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Story Of My Triumph

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Story Of My Triumph

The boy, who was bullied at school, looks for ways to solve the problem, and everything turns out in an unexpected way.

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Release : 2018
Rating : 0
Studio : DocNomads, 
Crew : Director of Photography,  Producer, 
Cast :
Genre : Documentary

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Too much about the plot just didn't add up, the writing was bad, some of the scenes were cringey and awkward,


Clever, believable, and super fun to watch. It totally has replay value.

Logan Dodd

There is definitely an excellent idea hidden in the background of the film. Unfortunately, it's difficult to find it.

Rosie Searle

It's the kind of movie you'll want to see a second time with someone who hasn't seen it yet, to remember what it was like to watch it for the first time.


This very funny show has great music too. Four guys who might never otherwise be friends are the house band for the stereotypical wedding/event planner - slash - party Nazi. They get to live out their adolescent fantasies: (semi) rock star status, hot and cold running groupies ... or at least the occasional bridesmaid, adventures and a paycheck to boot. The clients and their demands are as ridiculous as their counterparts on the reality bridal/Sweet 16/housewives shows. Some of these antics are actually true in the daily lives of event planners, but mostly it's just good fun (but not for a kiddie audience). Love the guest stars (like James Marsters), the outrageous capers (like grave robbing) and the band's occasion-appropriate costumes (like leiderhosen for Oktoberfest). You don't have to be a 14-year-old nerd boy to like this show! Hope it gets enough audience to stay on the air.


***SPOILERS*** While out in the African savanna gunning down rouge bull elephants great white hunter Ken Dufield, Victor Mature, gets the terrible news that his house or homestead outside of Nairobi and been attacked and burned down by a gang of Mau Mau's with his 12 year old son Kenny Jr, Chris Warbey,and the house help brutally murdered by the marauding terrorist gang. It just happened that Dufield was hired by big time British explorer and blue blood Sir Vincent Brampton, Roland Culver, to track this giant 550 pound man eating lion Atari who's been dining on the local native population! With the news that the Dufield household's trusting and faithful houseboy the 35 year old Jeroge,Earl Cameron, was an undercover Mau Mau general and was responsible for the carnage at the Dufield house and the death of little Kenny Big Ken Dufield is more interested in hunting Jeroge down and killing him then the man eating lion Atari that Sir Vincent hired him to kill!Walking a tightrope in trying to track down both Arati and Jeorge deep in Mau Mau country things get a bit more complicated for Dufield in that Sir Vincent brought his fiancée former showgirl Linda Latham, Janet Leigh, along for the ride! Being obligated to track down and shoot Atari Dufield at first sets his sights on the man eater before on General Jeroge. It was Sir Vincent who pulled strings to get Dufield's hunting license back which was by then lifted by the colonial government. That's when it was deemed, in starting up with the local Mau Mau's in trying to kill General Jeorge, that Dufield was a danger to the community. It's in fact Sir Vincent, in jumping or shooting off his gun, who makes thing far far worse by wounding the big cat and making him far more dangerous then he already was. As for Linda she had plans of her own in seeing the sights and almost getting herself killed in the process. That's when rowing in the dangerous African waters on a rubber dingy she got caught in a riptide that almost had her killed either by drowning or being eating by a bunch of hungry crocodiles! That's until Dufield came to her rescue shooting down, as well as getting his pants wet, the swarming crocks as they were about to close in on her.***SPOILERS*** It's after the man eater Atari is finally put away with a bullet, courtesy of Ken Dufield, between the eyes that it's reported that a major Mau Mau attack lead by General Jeroge has taken place when 200 interned Mau Mau's had broken out of a British detention camp outside of Nairobi. That finally gave Dufield the chance he's been itching for to get a shot at General Jeroge for murdering his son Kenny and the help at the Dufield house. Cowboy and Indian like ending with General or Chief Jeroge and his men, in the part of the Indians, getting by far the worst of it. With the calvary, in the person of the colonial troops, coming to the rescue in just the nick of time to save Dufield and whatever was still left, which included Linda, of his by now almost non existent safari.


I haven't read everything by Kafka, but I do love those of his novels I have taken in. And I am interested in what Soderbergh directs, though this is the first of them that has really taken me by storm(to be fair, the others are thus far limited to Erin Brockovich, Solaris and Ocean's Eleven, an unfortunate fact that I am trying to rectify). This has some incredible visuals, and the cinematography and editing are spectacular. The plot is engaging, interesting and develops throughout. This has masterfully done, intense and chilling sequences. The acting is perfect. All of the casting is spot-on, as well. This has astounding atmosphere and mood, and is immensely effective. It is not a Hollywood or mainstream experience, and if you are looking for something light or easy, this isn't it. I suggest that you find out as much as possible about Franz, his life and his written works(if you like them, this is a must-see for you, if you enjoy the medium of film at all), and try to avoid learning anything about the content of this prior to watching it. I recommend this to any and all fans of the author and/or Steven. 7/10


"Boycott" is beautifully filmed. I love the fact that it doesn't focus only on Dr. Kings' life and "I Have a Dream" speech like most films/documentaries tend to focus on. It also didn't focus on Rosa Parks either. The movie is truly about the struggle of the boycott. One can really learn a lot about the movement. I never would have guessed Jeffrey Wright could play Dr. King so well. Dr. King's speeches are delivered very well by Wright. Very convincing. And Terrence Howard...woo..he's attractive and a very good actor...and very attractive.Just splendid.

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