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Zoku Owarimonogatari

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Zoku Owarimonogatari

The morning after his high school graduation ceremony, Araragi goes to the bathroom to wash his face but is struck by the sensation that his reflection is watching him. Touching the mirror, Araragii’s hand passes straight through and he is sucked into a mysterious world.

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Release : 2018
Rating : 0
Studio : SHAFT, 
Crew : Director,  Animation Director, 
Cast : 神谷浩史 Eri Kitamura Yuka Iguchi Emiri Kato Yui Horie
Genre : Animation Comedy Mystery

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Brilliant and touching


Yo, there's no way for me to review this film without saying, take your *insert ethnicity + "ass" here* to see this film,like now. You have to see it in order to know what you're really messing with.


The acting is good, and the firecracker script has some excellent ideas.

Aspen Orson

There is definitely an excellent idea hidden in the background of the film. Unfortunately, it's difficult to find it.


I don't remember how the hell this movie fell on my hands. What I DO remember though is that I didn't know anything about it so I wasn't sure what to expect, although the cover made it quite clear that this would be a 007-like film set in the 60's. So I start watching it and see a LOT of girls doing various stuff, in what seems to be a beauty parlor. But is it? Some older women that look like the head-honcho-err- ets, are observing a missile launch and talking about how things are going according to plan… although nothing has been actually said that could give you even a hint about the plot and that is something that I hate in movies, because there is a big difference between throwing in a couple of stuff to make people interested and anxious to understand what's going on and simply not giving anything at all! But, OK, not all movies have Hitchcock-like intro's… so I forget this "little" mistake and carry on with watching the film since I am sure that things will start becoming better as we move on… right?After a couple of scenes, we get to meet our protagonist, the spy-man himself, Flint. And THAT'S when I started thinking that this movie was actually a parody of the genre. The reason was the existence of some scenes that weren't exactly funny... but silly. Was the silliness intentional or accidental? Was it a more lighthearted Bond-clone or a satire\parody of Bond films? I honestly couldn't tell! I'm not being ironic or anything… I'm dead serious… I just couldn't tell! Also, as the movie progressed my initial complain about it would become my main one. The movie simply has no plot. It's scene after scene of stuff that don't create any interest to the viewer. It's only in the very end that EVERYTHING concerning the plot will be hand-fed to you in such a way that it will instantly make the rest of if the film nothing more than an exceedingly long intro. Due to this, my belief that this was actually a comedy became even stronger and my curiosity won, since I did a small search on the Net to find out that indeed it was!But that is actually the second problem of the movie, something that also serves as its tombstone. Most parts of the movie were so unbelievably "dry" that I couldn't even realize that they were SUPPOSED to be funny. With what should I laugh here? With the lamest action scenes in the world? With Flint's hypnotizing effect on women? With the downright stupid "rule the world" plan of the women in the intro? Honestly, I don't know!!! I know that humor has to do with personal tastes and all, but if you can't even tell that a movie is a comedy then this movie has a serious problem... Not everyone likes the smart British humor of the Monty Pythons, or the slapstick humor of the Three Stooges, but it's not hard to realize that both of these are actual comedies! In Like Flint is a boring and plot-less spy film and a worthless attempt at a funny movie. I wonder why Austin Powers likes it so much…FINAL VERDICT: Can't even tell if this was supposed to be funny (3/10)Also Check: Austin Powers (1997) – Our Man Flint (1966) – Top Secret (1984)


"Perdita Durango" is one of those movies that you don't know a thing about it but you end up watching it because it gets your attention because of the crude of it's events and it's grind house look. I watched it on cable some years ago and after the end credits I couldn't believe I watched an Alex de la Iglesia movie and that the lead male character was none other than Javier Bardem! I felt like a fool for not recognizing them.Anyways, I watched it again some time after and the experience changed a little. I still thought the movie was very crude, violent, and held perfectly the black humor that is a characteristic often used by Alex de la Iglesia.But the backbone of the film is the great, violent acting by Javier Bardem and Rosie Pérez. Both deliver extraordinary displays of rage, desperation, self-control, sense of security, intelligence.I particularly enjoyed their "forced sex" sequence with the American teen couple. That was really high. The intensity, the way the blonde teens guilt each other for "enjoying it". The ending will leave you shocked. Watch "Perdita Durango" and expect a joyride of sex, drugs, violence, bullets, explosions, perversion, desire, and power. Eat your heart out, TJ traffickers.


Smooth rough and tumble character western with a great grizzled performance from Lionel Barrymore, but a grating one from Wallace Beery. This one has a great closing scene of Barrymore trailing behind a horse on his wheelchair through the desert.


It will be a really disappointment if you decide to see this film after I Want You (like me).Also I'm sure it isn't a good idea either if you decide to see for the first time.(sure if you don't like classical marriage film made in Hollywood) Plot,style,casting,directing...they haven't got any relations with I Want You.Again the film is taken the title from a popular song written by U2.Maybe this is the only thing that is similar with I Want You.Unfortunately it didn't leave same effect to my soul that Elvis Costello's song did.It has no original things that you hope Winterbottom may use.He is on the Luc Besson's way:Nikita,Léon and a big Hollywoodic disaster The Fifth Element.Where is the sensibility that belongs to european films?Where is the plot that comes out from our real lifes?

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