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Release : 2019
Rating : 0
Studio : CaglarArts Entertainment, 
Crew : Creator, 
Cast :
Genre : History War

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A waste of 90 minutes of my life

Janae Milner

Easily the biggest piece of Right wing non sense propaganda I ever saw.


It is an exhilarating, distressing, funny and profound film, with one of the more memorable film scores in years,


Yes, absolutely, there is fun to be had, as well as many, many things to go boom, all amid an atmospheric urban jungle.


Some movies are visual treats, some bring the viewer into a deep or compelling story, some excite the mind...This one just made me regret wasting my time.Sure, the visuals aren't terrible, I'd go as far to say that the scene work, sets & costumes are actually a highlight of the film. Even the best-dressed pile of garbage is still actually just a pile of garbage.The pacing of the film is just horrid, many scenes feel like filler and ultimately add nothing. A good portion of screen-time appears to be focused on actors apparently waiting to deliver their next horribly written line of dialogue.The whole thing feels like it went on 40 minutes too long and all the while I could only wish that time would pass faster so that I didn't have to endure the wooden, hollow acting performances on my screen.And; granted that the base around which this film is formed is hardly pure gold, the original video game being pretty damn wooden and filled with more than a little uninspired nonsense... But I firmly believe that a movie, any movie must stand up on its own merits, and this has very few merits.Crass humour (often badly delivered), simplistic renditions of what can loosely be referred to as 'plot' and characters with less dimension than a well flattened napkin which all culminate in an overblown and ultimately unsatisfying shoot-out ending which just left me feeling bored.There are a few one-liners and a handful of mildly entertaining scenes, but ultimately if I'm served a stagnant swamp mud-pie and told there are cherries in it somewhere, then I'm willing to forego any desire for cherry.


As a lover of movies not everything has to be Finely polished as long as an attachment and understanding can be found with the characters and a story line can carry itself along while keeping me entertained. This movie had all this for me and I found it quite enjoyable. It contained a story line that Contained elements of a thriller, elements of horror as well as comedy. Some people expect to much from movies and give bad reviews simply because they expected something different, a preconceived idea of what a film is about and how it should evolve. You just have to take in what the characters are trying to convey and let the story unfold. Pay attention to the dialogue and the scenes. Take note of all the details on the screen not just the main characters. While some films could have a better ending we can always end it differently in our minds. I enjoyed this film and found it to be individual and different.


This is an exquisite mood piece about the turbulent life of a widow set against mid-Western cotton farm at the turn of the great Depression 1930s , in which Sally Field won well-deserved Oscar for her magnificent acting and equally Robert Benton for his original script . It deals with a mother named Edna Spalding (Sally Field) of two sons is suddenly widowed to a sheriff (Ray Baker). Edna is persisted to survey facing the pressure by the bank to sell her farm . She fights her fateful fate along with an African-American (Danny Glover) and a blind (John Malkovich).It's a sensitive and intimate look at hometown childhood , an affectionate film celebrating the spiritual force of the human will ; being based on records and memories well written by Robert Benton about his little town , Waxahachid , Texas . It takes part of a mini-cycle of farming movies that all debuted in 1984 . The films include Country (1984 ), The river (1984) and this one (1984). All three pictures were nominated that year for the Best Actress Academy Award with Sally Field winning the Oscar in that category for the latter beating out Jessica Lange and Sissy Spacek from the first two films respectively . Extraordinary performances from film stars , as this flick gave actress Sally Field her second and final to date , Academy Award and both in the Best Actress in a Leading Role category ; Field's first had been around five years earlier for Norma Rae (1979) in 1980 . Supporting cast is frankly magnificent , such as : Amy Madigan , Linsay Crouse , Terry O'Quinn but special mention for Danny Glover , Ed Harris and John Malkovich . Being one of numerous filmed collaborations of married actors Ed Harris and Amy Madigan. Originally shown in lively colors by cameraman Nestor Almendros , Robert Benton's usual photographer , who previously won Oscar for ¨Days of heaven¨, though its visual beauty will be decreased on TV . The motion picture was very well directed by writer-director Robert Benton . This filmmaker and screenwriter, Robert Benton , set the film in his birthplace of Waxahachie , Texas in 1935, three years after he was born there . He's a films-dramas expert such as proved in ¨Human stain¨ , ¨Twilight¨ , ¨Still of the night¨ , ¨Billy Bathgate¨ and his greatest hit : ¨Kramer vs Kramer¨. Rating : Better than average, it's a great movie so well realized that is hard not to like .


My knowledge of Australian horror cinema isn't exactly encyclopaedic, but apparently, this is the first Oz horror film. Night of Fear was originally intended to be the first episode in a twelve part Australian TV horror series, but because Australian censors deemed it 'too gory', it never saw the light of day; until its DVD release some years later. The film definitely is nastier than your average TV show, and it's not really surprising that it never got shown on television. There is no dialogue at all in the film, although this is masked by a barrage of tense and macabre scenes that our young heroine terrorised by a madman. While the film does well in the violence and gore stakes, I personally don't rate it as a masterpiece simply because there isn't all that much to it. The film only lasts for fifty minutes, so you can't expect too much - but the unrelenting pace can become monotonous. You've got to respect writer-director Terry Bourke for attempting to bring horror to Australian TV screens and having his attempt dismissed for featuring too much horror, but personally I'd rather have seen him put his efforts into a more ambitious feature length film instead, and I'll endeavour to see his later efforts such as 'Inn of the Damned'.

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