I think I would have tried to build up the background to their relationship a little bit more since there are some unanswered questions left hanging in the air. Who is this guy and what is their connection to each other if they are both independent of anyone? It is a minor oversight that is insignificant compared to the bigger picture. The directing was good (although there was one sleeper hold sequence that looked just a few seconds too short to be believable, primarily everything was impeccably done) and the actors all did their jobs quite well. There were a few scenes where it seemed as though they were shooting on a digital camera that isn't as expensive as the super fancy ones, just slightly grainy, but it is so nice to watch a movie that is not completely done on green screens and all you ever see for two hours is the actors' faces. It feels more real when they are actually shooting video on a street or in a hotel. I saw another reviewer say they had a difficult time rooting for the anti-hero because he was in their eyes "poisoning people" but as for me, being a thinking person I liked the main character because he was a thinking person's anti-hero and his way of beating the bad guys is to outwit them using his smarts which he does so well that I was in tears at the end not because the acting was good, which it was, but because the writing was so great. It was like feeding a fresh bloody carcass to a ravenous wolf that hungers for better screen writing in movies than the romantic comedy type movies that have infected and destroyed the action genre I used to love so much. Okay, so the guy smuggled some coke across the border, okay he smuggled a lot of coke, but he never sold it to little kids and he wasn't like Rambo blowing apart the arms and legs of a hundred guys with a machine gun feeding our sadistic side, in fact the hero of this movie doesn't like to use guns on people at all ever even though he will shoot some drugs if he is forced to showing again his humanity and that he cares more for the girl than the drugs.This movie really does fit right in with all the big Hollywood movies because they have something in common. In classical theatre, there is always a tragic ending, some moral or fate that can't be escaped. However the majority of movies these days all have a happy ending where the guy gets the girl the bad guys lose and they get to keep the money and live happily ever after the end. Of course I'm a romantic so I love the happy ever after stuff too even though that wars against my purist side that demands every hero should die at the end of the film or at least end up broke. It is true though that stranger tales have been made in real life where people steal huge sums of money and commit genocide and get away with it. Overall I think this movie was really very good and I will recommend it to my friends and most likely watch it again. I will also be looking for the soundtrack which I loved.


This is very similar to the UK tv show "Airport", and is actually made by the same production company and film crews. The main difference is that Airline concentrates on a single airline (that being Southwest), while Airport was about Heathrow Airport itself.Airline is at various times: fascinating, boring, hilarious, etc. The vast majority of the time, it is well worth watching, if only for the seeming endless ignorance of so many of today's air passengers. People claiming racism because security won't let them bring more than one person to a gate to meet a friend on arrival, people loudly protesting when desk agents want to inspect a competition firearm, people getting completely belligerent drunk and then complaining when they're thrown off the plane. You really come to sympathize with the poor airline employees who deal with a seemingly endless stream of abuse and stupidity from all kinds of people.Plenty of nice moments as well, and a great deal of light-hearted humor.Caution: this show is ADDICTIVE!


I am a huge Jaws fan and this is the best documentary. The only thing that is wrong with this is that there is no Robert Shaw interview, there also isn't a Murray Hamilton interview either. But in all this is a great documentary. If you are a Jaws fan at all then you must check this out.

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