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Release : 2018
Rating : 0
Studio : Embrace Entertainment, 
Crew : Producer,  Producer, 
Cast : Zulhakim Shah
Genre : Horror Thriller Mystery

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Why so much hype?


All that we are seeing on the screen is happening with real people, real action sequences in the background, forcing the eye to watch as if we were there.


In truth, any opportunity to see the film on the big screen is welcome.


Great movie. Not sure what people expected but I found it highly entertaining.


Television Review: "Band of Brothers" (2001)When an heart-bursting opening montage underlined with emotional peaks of a memorable score by composer Michael Kamen (1948-2003) and overlayering credits exposing Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg as the driving force since their highly-acclaimed collaboration in the production of "Saving Private Ryan" to further exhibitions on international movie screens in season 1998/1999 comes this inofficial successor in shape of a 10-part mini-series distributed by high-end quality entertainment-providing television broadcaster HBO (Home Box Office), picking up storywise in the decisive D-day momentums of World War II in season 1944/1945, when trained and motivated "Easy Company" of the U.S. military airborne division must jump and parachute into hostile region of Northern France to push through Eastern frontier toward Nazi-occupied Netherlands, when already Episode 3 named after the French city of "Carentan" directed by Mikael Salomon, known for photographing "The Abyss" (1989) for director James Cameron, mounts up suspense-levels to the maximum in undeniable ultra-realistic war-combat bullet-shooting as grenade-throwing action scenes, which are fulfilled with an sufficiently-rated 12.5 Million U.S. Dollar production costs per episode.The mini-series "Band of Brothers" that marks still an ultimate high-pitch of combining historical education, motion-picture thriller moments with stage-theater-class drama in order to become a television show for the ages, which must be seen in retrospective to share for future generations of human beings, who will mainly receive their daily dosage of knowledge through digitized screens of an self-fulfilled internal empire of unlimited mental compositions. This exceptional television show maintains its values over the years in any exhibition format due to an fluent story-arc of feavor-pitching "Easy Company", recommended to be watched within a day; starting from being trained in boot camp labors of another abuse instructor, here portrayed by slightly miscasted, yet drama-triggering actor David Schwimmer as drill sergeant H.B Sobel, over Platoon-leading, focus-pushing through territories of war sergeants Richard D. Winters and Lewis Nixon, performed by unmasking actors Damian Lewis and Ron Livingston, whos portrayals make any spectator witness emotional states of war-motivated stormtrooping into battle of hornet-nest-spreading bullets and their ricochets in a rural village landscape of Center-European small towns to frozen besieged hide-outs between pine-wood-trees in an 2nd peak at Episode 6 "Bastogne" directed by David Leland, known for co-writing "Mona Lisa" (1986) directed by Neil Jordan; to entire annihilated personal visions by main-character-witnessing working camps in haunting WW2-horror-exposures; desaturated piles of white-powdered corpses confront audience with means of war, when cinematography by Remi Adefarasin captures constant motion-picture-quality; indulging on immersive shot-outs in shutter-angle-switching in-camera visual effects in favor for mainly hand-held states of full-contact camera operation.The Ten, fully-interweaved, Episodes of "Band of Brothers", which are based on an historical-accurate book by historian and U.S. Presidents Eisenhower as Nixon biographing author Stephen E. Ambrose (1936-2002), lives from its diversive episode structure, where each episode delivers with arresting tones of emotional deprivations as combat-action-portrayals of last in differing directorial visions ranging from Richard Loncraine (Episode 2) over Tom Hanks (Episode 5) to David Frankel (Episode 7 to Episode 9) in order to feel the pleasure of living through another day in a Post-War-World by the end of revisiting "Band of Brothers" on another watch in a row, when the world premiere date of Episode 1 and Episode 2 on a casual U.S. sunday of September 9th, 2001, recalls close-by New York days of contemporary horrors in international terrorism for improving life conditions in a globalized world.© 2018 Felix Alexander Dausend (Cinemajesty Entertainments LLC)

Peter Pluymers

"Good day, Paula. I'm Jim, but you can call me Pommie."My expectations are pretty high strung whenever I encounter an Australian movie again. I was pleasantly surprised already a few times after discovering a film from Down Under. Even though "Cut Snake" put me on the wrong track at a certain moment, the film in general wasn't really surprising. The denouement was even extremely predictable. The two main characters Jim "Pommie" Stewart (Sullivan Stapleton) and Mervyn "Sparra" Farrell (Alex Rusell) shared a grim past. That was kind of obvious. I didn't expect those two former prisoners to have a connection on a whole different level. At first it seemed Pommie had traced his partner in crime just to convince him to pick up the thread on a criminal level. As it becomes clear that Sparra has chosen to walk the right path, this throws a spanner in the works. Sparra has resolutely opted for the ordinary life with his fiancée Paula (Jessica De Gouw). Even a poorly paid job can't convince him to go back to a world of crime. What follows is a complex and tumultuous love triangle.It's safe to say that "Cut Snake" is a melodramatic thriller. What certainly stands above the rest in this film is the acting of Sullivan Stapleton. Pommie is the type of figure who makes you feel a little uneasy instantly. A burly, heavily tattooed and intimidating appearance whose uncontrollable rage suddenly breaks out and then quickly disappears. Unerringly if unwittingly, Sparra is sucked into a destructive spiral of aggression and violence. And he himself will end up in an inner conflict. Even though it appears from the outset it's heading for a typical crime film, the movie makes an unexpected twist, changing it into a very different mood. In contrast to the terrifying face of Stapleton, Alex Rusell has an angelic face. An ordinary guy who appeared out of nowhere in Paula's life and whose dark past remained hidden until Pommie appeared on the scene. The film is set in the 70s and situated in an Australian town near Melbourne. The whole film is made in the outspoken style from the 70's. Clothing, vehicles and used soundtrack fit perfectly. My compliments to the decor department. And if you're wondering what the film title exactly means, then I suggest you look up the Australian statement "mad as a cut snake". "Cut Snake" is an indie with a two-faced character. On the one hand it's a simple crime film. On the other hand it's a rather bold melodramatic love story. The twist incorporated in the film is not without a risk. An experiment where some of the viewers will have second thoughts about. I appreciated the subtlety with regard to how everything was imaged. No overly explicit scenes were being used. Not even during the violent scenes. The highlight for me was the moment the tough and resolute Pommie emotionally crashed and briefly showed how fragile and helpless he was. A strong and persuasive piece. Are you an adventurous movie lover? Then this film is really something for you.More reviews here :


This movie hinges on 3 things: 1} Wesley Snipes 2} Two really great car chases 3} the Bucharest backdrop.Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu bulldozed thousands of poor peoples houses in the centre of Bucharest to make room for his megalomaniac palaces and other bloodsoaked buildings. It's no surprise that he was the only Eastern European dictator to die a violent, publicly televised execution.But Bucharest serves very well now as a backdrop for movies, be it action or otherwise. Now that the buildings are there, they might as well be used as money-making tool for Romanian local business, and acting talent. Not that Ceauşescu's will benefit directly from this, but still ...The movie itself is very fast paced in the beginning, and for a non-Hollywood production, read: low budget, no experience, it sure looks good. The car chases are beyond violent, and surely one of the best in filmed in Europe. Only big budget productions like French Luc Bessons bastard child Taxi comes to mind and the in France shot Ronin.This is much harder in Europe, where there is not a abundant supply of cheap cars to be trashed, and really a lot of red tape about EU safety regulations and Landmark rules about all the monuments and stuff.So kudos to the production dudes.Yeah, so the acting was bad, especially the martial arts guy, but hey?! Who cares? Cool Jamaican-Romanian rap at the end.


The best historical movie ever set in Middle Ages. After 40 years it is still unbeatable. There is no single minute without action and no chance of getting bored. The film, based on the novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz, was seen by over 30 million Poles and is a must for historical movie fan. Many scenes hit a viewer with power and skill but nothing beats the battle of Grunwald sequence, which lasts almost 20 minutes. Every Hollywood film lacks such sequence. No detail is bit of absurd as it sometimes happens in American movies. Actors are at their peak, especially Andrzej Szalawski(Jurand) who plays his best role. Absolutely worth of seeing.

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