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Hey There | A Short Horror Film

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Hey There | A Short Horror Film

Having trouble to sleep, Guy decided to take a walk and get some fresh air outside at night. This might as well be his final night, as a mysterious figure kept following him around.

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Release : 2018
Rating : 0
Studio : Embrace Entertainment, 
Crew : Producer,  Producer, 
Cast : Zulhakim Shah
Genre : Horror Thriller Mystery

Cast List



A lot of fun.


The performances transcend the film's tropes, grounding it in characters that feel more complete than this subgenre often produces.

Derrick Gibbons

An old-fashioned movie made with new-fashioned finesse.


The film never slows down or bores, plunging from one harrowing sequence to the next.

The Movie Diorama

The true story of a man, just one individual, walking across the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Yes, Philippe Petit had the audacity to disobey the law and chase his dream, thus consequently creating an inspirational life story that I'm sure will reinvigorate many. The Walk, obviously depicting the grandeur of the stunt, also dabbles into his backstory and how he found his passion for being an artist. An underlying theme throughout the plot, Petit wasn't just an entertainer, he viewed his displays with a sense of artistry. Exuberantly confident yet fiercely determined, Zemeckis once again has produced a whimsical tale that ensures you experience an array of emotions. Gordon-Levitt's performance of the central character was phenomenal. A perfect French accent to accompany his commitment to the act of high-wire walking, he became truly captivating. The supporting cast were good with Kingsley being the most noticeable. The vital aspect to the film is the visual grandeur which increasingly induces acrophobia as the stunts become more death-defying. Zemeckis puts this at the forefront, particularly during the twin tower walk, where the breath-taking heights feel both nauseating and illustrious. I can only imagine how enthralling the 3D would've been, I may have to give it a watch next time. The story was well paced and mostly focussed on the infiltration of the World Trade Center which felt reminiscent to classic Chaplin films. An endearing tone of clumsiness entered the narrative, especially when the plan stumbles occasionally. The main problem, which surprised me given Zemeckis at the helm, was how heavy-handed the narrative was conveyed. The over reliance of narration and the fact it took a biographical route (as the film is told through a flashback), meant that there were no thrills. Any issues that occurred during the stunt automatically negated any excitement, because we all know how the film ends due to the narrative structure. Ultimately, a disappointing aspect to what is a high flying biopic.


This show was just awesome where should I start first of all the animation was excellent, the voice actors were incredible, the theme song was memorable and the characters were likeable. This even has good life lesson and role models which kids today and even adults can learn and can look up to.OK, when I first discovered this show I was 14 back in 2014. At the time Teen Titans Go! had aired as well but after when started to watch this I realized how much better this show was compared to the horrible Teen Titans Go! which I will review soon.This show had 5 seasons and my favorite ones are Season 1, 2 and 5. I wish Season 6 so they could have focused on Starfire. Season 1 is focused on Robin, Season 2 is focused on Terra, Season 3 is focused on Cyborg, Season 4 is focused on Raven and Season 5 is focused on Beast Boy. It was an opportunity gone to waste that there was no Season 6 or 7. If there could have been a Season 7 it could have focused on all of the Teen Titans. We could have found out how Terra came back to life but unfortunately the show is left at an unresolved cliffhanger causing the fans to have lots of questions and theories about the show.This is the DC that children deserve not cheap shows like Teen Titans Go! please don't think that kiddy garbage show is better then this show trust me it is not. I have tried my level best to explain why this is a good show. The rest is up to you.If you want to have DC show with a team of teenagers who fight crime and have fun at the same time I would highly recommend this show.


As far as the quality of this film, it's very well made. Great interviews with a myriad of directors and actors make for an interesting watch on a lazy weekend day. As far as the content though...meh If your not familiar with this genre of film-making, it won't take you long to figure out these filmmakers were the equivalent of the music Punk Rock pioneers of the day...although...not near as relevant or successful.The main goal of this documentary is show fans how/when/where this style/genre of film making started. You get to find out why these individuals started making films the way they did. They were odd, gory, abstract and stuff you wouldn't normally watch...but hey, it was the 70's and we know what a bizzaro decade that was. So this was the excuse to shock and awe the audience by putting these pointless exercises on celluloid.The main interest for me was the interviews with Jim Jarmusch and Steve Buscemi. Yeah it's the Steve Buschemi we all know and love. He was in one of the early one of these was where he started his acting career. Out of the whole assortment of Directors they talk to and mention Jim Jarmusch is the only one, to this day, who gets mentioned in film circles as a really good film maker. Why? simple...because even though his films are still kind of odd, they are watchable. They have a goal at the end of each one. They're not meandering collages of part shock and art film with no point. They aren't just moving images...they're actual stories.It was funny to sit and listen to some of these directors sit and talk about how great their stuff was and I can guarantee that 99% of the film viewing world hasn't even heard of these people. This is one of these cases where it's in New York so it's important and has meaning and it sets a trend. Well, problem didn't. These were just poor broke people who ran around with 8mm cameras trying to fit into a scene in NY at the time and now they can sit back and talk about their triumph...or their perceived triumph.


Don't the TV execs know by now that we're getting tired of spies. I am African-American and I would love to see more of us on TV, but this is really a boring show. You would think that the writers could have found something else to do with these two gorgeous looking people than having them running around the world without any decent plot or dialog. There are far too many spy shows (especially humorous ones) on for them to think that this was going to work. It was nice seeing Gerald McRaney back on TV but I already think he should start sending out resumes as this show won't last long. I kept turning to something else and then turning back only to be disappointment that nothing more interesting was happening than when I turned away.

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