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Lusia in Wonderland

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Lusia in Wonderland

How Lyusia Stein - a graduate of VGIK and a municipal deputy of Moscow - went to work for Ksenia Sobchak's campaign headquarters.

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Release : 2018
Rating : 0
Studio : Radio Liberty, 
Crew : Director of Photography,  Director, 
Cast :
Genre : Documentary

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what a joke


Best movie ever!


A brilliant film that helped define a genre


Go in cold, and you're likely to emerge with your blood boiling. This has to be seen to be believed.


True Lies I was lucky enough to see in the cinema back in 1994 and it is still one of the films I enjoyed the most on the big screen for spectacular action scenes. The film is a masterclass in directing high octane action scenes. The viewer can always see exactly what is happening in a James Cameron film when the action kicks in. The bridge chase being a stand out scene, including the amazing stunt done by Jamie Lee Curtis, whom is brilliant in this film, along with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger and Cameron work well together and produce great films. This film blends the action with comedy. Special mention to the late great Bill Paxton who is hilarious in his role here. Still awaiting a Blu-ray release for this one, hopefully it will come out soon, as it truly deserves it. Highly recommended for action fans.


Bollywood superstar SRK writes an email to Mollywood superstar Dileep after watching Two Countries:Dear Dileep,Sukhamano? The time has come for you to repay me for Kalyana Raman, which you borrowed from my Chennai Express.I watched Two Countries, it was delightful. I was bored with the first 30 minutes with all that political maneuvering. But things did get exciting after Mamta Mohandas made an appearance. What a wonderful idea for a comedy film - an alcoholic Canadian Indian (played by Mamta, who has put on weight) marries a slightly conservative Malayali (you are as hilarious as always) and then they both move to Canada and then there is a culture clash. And then all sorts of goofy stuff happens like a woman's sari gets stuck inside your pants when you zip up. HAHAHHAHAHAHAA! Why cant anyone in Bollywood think up stuff like that? That scene was comedy gold. In fact, the whole second half was relentlessly funny.I also enjoyed the blatant casual racism against black people. I have no issues with stuff like that. But I doubt we can pull that off in Bollywood because well, the whole world watches our films. You Malayalis are lucky that way.I had one issue with the film. That actor called Ashokan did not belong in this. He looked way too dignified. Isn't he the guy who acted in all those unbearable Adoor Gopalakrishnan and Padmarajan films in the 80s? What were you thinking casting him in a film like Two Countries? Man, he sure looked bloated. Was he drinking alcohol on the sets or something? This must have been tough for him after all that arty farty crap of the 1980s. Frankly, I think he should be retired.And who was that hairy guy who played your sidekick? How does he even get to be in movies? My god, he is worse than Boman Irani.Anyway, I have asked Rohit Shetty to watch Two Countries. He might remake it with me and Kajol in it. He owes me one after Dilwale. He better not mess up this time.Love and Kisses,SRK.(6/10)

zif ofoz

Unfortunately there are no subtitles - so if you don't speak or understand Austrian you must just watch this for the interior look of this mammoth museum.If you are really interested - (as I was in certain parts) - what the people are actually saying is unnecessary because you can understand whats happening by just seeing what they are doing. Such as in the art restoration. But mostly you are left wondering.For me personally the most interesting part of this documentary was at the very end as the camera pans through the ancient works tucked away in storage - certainly the most beautiful objects - and then the final scene of Tower of Babel by Brugel, and it's implied message of 'this too shall pass'.


Saving Marriage gives an emotional and compelling look into the controversy surrounding same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. This film informs viewers of the struggle it took to achieve that feat, and the fight that know goes on to have it overturned.Saving Marriage weaves its way through both sides of this political issue in a way that's easy to follow. It also puts a face to this volatile issue, and it makes you confront your own prejudices. If you have an open mind and view this film objectively, you might find yourself changing your opinions towards gay marriage. It's extremely well done and I applaud the filmmakers efforts to tackle this issue head on.

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