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Student of the Year 2

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Student of the Year 2

Student of the Year 2 is an upcoming Indian film directed by Punit Malhotra. It is a sequel to the 2012 film, Student of the Year.The film stars Tiger Shroff.

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Release : 2018
Rating : 0
Studio : Dharma Productions, 
Crew : Director, 
Cast : Tiger Shroff
Genre : Comedy Romance

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The Age of Commercialism


Disappointment for a huge fan!


I have absolutely never seen anything like this movie before. You have to see this movie.

Fatma Suarez

The movie's neither hopeful in contrived ways, nor hopeless in different contrived ways. Somehow it manages to be wonderful


This is an animated spin-off from the two TV series featuring Hercules and Xena, where they, along with sidekicks Iolaus and Gabrielle, try to save Zeus, Aries, Artemis and Aphrodite on Mount Olympus from the Titans.The story-line is somewhat average and less exciting than most episodes of the TV shows and the animation is very amateurish. There isn't much character development or chemistry among each of the cast members, but there are plenty of action - from the Hercules battling a dragon to Xena using her Chakram against a band of warlords, and from the Gods against the Titans to our heroes trying to save villagers caught in the middle of the feud.The characters are voiced by the original actors from the TV shows, which gives the movie a more familiar feel and brings you back into the Hercules and Xena universe. That is what I think the best element of the movie as the voices helped maintain each of the characters' familiar personalities. A large part of the movie, though, suffers from limited suspense and spirit. I also personally would have liked to see Gabrielle, Iolaus and Aphrodite utilized more - they looked like they were just thrown in for good measure. Overall, kids may like the movie, but true fans of the TV shows probably would be taken aback a little.Grade C-


Everything is Illuminated is far better than I was expecting, it's nearly impeccable.The story is about a young man who pays for a guide to help him find the woman who saved his father from death during WWII. He embarks on a journey with a guy and his grandfather.Eugene Hutz is absolutely hilarious and his accent is amazing. He definitely was a great choice, not sure why they chose a musical artist, but he definitely was the best choice for all the right reasons. Elijah Wood does great portraying his character, the sophisticated young American.Although you will enjoy this film, it should be noted that the comedy is extremely apparent in the first half of the film, but it slowly dims down, then dies altogether as the film transitions into a more dramatic story. You should think of this film as a Comedy -> Comedy/Drama -> Drama, in that precise order.Enjoy it for what it is, and enjoy the artistic value of such a film.


I agree with inspectors71's review in that Kirk Douglas was probably a much better actor than director. This, and his previous film, help prove this.Other than a unique chance to see Kirk directing (and producing), this film is only memorable for being a 1970s "anti-Western"--with bad guys seeming pretty nice and good guys as hypocritical jerks. Once again, inspectors71's feeling that this was all inspired by Watergate seemed pretty astute. During this time period, flawed heroes abounded in film--such as Dirty Harry Popeye Doyle--a product of the times indeed. As an "anti-Western", the film didn't seem to go anywhere and left me feeling rather uninterested.In fact, the entire story never felt particularly involving and the "anti-ending" seemed amazingly far-fetched and silly. Still, there were enough interesting moments to make it worth watching if nothing better is on TV--but that's about all.


One of the greatest poorly animated talk shows by a washed up superhero of all time...wait...nevermind. Anyway, you have to have a special breed of humor to appreciate what SG:C2C has to offer. The greatest episode has to be when he interviews Bob Costas. My sides almost split, and I laugh everytime I see it. I wish they'd make more, because they have had some great famous celebrities and some that weren't so famous, but were still great. The newer episodes are better, and this show only improves with age.

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