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The New Yorker Presents (2016)

February. 16,2016
| Documentary

A groundbreaking series that brings America's most award-winning magazine, The New Yorker, to the screen with documentaries, short narrative films, comedy, poetry, animation, and cartoons from the hands of acclaimed filmmakers and artists.


Seasons & Episode

Seasons 1 : 2016


11 Episode


Episode 1 - Episode 1
February. 16,2016

Filmmaker Alex Gibney (Going Clear) tells how the FBI could have prevented the 9/11 attacks - if it weren't for the CIA. Le Cafe de Balzac: Paul Giamatti plays 19th-century French author Honore de Balzac, who drank 50 cups of coffee each day. Unreality Star: Patients with "The Truman Show delusion" believe their lives are being watched on TV. Cartoon by Roz Chast.

Episode 2 - Episode 2
February. 16,2016

The Ride of Their Lives: Filmmaker Steve James (Hoop Dreams) profiles two young people in the world's most dangerous sport - bull riding. Black Bodies in Motion and in Pain: Writer Edwidge Danticat looks at racist violence in America through art. The Death and Life of Atlantic City: Writer Nick Paumgarten on the closure of the Revel casino. Cartoons by Roz Chast and Liana Finck.

Episode 3 - Episode 3
March. 15,2016

Episode 4 - Episode 4
March. 22,2016

Episode 5 - Episode 5
March. 22,2016

Episode 6 - Episode 6
March. 29,2016

Episode 7 - Episode 7
March. 29,2016

Episode 8 - Episode 8
April. 05,2016

Episode 9 - Episode 9
March. 07,2016

THE SILVER THIEF: Filmmakers Chapman Way and Maclain Way (Wild Wild Country; The Battered Bastards of Baseball) profile master thief Blane Nordahl. UP AND THEN DOWN: Writer Nick Paumgarten explains why life as we know it depends on elevators. TOM OF FINLAND: The artist called Tom of Finland changed the image of gay men forever. Is his work porn, or is it art? CARTOONS by Farley Katz and Benjamin Schwartz.

Episode 10 - Episode 10
April. 12,2016

Episode 11 - Episode 11
April. 12,2016

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