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Eagles Over London

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Eagles Over London

The British High Command finds itself in the thick of a huge dilemma when it is realized that they have long been infiltrated by spies from a German intelligence group. This all happens during the preliminary stages of the Battle of Britain.

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Release : 1969
Rating : 5.7
Studio : Atlántida Films,  Fida Cinematografica, 
Crew : Director,  Music Director, 
Cast : Luigi Pistilli Ida Galli Francisco Rabal Frederick Stafford Van Johnson
Genre : Drama Action History Foreign

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Why so much hype?


It's not great by any means, but it's a pretty good movie that didn't leave me filled with regret for investing time in it.

Kaydan Christian

A terrific literary drama and character piece that shows how the process of creating art can be seen differently by those doing it and those looking at it from the outside.


A clunky actioner with a handful of cool moments.


If you are looking for an accurate and gripping war film then this probably wont be the film for you.But if your looking for a drama filled,exiting film then this is the film for you. it is about a couple of undercover Germans who get to England from Dunkirk disguised as British solders.Their mission is to infiltrate and sabotage British radars which are detecting German aircraft and stopping them from attacking England. the German agents get found out and stopped by an English commander who befriended one of the German agents.The plot is not the reason why this film is so weird it is the combat and the way it is all displayed making it so bad. it begins with some British soldiers defending a position which is attacked by German tanks which are quite clearly not from world war 2 later on in the film there are dog fights between messerschmitt and spitfires (fighters) but the actual planes that are used were messerschmitts as spitfires and spitfires as messerschmitts making it very confusing and not very accurate. the fighting and the special effects are not that good either. i found this film very disappointing i am very fond of war films but i wont recommend this war film


Enzo Castellari strikes again with a distinctly sixties flavoured war film starring Luigi Pistilli, Francisco Rabal, and some guy named Van Johnston. You know what to expect from our Enzo, right? Loads of action, flashy camera-work, no boring parts, and everything is alright with the world. This time, instead of the Americans heading through enemy territory in Inglorious B*stards, we've got Gerry taking the fight to Blighty. The Germans use the Dunkirk evacuations to sneak some troops into England, in order to destroy the British Army's radar equipment, led by Luigi Pistilli and Franciso Rabal, who, in disguise, quickly makes friend with dashing Hungarian (?) officer Van Johnston. Van's no fool, though - he knows something's amiss as he's just found a pile of dead British soldiers with their ID missing. The Germans are all jacked up after gaining France and now preparing to invade Britain (this is all leading up to the Battle of Britain), and as Van is trying to be taken seriously with his spy theory (you'd think they would have taken it seriously, but we're talking Italian movies here so just let it slide), the German spies are conspiring together to hit the radar stations, with their big prize in sight: The radar command centre. Can Van, some Air Marshall guy, his cockney sidekick who says 'arse' a lot, and some French pilots stop them in time? Although tame by later Enzo films (Bronx Warriors, The Big Racket etc), in this particular film he seems to have a very large budget to work with. Check out the scenes in Dunkirk! There's plenty of action here, from dogfights to gun battles between the British and Germans (the number of which who have actually sneaked into the UK is kept vague, which makes sense in respect to the action). Some stock footage, clever model work, and our Enzo goes berserk with the split screen, as well as filming scenes from the most unusual angles. Po-faced military fact people will have an aneurysm upon viewing this film, but who cares about that? I just want to be entertained after a hard day's work. Both Pistilli (The Devil's Obsession) and Francisco Rabal (Nightmare City) hold their own here. Van Johnston's a bit stiff though. Good old Enzo hasn't let me down yet.


This is an odd case of casting, as the very American actor, Van Johnson, plays a British officer! However, despite this, the film looks very good for an Italian-made WWII film--sort of like a 'spaghetti' war film. For example, the Dunkirk scene was quite nice and had a pretty expansive look--with a relatively large cast and lots of ships. And SOME of the airplanes were done well (such as the fake He-111 cockpits--VERY nice). Unfortunately, the rest of the planes in the film are an odd lot--probably because the original models weren't available to the Italian film company. The German fighters were often American T-6s or even British Spitfires and the Spitfires were sometimes some odd plane (I assume Italian) that looks a bit like it but whose cockpit and undercarriage look more like that of the German Bf-109. To make it even more confusing, the exact same plane was often used interchangeably by BOTH sides in the film. And, at one point a British fighter plane becomes a Lysander observation plane. Clearly the film's attention to these sort of details was pretty best. And, late in the film the planes are CLEARLY cheap models. It's best to just close your eyes or so get a snack during these scenes because even if you don't care about these details, it still will confuse you.The plot itself is rather clever. At Dunkirk, a group of Germans who speak English well are chosen to assume the identities of dead British soldiers. Then, when the British army is rescued, these agents can then infiltrate the country and eventually attack the Brit's most important secret weapon--their radar.The bulk of the film is executed reasonably well (not always great--but not bad) and it's obvious they spend some money on the film. However, there were a few problems. The punching sounds in the fight scenes sounded EXACTLY like the punching sounds from a kung fu film! There also was a scene involving the killing of a German female agent and it was silly and WAY overdone--and completely unnecessary. All together, the film was very uneven but the good still far outweighed the bad. I would really love to see this film re-done--with a tighter script and more consistent special effects.


Here's an oddity - an Italian made war film that is actually quite good. Okay the dubbing is bad, and the locations are a bit "mediterranean" particularly Dover and Dunkirk, but all in all a well made war film. Its the story of a group of German commandos who intermix with returning British troops from Dunkirk, and wearing British uniforms attempt to destroy the radar installations around the coast and therefore aid the imminant German invasion. A British Captain played by Frederick Stafford attempts to track down the Germans aided by Van Johnson as a British Air Marshal - an odd bit of casting, but I'm sure the aging Van welcomed the money.This comes up for sale on video every now and then, and I recommend it to war film buffs.

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