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Sounds of the World - Mauritius

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Sounds of the World - Mauritius

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Release : 2018
Rating : 0
Studio : Dérives Productions, 
Crew : Director, 
Cast :
Genre : Documentary Music

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A Surprisingly Unforgettable Movie!


Tells a fascinating and unsettling true story, and does so well, without pretending to have all the answers.


It's an amazing and heartbreaking story.


It is neither dumb nor smart enough to be fun, and spends way too much time with its boring human characters.


Black Mirror was always grounded in reality, a possibility so close that you can sense it, where technology reveals the true underlying nature with very REAL consequences. It completely missed the point. The story has no apparent real world effect, worst comedy timing. The script was juggling too many things at once, hence created a mess! Not to mention the unexplained sci-fi jargon just to move the story. NOT AT ALL like Black Mirror.


plot holes the movies have got plot holes the size of a space hulk first Astartes are immortal soldiers whose purpose in live is to serve the emperor whenever where ever however they have no other live and they cant turn the job down ,they fight when all others had failed they dive into the maelstrom of battle killing aliens mutants and heretics alike they cleanse whole worlds in a company no bigger than about 200 man in most cases when they were human they were fearsome warriors who are the best in there death-worlds and show will,power and potential behind that of a normal man then they most pass initial test of some sort -like fighting to death - and probably they almost die that is when the SM appear get the aspirates and put them through hell were their hearts and will and strength will be tested a hundred times at last the get there gene-seed which is a test of some sort for it can kill them or change them into mindless beast and if they survived all that stuff then they become scouts where they will fight for decade or so before receive the honor and get there power armor and that is just the beginning for they will fight for thousand of years after that so when you compare the behaviour of the Space Marines in this movies to the real version you get the following -they wont disobey orders and when their captain tell them to cover fire they will and wont move an inch -they wont die that easily of curse for they have their power armor which will inject drugs to reduce the pain dramatically also they have a second heart so yeah if the movies was made wright they would not die with a single bolt -what in the warp can kill a full company of the imperial fists ? don't tell me chaos daemons because a number of things first the imperial fists are a first founding not only that they are specialist in siege warfare not only that but they are the guys that defended the imperial palace on Terra during the Hourus heresy against a never ending tie of chaos filth and that should give you a lot of exp in defending a place + they had only one fort to protect and that is a peace of cake for them i mean trying to defend a city or world is pretty tough,but when you have 100 battle brother + probably a company commander and a librarian so again what could kill them ? also is the emperor that stupid to give the imperial fists a book that is actually a warp gate ? and if you were going to kill a daemon and you were in the armory wont you pickup perhaps a heavy Bolter and maybe a lascannon or something heavy quick question :if a an imperial general -Zyvan for instance- had a couple of psykers and deployed them on star ports -cc Traitor's Hand- wont Macragge have any ? that is just the w40k plot holes *now the common sense plot holes the sound was awful the movies had not shown us the w40k world for all we saw was just a big star ship and nothing more the the CGI simply sucked to make a long story short the movies sucks if you were a w40k fan if not then please don't think wrong about the w40k for its way better than shown of them movie


The best film I saw last year, and I'm a retired film critic. Very inspiring documentary of social action in Mexico City by way of four separate but parallel stories. By the way, the aesthetic rules of fiction do not apply directly to documentary: not finding out the actual names of the heroes did not matter since we were given enough background, as, for example, in their homes, that their lives were self-evident, especially for the guy against killing bulls and Super Bario. Alas, this film cannot be rented locally (in VAncouver) or purchased on That says a whole lot about how little an increasingly monopolized film industry, including distribution, values social protest docs.


Don't confuse this Willie The Whopper cartoon with the famous long "Popeye the Sailor meets Sinbad the Sailor" although both are entertaining in their own right. This "Sinbad" is a Whopper tale about the time "me and my gal were over in Constaninople" and she was kidnapped by a sheik. The evil sheik thought Willie's girl was hot so he kidnapped her. A lot of Willie's adventures seem to have a similar theme, although wildly different venues.It did offer something really different. How many times have you ever seen a cobra pictured in a good light? The was the first time for me. The cobra, who isn't happy because his "boss" is snoring, sneaks out when he hears Willie and his girl whistling down the street. He takes an instant shine to the foreigners and follows them. When the girl is kidnapped, the snake helps out Willie is some very creative ways!This was a lot of fun to watch. In the few "Willie The Whopper" cartoons I have seen, they've all been very entertaining. Why they aren't seen or respected, I don't know. The 1930s had some very edgy and entertaining animated short features like Betty Boop and Popeye, just to name two. Willie is good, too, at least from what I've seen.

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