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Kevin Bridges: The Brand New Tour - Live

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Kevin Bridges: The Brand New Tour - Live

Comedy superstar Kevin Bridges returns to the stage in 2018 with his sell out new show -- The Brand New Tour. The show was filmed as part of Kevin’s UK and Ireland tour and his 19 night residency at the Glasgow Hydro. It’s written and performed by a comedian at the top of his game with Kevin giving his take on the modern world, social media, anxiety, religion, conversations with his dog and having Barack Obama as his support act. This is by far Kevin’s best show to date and really is a stand up masterclass.

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You won't be disappointed!


Very Cool!!!


A different way of telling a story


It is an exhilarating, distressing, funny and profound film, with one of the more memorable film scores in years,


I have to admit, I'm not into films with subtitles, but I'm glad I saw this one. My friend read about it so we went to see it. I was a bit skeptical. But at the end it really turned out great. I's a bit over 2 hours but the story flows very easily so the time flew. I even forgot about the subtitles (and that's not happening on a regular basis :) ) Both the director and the producers are women, but I would never describe it as a chick movie. Far from that. It has an artistic touch that has no gender. You ether feel it or not. I almost sensed all that rocks falling over me. I like the way 3 stories interconnect, but still remain apart. And I like pancakes, as well. hahaha. You will just have to see it for your own.


I watch a lot of Disney movies because they are usually decent and well acted and, if a musical, well choreographed and the music is well done. While Rip Girls has no music or dancing it is another typical Disney film. Camilla Belle plays the lead as a thirteen year old girl who has the ultimate responsibility of wither or not a piece of property is sold to some big developers who want to turn the whole area into a resort.-. Can a thirteen year old legally sign anything that is binding?. She learns about her late mother and some history of her mother and the property everyone wants. Of course she ends up doing the right thing and not signing so all the locals can still enjoy the beach and the property.


While this movie isn't up to par to masterpieces like Suspiria or Profondo rosso. It does prove that Dario Argento is a master of suspense. From the opening till the end the tension never lets down. For people who love whodunits will have a field day with this one. Since there is one huge misdirection that will keep you guessing until it is revealed. Even if you picked the killer early on there there is this misdirection that prevents you of being sure. Once revealed you maybe will laugh as hard as Max von Sydow did at the ending. Speaking of,he is excellent as ever as the brilliant sleuth who suffers from old age. Good movie!


As much as I love Spencer Tracy, there wasn't much he could do with this boring, predictable, overly preachy script. Not to mention how ironic it is to hear him expound the virtues of fidelity when he had numerous affairs, the most famous being Katharine Hepburn, while still married.Lana Turner is lovely, but I just couldn't get into the story line. I think it started out as a good idea: Cass Timberlane (Tracy) marries a younger woman (Turner) from the supposed "wrong side of the tracks", much to the chagrin of his snobby friends. Can they make the relationship work or not? If they would have developed the story more, and preached less, I think it may have worked. Instead it is just a two-hour sermon, more or less.Well, at least there is a cute kitty included in the picture.

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