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Ricky Shayne briefly streaked like a comet through West German popular culture from 1967 to 1972. Born in Cairo, raised in Beirut, he became a star in Rome in the booming Beat scene. He was then imported to Germany, where there was more money to be made. Shayne found himself in Berlin between BRAVO and ZDF Hit Parade, celebrated and exoticized. Stephan Geene, who was 10 years old at the time, was changed forever by this phenomenon, and now explores his fascination. The encounter with the nervous, rough-edged Ricky Shayne, today 72, survivor of his own star and teen magazine history (the magazine BRAVO alone dedicated two of its celebrity puzzles to him), leads Geene down a variety of paths: including with Shayne’s sons Tarek and Imran, both now the same age as Ricky during his Berlin period and the spitting image of him (at the time).

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Release : 2019
Rating : 0
Studio : bbooksz av, 
Crew : Cinematography,  Editor, 
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Genre : Documentary

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Very disappointed :(

Usamah Harvey

The film's masterful storytelling did its job. The message was clear. No need to overdo.

Benas Mcloughlin

Worth seeing just to witness how winsome it is.


.Like the great film, it's made with a great deal of visible affection both in front of and behind the camera.


Wow, released in 2000? Was it really that long ago. I remember being in high school when this came out, and I loved it. I was just watching the Wake Angels scene on YouTube with the band "Red" song overlapping it, the one called "So Far Away". The chorus of the song matches the video perfect. Came over to IMDb to see what kind of rating the movie gets, and was really disappointed that it only got a 6.6 rating. I still love this movie, even if nostalgia plays into my 8 out of 10 rating. The movie isn't perfect, but it is captivating, a quality I find difficult to find in many movies made these days. Sci-fi fans really need to give this one a shot, I think most of you would really enjoy it.


at least, when he was a baby. This is a strange movie : it begins like a social drama : a single mother with a kid tries to make ends meet with an alienating job in a grim town and living in a dreadful building. For those who would like to immigrate in France, it could be revealing as my country is really rotten like this. Watching this, i thought that things never change and it was still the industrial revolution, difference being that nobody is shocked now ! In the credits, i saw that this was an Ozon's movie so i expected also and got indeed a lot of gratuitous nudity and dumb love story.Then, at the middle, the movie changes everything and becomes supernatural : the baby has wings ! nothing is explained, nothing is suggested (angel ?). This is the typical french fantasy because it's only facts. My fellows are just unable to dream, to imagine and are stick to the bare reality. With that, the movie drags and closes without having tell something.At the end, the movie is bad : the characters are dumb or inappropriate (the daughter looks like a maniac). The cast is awful, especially with this Spanish actor. There is only « Chouchou » who is left and who was my motivation to watch it.


"Dead Awake" is one of the strangest movies I have seen in quite some time. Obviously, it was inspired by "The Sixth Sense", though the mystery angle has been increased, as well as with its strangeness. It's directed in a really bizarre way, in an anonymous style (and with anonymous locations) that for the longest time made me think the movie was shot in a foreign country and the filmmakers were trying hard to disguise things. Stranger, however, is the screenplay. While the big questions the movie brings up are eventually answered, there are several minor questions that remained unanswered, like the mysterious policeman character at the beginning as well as the status of Nick Stahl's character at the end of the movie. While the movie is offbeat enough to make its ninety-two minutes never boring, in the end I feel most viewers will be unsatisfied because it doesn't quite give enough explanation.


I recently stumbled across this film and decided to give it a go. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be like saying I was pleasantly surprised to find £1M in my bank account. This is a little Gem of a British Horror film. In the days of FX driven drivel and remakes this breaths life into a highly jaded genera. Having been quite disappointed by the Skeleton Key, I was sceptical about a Low Budget Voodoo film. I am so glad to be wrong.Previous comments state the acting was wooden / leaden. To me it felt real. Almsot like watching a documentary. The office scenes were so true to life it was scary.It has the feel of Rosemarys Baby with a modern twist. It did not need high budget FX, blood, gut and sex (not that there is anything wrong with that in a horror film) and indeed these would have detracted from the charm and power of the film.I would say it is one of the best British Horror films of all time.Angelfish.

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