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Two college graduates wait for the train to head to their respective job interviews. To reflect on the experience, Jordan and Alex head to the driving range. While there, they come up with a scheme to get hired quickly and easily, but need the help of their friend Noah to do so.

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Release : 2019
Rating : 0
Studio :
Crew : Director of Photography,  Script Supervisor, 
Cast :
Genre : Comedy

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As Good As It Gets


Am i the only one who thinks........Average?

Mischa Redfern

I didn’t really have many expectations going into the movie (good or bad), but I actually really enjoyed it. I really liked the characters and the banter between them.

Micah Lloyd

Excellent characters with emotional depth. My wife, daughter and granddaughter all enjoyed it...and me, too! Very good movie! You won't be disappointed.


Eight men have been trying to put together a new encyclopedia in NYC for the last 9 years. These men are know-it-all and Prof. Bertram Potts (Gary Cooper) is the youngest bookworm. After an encounter with a garbageman, Potts decides to go into the world to investigate the living world of modern slang. He meets saucy nightclub singer Sugarpuss O'Shea (Barbara Stanwyck) and gets pulled into the world of her mobster boyfriend Joe Lilac (Dana Andrews).Stanwyck's not a great dancer but she gets by with sass and attitude. That's her strength and most of this movie. In a romance, she could overpower the simple goodness of a Gary Cooper. That is the danger and at times, it comes off as such. Rooting interest varies as one waits for O'Shea to be good enough for Potts. This has plenty of quick turns of phrase from Billy Wilder and sure directing from Howard Hawks.


This is a great horror story. This was written by William Shakespeare so the story line is great. The acting in this movie is great. The special effects in this movie are great. 4.8 is underrating this movie. I give this 10 out of 10. This one of the best horror movies all time. Macbeth (1948) is better. Thorn of blood which a is a Japan version of Macbeth. Macbeth (1971) is also better. Macbeth (2015) is also better. This is a lot better then Macbeth (1979). This is great film. It is very scary. Sam Worthingtion is a great actor. Victoria Hill is a great actress. Lachy Hulme is a great actor. Geoffrey Wright is a great director. This is a film you need to see.

Linda G

Well… at least the music was good. I had such hopes for this film but was quickly disappointed. It includes some well known, good actors mixed with some that they must have picked up off the street. The two primary lead actors (Daniele Liotti and Mónica Cruz) provide both visual appeal and good acting though better directing could have enhanced the final output. The directing and editing are so bad that I am convinced either their budget was seriously in deficit or they half-heartedly approached the project. So much good have been done with the storyline to show the aftermath of Christ's crucifixion that the #1 proof for the resurrection is that the disciples who scattered in fear suddenly became courageous and willing to speak the truth of having seen the risen Christ knowing that this admission would mean certain persecution, torture and death. Sadly, this movie only hints at the truth and instead brings in fiction that wasn't needed. The truth is incredible enough.The movie is weak, lacks conviction, and is a disappointment. The only true redeeming quality is the soundtrack.


I'm usually not one to say that a film is not worth watching, but this is certainly an extenuating circumstance. The only true upside to this film is Cornelia Sharpe, looking rather attractive, and the fact that this film is REALLY short.The plot in the film is unbelievably boring and goes virtually nowhere throughout the film. None of the characters are even remotely interesting and there is no reason to care about anyone. I'm not sure why on earth Sean Connery agreed to do this film, but he should have definitely passed on this one.The only reason I could see for seeing this film is if you are a die-hard Sean Connery fan and simply want to see everything he's done. Save this one for last though.Well, if you by some miracle end up seeing this despite my review (or any of the other reviews on this site), then I hope you enjoy it more than I did. Thanks for reading.

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