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Squid Game

Squid Game (2021)

September. 17,2021
| Drama Mystery Action & Adventure

Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children's games—with high stakes. But, a tempting prize awaits the victor.


Seasons & Episode

Seasons 1 : 2021


9 Episode


Episode 1 - Red Light, Green Light
September. 17,2021

Hoping to win easy money, a broke and desperate Gi-hun agrees to take part in an enigmatic game. Not long into the first round, unforeseen horrors unfold.

Episode 2 - Hell
September. 17,2021

Split on whether to continue or quit, the group holds a vote. But their realities in the outside world may prove to be just as unforgiving as the game.

Episode 3 - The Man with the Umbrella
September. 17,2021

A few players enter the next round — which promises equal doses of sweet and deadly — with hidden advantages. Meanwhile, Jun-ho sneaks his way inside.

Episode 4 - Stick to the Team
September. 17,2021

As alliances form among the players, no one is safe in the dorm after lights-out. The third game challenges Gi-hun's team to think strategically.

Episode 5 - A Fair World
September. 17,2021

Gi-hun and his team take turns keeping guard through the night. The masked men encounter trouble with their co-conspirators.

Episode 6 - Gganbu
September. 17,2021

Players pair off for the fourth game. Gi-hun grapples with a moral dilemma, Sang-woo chooses self-preservation and Sae-byeok shares her untold story.

Episode 7 - VIPS
September. 17,2021

The Masked Leader welcomes VIP guests to the facility for a front-row viewing of the show. In the fifth game, some players crack under pressure.

Episode 8 - Front Man
September. 17,2021

Ahead of the last round, distrust and disgust run deep among the finalists. Jun-ho makes a getaway, determined to expose the game's dirty secrets.

Episode 9 - One Lucky Day
September. 17,2021

The final round presents another cruel test — but this time, how it ends depends on just one player. The game's creator steps out of the shadows.

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