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Release : 2018
Rating : 0
Studio :
Crew : Screenplay, 
Cast : Roman Kurtsyn Artur Smolyaninov Danila Yakushev Kirill Kaganovich Yuriy Stoyanov
Genre : Comedy Crime

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good film but with many flaws


Expected more

Quiet Muffin

This movie tries so hard to be funny, yet it falls flat every time. Just another example of recycled ideas repackaged with women in an attempt to appeal to a certain audience.

Aspen Orson

There is definitely an excellent idea hidden in the background of the film. Unfortunately, it's difficult to find it.


A piece of a foreign spy satellite crashes on the island. The Professor uses it for a barometer and forecasts a tsunami. They tie the huts together and ride the wave into the ocean. Gilligan goes swimming with the sharks and accidentally sets the hut on fire. The fire actually attracts the coast guard and the castaways are finally rescued. They try to adjust to their new lives apart in the new world after 15 years on the island. Spies Dimitri and Ivan try to retrieve the satellite piece from around Gilligan's neck.I wasn't around for the original TV show and never really saw it even in reruns. Although I have seen some clips of the show and I get the general fun chemistry. Tina Louise is once again not in this to play Ginger. Judith Baldwin doesn't have quite the same breathiness. The other casts return and are somewhat faded by the years. The island still has some fun but once the group splits up, the movie loses any last bit of joy. It is fun to see the triumphant return and maybe the movie should work to end the movie at that high point.

Maynard Handley

I think the reason this movie has such a low rating (and some bad reviews) is that it suffers from an *extreme* version of the discrepancy between the actual movie and the movie that is advertised. To look at the poster you'd imagine you're in for some sort of "Weekend at Bernie's Fashion Week" or "Zoolander 2: Derelicte meets Dead". The movie is good, but it's nothing like that. The movie is a genuine black comedy. I'm a guy who likes his comedies laugh out loud (think "There's Something About Mary"), and this is not that type of comedy. It's amusing, but there's nothing especially laugh-worthy in it. This is, rather, absurdist comedy, the sort of thing you watch because you can't believe anyone would think that way and you want to see how much more awfully they will behave.A movie that criticizes the fashion industry is not especially daring; what makes this one work is that the satire is so well-structured and, simultaneously, over-the-top but also completely organic. You don't see ham-handed rants against capitalism, modeling agencies and the rest (except for one rather ham-handed sequence against documentary film-makers); rather what you see is an oddly compelling story that just happens to show terrible things along the way. One final reason to watch: the model star of the show, Cynthia, played by Ivy Levan, looks insanely like Jennifer Lawrence throughout the entire movie. It's uncanny, and I don't know to what extent it's deliberate, but adds well to the whole air of "reality but unreality" of the piece.


It's 1877 and gold has been discovered in Wyoming. The problem is that the Sioux, Crow, Arapaho, Blackfoot and Cheyenne inhabit this prime piece of land. Naturally, where there is gold there are those who are willing to risk their lives to get their hands on it. And whenever a person has gold there are whiskey peddlers, prostitutes, and gamblers who want to acquire it from those who have it. Yielding to considerable pressure, the United States decides to relocate the Indian tribes off of this land. After extensive negotiations all of the tribes agree to move south. Except for the Cheyenee. They are still considering whether or not to defend their land to the death. Into this volatile mix rides a young surveyor named "Josh Tanner" (Robert Wagner) who has been hired by businessmen to map out a new town for settlers. This leads him into direct contact with both the United States Army and the Cheyenne. Filmed in color this type of movie was a staple for audiences during the 50's. However, unlike many westerns made before it this film tries to depict the Native American view as well. There is plenty of action and everything flows pretty smoothly for the most part. One thing I didn't care for was the way Josh Tanner knew what the Cheyenne were thinking practically before they did. I could understand that if he had been a trapper or an Indian scout perhaps. But for someone fresh out of St. Louis it just didn't seem plausible. I also didn't care for the ending which I thought was a bit too hokey. But fans of western movies will probably like it. All thing's considered I suppose it was okay and I give it an average rating.


Extremely accurate historically, this western chronicles the clash of the cowboy culture with 20th century progress - a popular theme in U. S. history. Selleck is excellent as Monte (as he is in most roles!) The production is very accurate, amazingly so for a T V western; "...Dove" was the archetypal western but this comes very close. The bucking bronco in the store typifies, as few other scenes ever have, the battle between the Old West and modern America. The only weak aspect of the story is Shorty's sudden descent from decent cowboy to killer. There's no real justification for this, but it's perhaps meant to further illustrate the death throes of the cowboy profession. Great movie - I recommend it highly.

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