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Полицейский с Рублёвки. Новогодний беспредел

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Полицейский с Рублёвки. Новогодний беспредел

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Release : 2018
Rating : 0
Studio :
Crew : Screenplay, 
Cast : Alexander Petrov Sergey Burunov Aleksandra Bortich Roman Popov Sofiya Kashtanova
Genre : Comedy Crime

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Too much of everything


Excellent but underrated film


A lot of perfectly good film show their cards early, establish a unique premise and let the audience explore a topic at a leisurely pace, without much in terms of surprise. this film is not one of those films.


Easily the biggest piece of Right wing non sense propaganda I ever saw.


Just when you thought there were no new rite of passage stories to tell? Along comes 'Paper Planes'. This is a well made, textured tale which is deceptively simple in approach, but with much to say about grief, loss, peer pressure, ambition, ego and pride. Ostensibly this is a film about folding pieces of paper and making them fly far!!!! It is about so much more. Director and Co-writer Robert Connolly has made some serious movies in his career including Balibo, The Bank and as Producer of the award winning The Boys and Romulus my Father. This foray into filmmaking, looks on paper, pardon the pun, as a softer option, but at a closer inspection, there are as I've outlined some weightier themes. The film and its success do rest on 2 ingredients: 1 The terrific visual effects that allow both the paper planes and the films narrative to take flight. 2 The casting and performance of Ed Oxenbould in the leading role. With acting parents and an uncle who was a child star of film and television, 12 year old Ed has racked up 3 major film roles within a 12 month period - in two Hollywood features and this Australian production. Ed has such intelligence and sensitivity on screen, and yet he never appears inauthentic or tryhard; difficult when in virtually every scene and required to act off some pretty heavy hitting screen partners: Sam Worthington, Deb Mailman and veteran Terry Norris. In some scenes Ed seemed like a boy; in others as a young man, the timing of shooting is critical when filming a story about a rite of passage into manhood and especially when the narrative carries grief and loss as well in that mix. Big things are predicted for this young actor.There are some broadly sketched characters, and some (David Wenham's sport star and Dad to the movie's villain) are underwritten. Other reviewers have commented on Sam Worthington's moping father routine, but I thought he carried it pretty well; a point of difference to his usual strident and big character roles. At the end of the day, this is the young man's story as he finds an expression for his energies and for his own losses. It is that which lifts this movie above just being a family friendly film about aiming for the sky and hoping to win. It also points to the degree that society and our kids have lost touch with the simple things. The symbolism of paper planes for a bygone era resonated with this baby boomer. It is the astute writing and naturalistic performance by the lead, that elevate this into something more significant about growing up, the importance of loyalty and mateship and the mantra of never giving up. I'm really pleased this movie has found an audience and will long be remembered, even with all the paper folding.


Scary Movie 2 is the follow up to the immensely funny 'Scary Movie' that released in the year 2000. This franchise reintroduced the spoof genre from where the 'Naked Gun' series left off. As a matter of fact it was this franchise that spawned many similar spoof films such as epic movie, disaster movie etc. The Wayans brothers return with more tongue in cheek humour. As a stand alone film it score full points. But one can't help but notice it falling short in comparison to the first film. It felt like a rushed venture. Despite it's short running time, the film didn't seem to have a plot unlike the first movie. Many loose ended comic situations arise revolving around each character. It was almost as if the writer had written the script as production proceeded from one stage to the next.The whole premise revolves around a group of characters who are invited by Tim Curry to a haunted house to spend the night and conduct supernatural existence experiments. This intending to have connection to 'The Haunting' film. Afterwards strange occurrences begin to happen, which lead to hilarious situations. The film depicts haunting situations in a comic fashion. Apart from some of hysterical content, there were many moments that appeared pale. They were not so funny and the comedy seemed forced at times. For instance the 'basketball' scene. Many films were parodied from the outstanding 'Exorcist' sequence with James Woods, to the 'amityville horror' and 'poltergeist'. The highlights of the film are without a doubt the scenes involving David Cross and Marlon Wayans. The actors are part of the best moments from the entire movie. Cross is rib achingly funny with his wheelchair antics and Wayans evokes much laughter with his unique acting. The joint and having sex with the ghost segment were the best. Anna Faris unfortunately disappoints as she is shadowed by supporting actors. There was n't much opportunity for her to perform. The 'charlie's angels' scene was bad. and the worst from the selection. Overall this is a good addition to the franchise, but it could have been better if perhaps David Zucker or Aaron Setzler had contributed.


The Incredible Petrified World is a place where four undersea explorers find themselves when their diving bell cable snaps and the bell is dragged into an undersea cavern which is lit by phosphorous and the pressure is tolerable. What to do the four which consist of Robert Clarke, Phyllis Coates, Allen Windsor and Sheila Noonan, but make the best of it and look for a way out. Fresh air is coming in from somewhere.It turns out they're not alone, there's 3/4 crazy hermit down there played by Maurice Bernard who has plans, especially for Coates. Not that he would want her for long because the former Lois Lane from Superman is acting like a real diva.Getting first billing in this film is John Carradine and the producers and Carradine missed a bet here. Carradine who with his classical stage training enlivened many a ghastly bad horror film with that fabulous speaking voice should have played the hermit. He has a few scenes as the inventor of the diving bell in which the four were exploring in. By not doing that casting, The Incredible Petrified World was left just crashingly boring instead of being camp.


Unfortunately there aren't a lot of good comedies in Greek Cinema or television. It was quite awkward that this one made the difference. Neither the music or the cinematography are good, but the script! What a script! Hilarious! The thing is that Haris Romas, the writer, who I met in person and talk about this script, has never done something similar. All his other attempts to write comedy are very successful financial but really poor and uninspired. Nonetheless this movie is an exception to the modern Greek cinema, as far as comedies are concerned. It is a story of a normal, everyday Greek family that each member turns out to be wacko or gets wacko by the other members. The father is the stoic figure that accepts everything. The mother has a middle age crisis and takes advantage of her husbands inability. The older brother is a doctor of psychology and has everything under control (or believe so) and the younger brother does nothing with his life acclaiming that he is a filmmaker. There are plenty of other side characters that are hilarious. The atmosphere of the movie is close to Almodovars movies. Women are getting hysterical and produce laughs!A must see movie of the Greek Cinema, even if not a comedy fan

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