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Where the Boys Are
Four college co-eds travel to Fort Lauderdale for their Easter week of Spring Break, and become involved in a series of adventures and misadventures
Follow the Boys
During World War II, all the studios put out "all-star" vehicles which featured virtually every star on the lot--often playing themselves--in musical numbers and comedy skits, and were meant as morale-boosters to both the troops overseas and the civilians at home. This was Universal Pictures' effort. It features everyone from Donald O'Connor to the Andrews Sisters to Orson Welles to W.C. Fields to George Raft to Marlene Dietrich, and dozens of other Universal players.
The Boys Presents: Diabolical
From some of the most unhinged and maniacal minds in Hollywood today comes this animated anthology series, a collection of irreverent and emotionally shocking animated short films. Each episode plunges elbow-deep into unseen crevices of The Boys Universe.
The Boot Room Boys
Liverpool’s rise from obscurity to glory, devised in the fabled Anfield Boot Room, was built on a set of ideals familiar in Merseyside: collectivism, community and loyalty. For in many ways, the nondescript sanctum under the grandstand stairs where Bill Shankly and his backroom staff worked together to orchestrate the club’s resurgence epitomised the spirit of the city. It was Liverpool in microcosm. Astonishing archive footage and a reminder of Liverpool’s collectivist culture reveals how the revered Boot Room Boys brought a city back from the brink and ushered in an unprecedented era of dominance.
The Italian Boys
Two boys dream of escaping their island town to go on an adventure on the mainland, a son and his lover fight to escape the clutches of an overbearing father, and a priest is shocked when some local students plan to put on a homoerotic rendition of the miracle of Lazarus. Immerse yourself in Italian culture, humor and lush landscapes in these beautiful short films from Italy.​ The 5 short films are: Uproar [Pipinara] (2017); Tidal Time [L'ora di porto] (2018); The Mannequin [Il manichino] (2015); Lazarus Come Out [Lazzaro vieni fuori] (2015); Glue [Colla] (2016).
The Wild Boys
Island of La Réunion, in the beginning of the 20th century. Five teenagers commit a savage crime. As punishment, a Dutch captain takes them to a supernatural island with luxuriant vegetation and bewitching powers.
The Birthday Boys
"The Birthday Boys" is a scripted original sketch comedy, executive produced by Bob Odenkirk ("Breaking Bad", "Mr. Show") and Ben Stiller ("The Secret Life of Walter Mitty", "Zoolander"). The series features the Los Angeles comedy group of the same name (UCB Theatre Los Angeles, Just for Laughs Festival) along with Odenkirk and is in the classic vein of absurd/silly/smart/funny variety shows ("Mr. Show", Monty Python), featuring sketches that twist real-life moments and cultural touchstones.
Making the Boys
Before Prop 8, Milk or Will & Grace, before the AIDS epidemic, gay pride parades or the Stonewall uprising, "The Boys in the Band" changed everything. "Making the Boys" explores the drama, struggle and enduring legacy of the first-ever gay play and subsequent Hollywood movie to successfully reach a mainstream audience. Featuring anecdotes from the surviving cast and filmmakers, as well as perspectives by legendary figures from stage and screen, it traces the behind-the-scenes drama and lasting legacy of this cultural milestone.
The Pretty Boys
Featuring copious sex, drugs and rock and roll (and that's just in the pre-credit sequence), The Pretty Boys swings to its own queer beat. Writer-director Everett Lewis' 1973-set period piece concerns Pagan, a shirtless, pansexual, drug-addled singer-songwriter. He's smitten with hunky Donovan, probed by an ambitious journalist and drugged by an evil groupie. Unfolding as a double LP, Pretty Boys meanders from seductive and weird to wild and tender. -Gary Kramer, Instinct Magazine
Lost Boys: The Thirst
Vampire hunter Edgar Frog is destitute and nearly friendless, when the beautiful novelist Gwen Lieber offers him a small fortune to go on a hunt to save her brother from vampires using a new drug called the Thirst, which is a mixture of Ecstasy and infected blood. Realising he can't do this alone, Edgar turns to his brother, Alan Frog, to help him save Gwen's brother.