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The Land of the People. Kuril Islands

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The Land of the People. Kuril Islands

The Kuril Islands still remain a mystery to the rest of the world. The popular science film "Land of the People" rediscovers the unique territory of the Kuril Islands, with their unique human and natural wealth. Repeating the route of the first colonists, the viewer will get acquainted not only with the extraordinary beauty of this distant land, but also with the modern inhabitants of the islands, people of outstanding professions, somewhere adventurers, somewhere simply strong and strong in spirit, who live in places far from modern civilization, where there is neither the Internet, nor cellular communication, nor other items of everyday life most familiar to the continent.

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Release : 2018
Rating : 0
Studio : Gorky Film Studios, 
Crew : Director of Photography,  Director of Photography, 
Cast :
Genre : Documentary

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Boring, long, and too preachy.


It’s an especially fun movie from a director and cast who are clearly having a good time allowing themselves to let loose.


Very interesting film. Was caught on the premise when seeing the trailer but unsure as to what the outcome would be for the showing. As it turns out, it was a very good film.


This film is so real. It treats its characters with so much care and sensitivity.


Two LAPD detectives who moonlight in other fields investigate the murder of an up-and-coming rap group.One of the few major critics to give it a positive notice was Roger Ebert, who awarded the film 3 out of 4 stars. I am surprised by Ebert on this one. While I do not by any means think the movie is as bad as most people seem to, I would be hard pressed to say it was good. Something about it just seems off.I got the impression that this sort of movie would work well as a television program, especially in today's world with the bigger budgets TV shows. It would make a good running gag to have cops who moonlight as other things.


A ruthless and murderous alien (beefy Saulis Sipans) comes to Earth to hunt humans in health spas and strip clubs. Police detective Sully Sullivan (a likable performance by Eric Roberts) investigates.Writer/director Kevin S. Tenney keeps the entertaining story moving along at a constant quick pace, offers a wealth of choice cheesy one-liners, stages the action scenes with stirring aplomb (there's a doozy of a set piece that blatantly copies the police station raid from "The Terminator"), and delivers a pleasing plethora of tasty gratuitous female nudity (special kudos here to slinky brunette Monika Verbutaile and especially busty blonde Egle Zakareviciute). The solid acting from the capable cast keeps this movie humming: Arnold Voslo as mysterious extraterrestrial cop Warden, John Rhys-Davies as pompous bumbling jerk Wyznowski, Tony Lo Bianco as huffy superior Captain Tanzini, James W. Quinn as Sully's sarcastic partner Phil Yamata, Al Sapienza as brainy forensics expert Medina, and Sarah Kaite Coughlan as Sully's foxy teacher wife Susan. Chris Manley's sharp cinematography boasts several funky POV shots. Harry Manfredini's robust score hits the rousing spot. Fun schlock.


*Spoiler/plot- Queen of Blood, 1966. Takes place in 1990, Earth is contacted by a mysterious alien culture by probe. Earth's scientists send out a rescue crew to recover the aliens from Mars and an alien crash survivor on Mar's moon, Phobos. A female alien survivor is saved from Phobos and is returned to Earth with the rescue crew. During the return trip the crew find out the alien is dangerous to the them and the alien is producing offspring to re-populate wherever it lands.*Special Stars- Basil Rathbone, Dennis Hopper, John Saxon, Florence Marly, Forrest Ackerman.*Theme- Alien cultures come to Earth to assimilate them.*Trivia/location/goofs- Color. Russian/American. Campy R. Corman 'mash-up' of two Soviet films, typical Roger Corman techniques. Goofs: Spaceship leaves the moon base passing through clouds? Look for furnace filter on the front of the galaxy listening recording machine. Missing gold swim cap from the alien's helmet screen turns into bee-hived hairdo. The alien eggs were convincing looking, but they were simple colored pink rubber balloons with green jello placed around them.*Emotion- A memorable (though campy now) B-Movie about spaceships, and vampire aliens coming to Earth. What is also interesting of this film is the selective editing of two other films from behind the Iron Curtain/Cold War to make this film with an intriguing new film plot by Roger Corman. Due to the strong and lasting images and plot of this film, this film rates higher than it's contemporaries. It's worth being seen and enjoyed.


This was a decent PPV, but WWE had to change the name to Vengeance from Armageddon because of what happened on 9/11. Some of the matches were boring, but some were still good.Results from the PPV: - Scotty 2 Hotty and Albert beat Test and Christian in a fair opener.Edge defeated William Regal in a passable match.Jeff Hardy defeated Matt Hardy with Lita as referee. Actually Matt still had his foot on the rope when Lita counted to 3.The Dudley Boyz defeated Kane and The Big Show to retain the WWE tag team titles in a decent match.The Undertaker defeated RVD to win the Hardcore title in a very good match.'Stone Cold' Steve Austin defeated Kurt Angle.Chris Jericho defeated The Rock.Chris Jericho defeated Austin in a boring match to become the Undisputed Champion.Overall Grade - B-

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