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Katya and Stephanie. Portrait in the Interior

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Katya and Stephanie. Portrait in the Interior

Life consists of worries, household chores, talk at dinner, study, fatigue and the desire to sleep. But you are still happy if your family is strong, and there are thousands of favorite things around you - from Christmas toys from my mother's childhood to Scarlatti's music, which my grandfather ordered you to listen to. Katya in the last months of pregnancy and in the process of completing the thesis - and not simple, but man-made. Katya is an illustrator and makes a children's book. Tale. About Ersh Ershovich. Stephanie will be born soon, this tale and this film are the first gifts from her parents.

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Release : 2018
Rating : 0
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Genre : Documentary

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Intense, gripping, stylish and poignant


brilliant actors, brilliant editing


It isn't all that great, actually. Really cheesy and very predicable of how certain scenes are gonna turn play out. However, I guess that's the charm of it all, because I would consider this one of my guilty pleasures.

Clarissa Mora

The tone of this movie is interesting -- the stakes are both dramatic and high, but it's balanced with a lot of fun, tongue and cheek dialogue.


Technically I don't think there are really any spoilers in here but just in case some of the material is borderline, I marked it.I like bad movies. I like good movies. I can be relatively easily entertained as it's easy for me to sink into a story. This movie was (is, since I'm technically still watching it) the most boring zombie movie I've ever seen. I can't imagine it's going to get any better. And for a zombie movie there aren't many zombies.... Oh wait, there's some. Ask and you shall receive? Wonder if that's it?Definitely lots of overacting. That's OK though. I generally find that amusing. Some of it is older 80s action style acting, all gruff, gravely voiced men, over the top bad guy. It was also full of ridiculously improbable action moments. And still managed to be boring.I think the movie and the premise had some potential. I haven't seen any post-apocalyptic zombie movies. (That isn't to say there aren't more; this is just my first) The others have all been more in the moment. As someone who has had many "surviving the zombie apocalypse" discussions I was intrigued by this idea. It definitely did not live up to my expectations.I don't know if it was my viewing medium (iPad mini) but some of the scenes looked blurred around the edges which was weird. Some of the effects were cartoonish as well.


I'm sorry but I found this movie 'corny', not entertaining and the vocal performances were not what I call good. Some of the songs performed in the show, themselves, are good tunes when performed by more talented vocalists. One such song is "Some Enchanted Evening". I guess I'm just not a very big fan of any of the 'stars' either. There would have been other picks for the castings in this show that would have probably made it much better. Why this show got such a high rating of 7 stars is beyond me. Maybe I'm at fault here but I just don't credit it as a good musical either in script or performances. Of course that was a different era!


I like the BBC, a lot of my favorite shows over the years have been broadcast on BBC America. One of my favorite aspects of BBC productions (At least those broadcast here in the U.S.) is a series season is short, and rarely does a show outlive it's time, lingering on because the characters have become a part of our routine.Another aspect I enjoy is the character development. With such short seasons, the pace of shows are generally much quicker and the characters fleshed out early on. However, in the case of Waterloo Road, I fear there is little direction as to what the show is about, who the characters are, and surprisingly the staff appears to be more dysfunctional then the student's. This isn't meant as a criticism of the actors, but rather of the writing and concept of the show. Were it not airing during the bleakness of U.S. summer reruns and never ending "reality shows" I'd have probably quit watching some time ago. However, unlike great BBC shows like SPOOKS *MI5) or many of the "Mystery Monday" line up like Wire in the Blood, or Night Detective, which require my attention, Waterloo Road allows me to serve the internet, check google news, or play spider solitaire while it plays in the background.The situations of the kids, are their moronic thought processes are easily waived off, as let's face it, kids always think they are much more clever then they really are. (I know I knew more at that age then I know now)Part of adolescents is learning just how much we still have to learn.The teachers however are another story. One would expect they would have outgrown both their hormonal imbalances and emotional insecurity. The old adage about "not dipping your quill into the company inkwell" seems to have been a missing component of their education. Having your own kids in the school you teach certainly doesn't seem to be a very good idea.The silliness and absurdity far outweighs the occasional dramatic moment or insightful instance which stumbles off the tepid script.


No one has ever succeeded in putting the infectiousness of a mood on screen as Manic does, with his exhilarating and original documentary capturing the essence of Shutka, the Roma capital, where every man claims to be a champion. The documentary is a unique book of records, which tells us the story of people who fight with vampires, collect Turkish tapes, spend a fortune on circumcision of young boys just for show and, of course, party. The characters that Manic depicts in his documentary may be described as a very democratic group, where everyone is accepted the way they are: straight, gay, sane, insane. The documentary is highly charged with emotion, but is witty and funny at the same time. Must see!

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