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Bleeding Solar

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Bleeding Solar

An experimental landscape film shot across three countries -- the USA, Canada & Sweden -- and collaboration with ambient musician, Arterial Red (silent apart from the composer’s 96 minute score), which explores the abstract essence of space in the context of naturalistic environments, through four chapters and an interlude.

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Release : 2019
Rating : 0
Studio :
Crew : Cinematography,  Cinematography, 
Cast :
Genre : Documentary Music

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A lot more amusing than I thought it would be.

Murphy Howard

I enjoyed watching this film and would recommend other to give it a try , (as I am) but this movie, although enjoyable to watch due to the better than average acting fails to add anything new to its storyline that is all too familiar to these types of movies.

Sabah Hensley

This is a dark and sometimes deeply uncomfortable drama

Asad Almond

A clunky actioner with a handful of cool moments.

David Marcos

Not since 1996's Scream has a slasher film this been much fun. It's not really tackling new territory here, but everyone involved is clearly having a blast and it's infectious to watch.Two teenage friends spend their days checking their myriad social media accounts, hoping that they'll soon go viral and become famous. To hurry things along, they kidnap a serial killer and use him as their gateway to fame - staging murders in his name.It's to the cast's credit that these two young women are, somehow, still appealing given their awful behavior. The films treats them as loveable buffoons you just can't help but sorta like. Fans of fun, goofy horror-comedies will find a lot to love here.


This is quite a slick looking low-budget entry that is nothing if not well shot. It is a combination of Slasher, Home Invasion, Psychological Movies that has nothing new to offer. A sleek vista of external pretty structures and people who can be extremely ugly internally.This is finely acted and the killings are brutal and there is an air of tension but it all seems rather vapid considering all the carnage with some incestuous carnal knowledge that is hardly explored or explained.It is so thinly written and the short running time hardly allows for much in-depth display of interesting complex psychopathy. The Movie moves along with some intrigue but it is all as anorexic as the supposedly alluring and sexy dominatrix.After all, it is worth a view for fans of perversion and playful and detached sociopaths who look like the ordinary, well groomed neighbors who may live on your block in the last house on the left. The original owners should have put a panic room in the cellar. View with low expectations and you might find this OK from a first time Director that has a better eye for architecture than the arcane or so called Cult Movies.


Another good movie by the French director and screen player Francis Veber, along with The Dinner Game for instance. The plot is well developed and with good pace, including both scenes of the couple Ruby and Quentin running away from the husband of Ruby's lover, who wants him dead. The characters are nicely interpreted as well, especially Quentin, a stupid and ball-busting burglar perfectly played by Gerard Depardieu. I enjoyed the many funny scenes like the various ones in which Quentin disturbs his prison inmates making them lose their temper and ending up with Quentin sending them to the infirmary. Another good one is when the couple change in women's clothes not to be recognized by their chasers.


Why do I keep coming in a third if the way through films shown late night BBC UK TV... I thought it was a repeat of the other fairy film, realised it wasn't and it thoroughly captivated me through to the end, by then you have an idea what may happen. As I didn't see the start.. missed a lot of clues.. Obviously the lead isn't with it on the battle scene... I had no idea why. He was brilliant, in fact.. hang on.. Stargate SG1? Is he related? Daniel. Same strong looks, wonderful acting. Drew me right in. Reading the comments on this site after seeing the film it all drops into place. Yes, beautifully shot.. I love Beethovens 9th.. not sure it fitted all scenes but of course it added to the atmosphere. So, the film leads you on.. many surprises and twists,I'm not religious but yes there's an underlying current,as there was at the time the film is set. I love fantasy, sci fi, period pieces and this satisfies on all accounts. The children are wonderful, talk about good casting. Now I must see it from the start. Like the magazine 'Unexplained' which used to plug books on such matters, the BBC seems to be showing these interesting films late on.. making me want to buy the DVD.To see it proper wide, and as was meant. It just seems a shame the 'love interest' in the film ends up unrequited, or did I miss something? Yes,the first third of the film. Very annoying, so the BBC is now a glorified ad for the films we may have missed. OK. I should be thankful. I wouldn't have known it existed. What a shame such films are not plugged more. I thought I was a film buff but I didn't know this one. What else do we miss through poor publicity.It really annoys me. Many big budget films not half as good as this are promoted.. and these fall by the wayside unless a TV company decides to show them. Yes, well worth the watch.. its made with so much feeling its difficult not to be dragged in and have to watch it through. Many films remind us of others we've seen, how many plot lines are there. His fanatic attempts to capture proof of his experience using evolved talents, you cant help but wonder where its going to go.

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