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Marnie - Met Opera Live

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Marnie - Met Opera Live

Composer Nico Muhly unveils his second new opera for the Met with this gripping reimagining of Winston Graham’s novel, set in the 1950s, about a beautiful, mysterious young woman who assumes multiple identities. Director Michael Mayer and his creative team have devised a fast-moving, cinematic world for this exhilarating story of denial and deceit, which also inspired a film by Alfred Hitchcock. Mezzo-soprano Isabel Leonard sings the enigmatic Marnie, and baritone Christopher Maltman is the man who pursues her—with disastrous results. Robert Spano conducts.

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Expected more


best movie i've ever seen.


It’s an especially fun movie from a director and cast who are clearly having a good time allowing themselves to let loose.


I think this is a new genre that they're all sort of working their way through it and haven't got all the kinks worked out yet but it's a genre that works for me.


The quirky characters in the film's concerning promos did strongly point towards something upsetting coming from the talented team. But it would turn out to be so absurd walking down the same old decayed paths offering nothing new, wasn't really expected from the thoughtful Vikas Bahl, the director of two National Award winning films namely CHILLAR PARTY and QUEEN (with the first co-directed by Nitesh Tiwari).In other words, what SHAANDAAR offers to the audience in its more than 140 minutes of duration is neither novel nor enjoyable, but rather pathetic - considering the shocking execution tried by the otherwise talented team comprising of many known names.The film honestly gives you nothing to write about in details as it has been made on the same formula of a fairy tale narration heading towards a big happening wedding planned between two supposedly rich families as a business deal. It has all seen before clichéd characters of a rich empire led by a manipulating old grand-ma including young sisters, a father, an adopted girl (who in reality is the illegitimate daughter not knowing the truth), the silly bridegroom, his gangster like brother and a wedding planner who starts romancing the sister of the bride as usual. The grand look and art direction with all the designer dresses given to the artists roaming around in a big mansion situated abroad typically follows the well-known settings of a Karan Johar film, who eventually also features in one of its sequences too as Karan Johar only.Its music and interestingly shot songs at times become the only savior in the absurdity displayed on screen (thrown abruptly as usual). But here too the new obsession of 'The Film Industry' continues to be followed blindly, that is of ruining old musical gems by reworking on their original composition and lyrics without any need as such. And this time they have picked 'Neend Na Mukhko Aaye" and "Eena Meena Deeka" to crucify them in their own new-age brutal way unnecessarily.Becoming the clear victim of all routine and repetitive writing, neither the lead pair nor the veterans are able to impress as desired. Yes, Shahid and Alia look good on screen having a fine chemistry but the film fails to take any advantage of the same due to its own faults. Also as the girls say, it was indeed the script's demand to get into the 2 piece swim suit and that too in a dream sequence! In the supporting cast it is shocking to see the cruel treatment given to Anjana Sukhani standing silently in the crowd whereas Pankaj Kapoor is a delight to watch as always in any kind of role given to the master. Sanjay Kapoor gives a surprise appearance playing the 'over-the-top' Sindhi big brother after a long gap, but the one person who scores the maximum when it comes to performances remains Sanah Kapoor (real life sister of Shahid) making a decent impact in her debut film (playing a character that seems to be clearly inspired from the recent hit Dumb LAGA KE HAISHA). To give you my personal opinion, though SHAANDAAR is said to be directed by Vikas Bahl but I found Karan Johar visible in its most of the frames more than Vikas due to many obvious reasons. It is a film based on Karan's favourite subject of 'A big fat wedding of the rich' ('destination wedding' to be exact) with everything in excess right from the grandeur to the execution as seen in his own films. There are specific scenes reminding you of the typical KJO treatment like the 'Weirdly behaving twin sisters', 'Lavish Non-Veg Dinner on a Tuesday', 'Mehndi Interview with Karan' or the 'Girls-Boys Qawwali Competition' towards the end wherein Pankaj Kapoor makes a grand entry as expected. The long descriptive use of animation adding the elements of various fairy tales like 'The Frog', along with the must-have 'I am Gay' insertion further makes you strongly feel as if you are watching a Karan Johar film and not a Vikas Bahl one to be precise.Plus a questionable sequence featuring a 7-8 year old Sikh kid seriously forced me to ask that Why on earth they wanted to show Shahid as a born Sikh? What it had to do with the story anyway?.....Or Was it just to add some sick, silly humour as seen in 'the great director' Karan Johar's debut film KUCHH KUCHH HOTA HAI, where he deliberately used a similar kid character to generate some ugly laughs along with Johny Lever and then was later forced to edit out those particular scenes 'referring to a specific time in the watch' post the film's release.Besides, the most ridiculous insertion in the film is the one reminding you of the cult-comedy JAANE BHI DO YAARON, wherein the dead old lady of the house is made to sit on her couch with full make up on, projected as alive and kicking.In short, SHAANDAAR might work for a few who don't care about eating the same dish again and again served casually without adding any fresh tasteful ingredients. But for me it didn't work at all (except for the 'feel good' climax focusing on the revolting girl) coming from such a thoughtful director known for delivering novel and entertaining subjects moving ahead of the routine. May be this absurdity was a result of the famous 'KJO vision' messing with the original thought process of 'Ph se Phantom' forcing them to take a more commercial look at the projects forgetting about the 'cinema' in them.But whatever may be the cause this is exactly why producers dream to get a solo release on a Festival holiday to remain in a pretty safe zone. Because in a long Festival Weekend even a grand-mess like SHAANDAAR gets house-full in the multiplexes promising a good initial.


Rating-4/10Raw Deal is an action movie fuelled by death, thrill pumping fighting and some pretty Arnie like lines+moves. The movie itself is kind of enjoyable if you take it for what it is and don't poke too many holes, but lets get serious for a moment, this movie isn't no masterpiece, this is pretty poor and one movie that has some big problems once looked into properly. It is fun though no doubt, the kind of film an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan looks forward to all week long.The story kind of works, and I mean that, it is pretty thrilling and you generally don't know what's going to happen. Now that doesn't mean the story is perfect far from it, it has a lot of parts where guys sit around talking about mob stuff, the kind of thing that in film, gets just a little boring. It has it's action quota as you would imagine, the blood is really fake but no matter, the body count is high and the way some of them die, well that kind of stuff would work in a comedy.Now Arnie isn't so bad here, he doesn't hit his heights as an action man hero but certainly gives off a good vibe when fighting all those bad guys. I think if you want real dramatic action, don't look here, leaving the supporting cast alone a minute, Schwarzenegger's cigar chomping under cover persona is insane, I mean he just looks suspicious, and then the way he delivers his lines, just not so good in that department. The cast isn't so bad, they support well they really do but the kind of basic plot coupled with bad directing and writing make this a hard one to turn into gold, I did feel Paul Shenar gives a good go at it, but that really isn't enough.John Irvin the man behind this movie shouldn't be ashamed of what he made, after all this movie is not detestable, just way under average. The major flaws are laid out before you in one, a script that really does nothing, and two directing that makes the people fall down in the most ridiculous ways. So what if your looking for the positives, I felt the technical side was pretty good, some nice stunts performed and there's one particular explosion that is very well made.Would I say don't watch this?, no I would fully recommend this, and to anyone even if you think action isn't for you, give it a go and take in the wonderful sight of an Austrian mafia member, just good fun. I think in all honesty this gives what you think it will, can please some but not others and this will not give you good drama so stay clear if you like a lot of that. The reviews are not pretty when it comes to this movie either, I don't really know what most people who have seen this think but I couldn't help feel that many will like this, but especially action movie junkies.Overall a movie that is not so kind in the career of Arnold Schwarznegger, but also one that I don't think deserves to go on his "Worst of Career" slideshow. This is good old action, thrills, maybe not so many car chases but there are some, and shoot outs, oh boy this has many of them. This even tries it's hand at emotion, I mean you'll have to see what I mean but it does, it's kind of funny really, because the next minute, Arnie's blowing someone 10 feet in the air with a pump shotgun.


There is satirical humor between two soldiers. The movie beautifully touches upon your emotions in a typical Gulzar style with a lot of humor great dialogues. This movie has no big sets but yes a good direction flawless execution with only 4 people in the movie who have a done a fantastic job .Specially for those who want to utilize their time and end up appreciating the movie . Not for people who love movies like Rowdy Rathore or Gunday etc. Its for people who loved Peepli live or Paan Singh Tomar .I would highly recommend to you to watch this movie and end up being happy about the Indian cinema and the debut direction by Vijay Raaz


From the opening sinister music theme I,Claudius grasps by the throat and never lets go. With material that covers almost all human depravity, naked ambition, sensual excess, madness, and the corruption of power it has all the ingredients.Livia Augusta as played by Sian Phillips perhaps bests exemplifies the series. She is a creature more malignant than Lady Macbeth, and more thrilling than just about any other female character in literature.Although hardly a history lesson the distortion of the actual history is not important. Graves's books and Jack Pulman's superb adaptation make this fascinating.All the performances are excellent, the sets wonderful (though the outdoor scenes are 'stagey'. Never mind its a trivial observation.) Watch it once and then watch it again, as it has so much.

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