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The girl group Twice's big-screen film is the movie version of their world tour 'Twiceland Zone 2: Fantasy Park'. Viewers will be able to experience the concert film as if they are sitting in one of the very seats in the audience. Plus, not only will the film contain the entire 'Fantasy Park' concert, but also behind footage from Twice's overseas stops in Singapore, Thailand, Jakarta, and more!

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Release : 2018
Rating : 0
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Genre : Documentary Music

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Waste of Money.


It's complicated... I really like the directing, acting and writing but, there are issues with the way it's shot that I just can't deny. As much as I love the storytelling and the fantastic performance but, there are also certain scenes that didn't need to exist.


How wonderful it is to see this fine actress carry a film and carry it so beautifully.


It is so daring, it is so ambitious, it is so thrilling and weird and pointed and powerful. I never knew where it was going.


GUN CRAZY is quite modest noir fiction that at the end gives a good result. Young people obsessed with guns meet each other their soul mate. The obsession in the film can be interpreted differently, but it is in direct affect on characterization. I have a feeling that this obsession complements. Fear is a very important factor also. Romance is a little wild, but perfectly fits the atmosphere of the film. The scenario is the strongest segment.The common passion for guns leads to armed robbery. I can not help feeling that a couple in love in this film has nothing in common except insane passion. Dialogues are good. Photography is very good. The director has faced a low budget and can see a lot of innovation and excellent technique. The scene of last robbery was memorable because it was taken in a single shot. The final scene is excellent also.Peggy Cummins as Annie Laurie Starr she is a progressive type who bites in every scene. The character who kills out of fear. It is full of some unrest. John Dall as Bart Tare is totally different. At times I had the feeling that he was robbing out the love of a woman. The character who has a phobia of murder. They are not worthy of admiration, but are very interesting. Characters that are characterized by unusual psychopathology and crazy love. All in all, a good and dynamic fiction.


I can honestly say that THE PIT is unlike any film I've ever seen. There are several different themes running concurrently in this one-all wrapped up in a strange, low-budget, horror film.Jamie is quite obviously a severely emotionally disturbed loner of a pre-teen weirdo. He has no friends, save for 'Teddy'-his teddy-bear (that talks back to him...), and some troll-like creatures that live in a pit in the woods. He's also a bit of a pervert and has an unhealthy obsession with his latest live-in babysitter. When Jamie runs out of money and can't afford to provide his troll-buddies with meat from the local grocer-he turns to the locals that have wronged him as a new source of food for the pit- dwellers... THE PIT is one of those seriously 'what the f!ck' type films that really makes you wonder what types of psychedelic drugs the writers were on to come up with such a story. There's no shortage of bizarrity going on in this one. The talking teddy-bear, some alluded to incest themes ('do you know why my mother washes me so much? Is she really trying to make me clean? Do you like washing me???'), Jamie's overall creepy nature, pit trolls-the list goes on. The kid that plays Jamie is surprisingly good in his role as the freakish outcast-and his ability to switch from vulnerable and almost sympathy-inducing, to deranged and homicidal on-the-fly is pretty noteworthy. My only real problem with THE PIT is there are parts toward the middle and end that are (I hope intentionally) 'funny' and sorta kills the mood at times-and the parts toward the end where the trolls get out feels a little disjointed compared to the rest of the film (though the very last scene is priceless and suitably twisted). There's very little gore to speak of, and just a few quick titty shots-so don't expect anything in terms of graphic sex or violence. In the case of this film though-I was entertained enough that I didn't really notice it-and for once-I'll go so far as to say that the film didn't suffer from the lack of graphicness. Definitely an odd-ball of a film-and since I tend to dig the 'evil kids' sub-genre, I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Not a 'great' film so-to- speak...but definitely original and entertaining. 8.5/10


I really enjoyed this movie it was very insightful and interesting. It gave a very truthful and honest portrayal of a group of "aggressive" women from what seems like around NY. Being a African American lesbian myself, it was interesting to see how these women lived there lives and handle everyday issues and problems. The word "aggressive" will take on a whole different meaning once you've seen this movie. The only thing about it is the way it ended. You wanted to know more about there lives, maybe here about how they have grown since they started filming. Plus you really didn't hear about this one "aggressive" Flo, but in parts and i feel as if though she would have one of the best back stories. I would suggest this film for any African American lesbian or anyone interested in the life.


This film is really, really full of sex. Hot sex. I watched it (of course) on Cinemax; and I liked it of course; those virtual fantasies are played out so much in great style, and I kind of enjoyed the story line. But one must know that when a soft porn film director sets out to make another soft porn film; all he/she wants to do is film good sex scenes. And I got nice sex scenes, full of skin. Yet another reason some people call soft porn Cinemax films "Skinemax."

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