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Marvel Want to Remake Red Sonja

Marvel Want to Remake Red Sonja

Marvel Want to Remake Red Sonja

Although director Bryan Singer was riddled with scandals and moreover he was removed from Legion, he still got some offer to shoot pictures. Currently, Brian Singer is negotiating with the Millennium Films to produce a new version of Red Sonja independent personal movie. In the millennium, Ashley Miller (the director of X-Men: First Battle) has been invited to write the script.

Red Sonja was based on the same comic book which was produced by writer Roy Thomas and draftsman Barry Windsor-Smith. The comic Red Sonja was produced by Marvel Comics in 1973. The story tells in order to revenge her family a young woman named Sonja gain the power of a legendary female soldier, but there is a disadvantage, Sonja should not fall in love with a man. If she breaks her promise, she will lose her power unless the man is stronger than her.

Red Sonja had taken a shoot in 1985, Arnold Schwarzenegger acted as the male title role, and the super heroine was Brigitte Nelson. The movie two stars strong and handsome, vigorous and graceful. The style of the movie became main fashion for a long time. Dose Arnold act the same character? That's a question.

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