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The Lego Batman Movie

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The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

February. 08,2017
| Fantasy Animation Action Comedy
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In the irreverent spirit of fun that made "The Lego Movie" a worldwide phenomenon, the self-described leading man of that ensemble—Lego Batman—stars in his own big-screen adventure. But there are big changes brewing in Gotham, and if he wants to save the city from The Joker’s hostile takeover, Batman may have to drop the lone vigilante thing, try to work with others and maybe, just maybe, learn to lighten up.


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How many time can you watch a film and laugh at the same moments? In this case the answer is infinite. My kids love this film and every time they put it on I end up watching it and crying laughing. Batman is the star of the show his character is hilarious and the voice over is spot on. This movie is a tonic for anyone with even a limited sense of humour.

The Movie Diorama

Barrels of fun, thoroughly entertaining and full of comic relief. If you watched The LEGO Movie and thought "Damn, Batman was so funny he should be in his own film"...well, your prayers have been answered. Another opportunity for LEGO to self-promote their products and start establishing a film franchise. Regardless, I had quite a good time watching this. Batman consistently saves Gotham, has no family or friends and refuses to let the Joker be his greatest enemy. So the Joker decides to ramp up his typical evil schemes by creating an army that consists of cinema's greatest villains. King Kong, Voldemort, Sauron and even Gremlins. It's an exhausting list, which pretty much describes the film. Exhausting. The countless amounts of pop culture references melted my brain. Nearly every line of dialogue is self-referential. Whether it harks back to classic Batman films or shoehorning in Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up"...I just became numb to it all. Yet, somehow...I damn enjoyed this. This iteration of Batman is probably one of the best. Serious whilst hilarious. Cool whilst stupid. Suave whilst badass. Will Arnett's voice work is outstanding. The animation is stupendous and consistent with its predecessor. The plot is lighthearted with a good moral for younger viewers. Remember kids, teamwork saves the day. But it's the smaller finer details that really impressed me. LEGO Bane's voice imitating Tom Hardy. Agent Smiths repeating the same line. Narrating the studio logos. Referencing Adam West's Batman. "You...complete me!". It's fun just picking out certain references that make you chuckle. I do hate animations that utilise multiple annoying pop songs, and for some reason Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" was the most prominent. I get why, but urrrrrgh...why!? The LEGO Batman movie is lighthearted entertainment that everyone will admire, you just might need to take some time to mend you brain afterwards.


I went to see this film, with high expectations coming from the Lego Movie. It was great! The movie has jokes that both adults and kids will be laughing at with great action sequences. The 2nd best animated film of the year, in my opinion (after Coco). It will be fun for the entire family.Go see this movie!


Lego Batman movie.Probably the biggest joke of all regarding Batman is that it has taken a spoof animation to give us a good movie. Not since Christopher Nolan's epic trilogy has the man in the black cowl delivered. Batman Vs Superman was very average until the Ultimate edition elevated it slightly to pretty good and The Justice Leagues best bits are most likely left on the cutting room floor. However Lego Batman is a hoot right from the opening credits. The film makers even manage to inject a little comedy into the opening logos. Yes this is predominantly a kids film but there's so much more depth to the comedy here that is wasted on the very young. If you're a fan of the Batman universe then you'll need to watch this a dozen times to catch all the jokes that reference Batman's cinematic past. Like the Lego movie that went before it, this movie is a colourful fast paced fun ride that will wash over you leaving you feeling much better inside for watching it. I really can't be negative about this movie. If it isn't your cup of tea then don't watch it. Don't watch a movie you know you won't enjoy and then bitch about it later. This movie deserves no negativity when the film makers have strived to deliver not just a good movie but a great Batman movie.