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Grass and Glass

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Grass and Glass

A glacial psychedelic experience exhibiting the abstract images seen by an individual slowly dying on the floor of their home.

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Release : 2019
Rating : 0
Studio : Hazel Eye Productions,  Sital Cinema, 
Crew : Cinematography,  Editor, 
Cast :
Genre : Documentary Music

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Terrible acting, screenplay and direction.


Simple and well acted, it has tension enough to knot the stomach.


I saw this movie before reading any reviews, and I thought it was very funny. I was very surprised to see the overwhelmingly negative reviews this film received from critics.


A movie that not only functions as a solid scarefest but a razor-sharp satire.


"The Take" (also known as "Bastille Day") is a solid thriller with creative action sequences and a stellar set of three characters.Idris Elba plays the role of Briar, a maverick CIA agent attempting to thwart terrorists on the loose in Paris. He links up with two civilians who assist him in holding off a terrorist plot on Bastille Day, France's celebration of independence in 1789.The two civilians are an American pickpocket played with deadpan humor by Richard Madden. A mousy Frenchwoman named Zoe (Charlotte Le Bon) also assists with inciting a mob at a crucial moment in the film.At the heart of the narrative is a plot by a group of rogue policemen, who plant a bomb, then falsely attribute the explosion to the members of a local mosque. The police conspirators go all the way to the top of the administration. The objective of their terrorist acts is not political; rather, their goal is an enormous heist of the French treasury! It is interesting that much of stock footage of Paris focused on churches, including the basilica of Sacre Coeur and the Gothic cathedral of Notre Dame. Indeed, the denouement of the film occurs inside a church. It was not clear what statement, if any, the filmmakers were intending with so much emphasis placed on the church.The action culminates in the modern equivalent of the original attack on the Bastille fortress, but, in this case, Zoe leads the crowd in attacking the national treasury in order to stop the police! In the bonus segment of the DVD, actors Idris Elba and Richard Madden discussed how they relished in playing these roles. The banter of the two characters and an amazing chase scene on top of the buildings of Paris make this action film one of the finer thrillers of 2016.


Like Roman Polanski's "The Ninth Gate", Brian Helgeland's "The Sin Eater" (aka "The Order") is a tongue-in-cheek paranormal horror movie which blends comedy, Gothic decor and religious frights with a noir plot. Surprisingly, the film works best as a romance.The plot: Heath Ledger is a Vatican super-priest who, along with his buddy, a jovial exorcist played by Mark Addy, attempts to track down a "sin eater", an immortal "man" who absolves dying humans of their sins. Most of the film's "horror moments" don't work, thanks to unnecessary and unimaginative CGI, but Helgeland's comedic touch and matter-of-fact handling of the material – the priests battle demons without batting an eyelid, repelling devils like they've been doing this for years – helps offset this.The plot takes an interesting turn during the last act, the "sin eater" revealed to be not some super villain, but a tortured and somewhat upstanding guy. Ledger's repressed love for an ex mental patient played by Shannyn Sossamon leads to the film's best moments. The film features some good Italian architecture, and works well as a pop-corn noir with occult overtones.7.5/10 – Worth one viewing.


About 5 mins into this movie I dreaded any further interaction between the two main characters. The dialog was plausible and believable but the acting was akin to watching gazelles being chased down and ripped to shreds by lions. Yes, you continue to watch, but yet part of you feels guilt and remorse for doing so. When the actor that is the most believable as their character is a city buildings inspector (No spoiler there-it's known from the get-go) that is only a bit-part (famous actors refer to them as cameos!) you know someone in casting is keenly familiar with the term 'Head Trauma'.Good to kill some time but only if you want to sit around by yourself and not have to wait for your friends to deride you for suggesting to give this movie a try.Giving this movie anything above a 3-5 is misguided generosity.

Paul Andrews

Leeches! is set in & around 'Lakecrest College' somewhere in California where lately hunky dude Jason (Josh Henderson) has been having disturbing nightmares. Together with his girlfriend Casey (Stacey Nelson) they come to the conclusion that the steroids he has been taking may be responsible, you see Jason is aiming to get a swimming scholarship & has been taking steroids supplied by his best friend Stevo (Matthew Twining). It's not like the rest of the swimming team aren't taking them is it? As Stevo & Jason take a dip in a river blood-sucking leeches attach themselves to their backs & start drinking. They eventually discover the leeches & pull them off but don't kill them... Having drunk steroid loaded blood the leeches mutate into, well, bigger leeches. As an important swimming contest fast approaches Stevo puts pressure on another team member named Tony (Stephen Swan) to take a whole bag of steroids for even better performance, unfortunately Tony ends up in the river where even more leeches feast upon his blood which has a seriously high steroid content. It's not long before Lakecrest College is overrun with giant blood-sucking slimy mutant leeches & the students are on the menu...Co-produced & directed by David DeCoteau, who according to the IMDb also has a small uncredited role in the film as Franklin the Walkie Talkie Voice(!), Leeches! is a very poor film throughout. The script by Michael Gingold could have been decent fun as a creature feature type horror but instead it's just lame, it's boring & has no depth as it skates over & all but ignores the drug usage issue. The character's are awful, the dialogue sucks & everyone is one dimensional teenage leech food & wouldn't you notice or feel a huge mutant leech crawling up your naked back? It's one of those films which has an outrageous premise & promises so much but in the end I simply couldn't wait for it to end, speaking of the end there's a 'twist' which comes from nowhere & seemed totally pointless. The body count is low & the leeches themselves are far from scary or threatening, in fact the real leeches used at the start are more effective than the stupid rubber ones.Leeches! was one of two films director DeCoteau made during '03, the other being Speed Demon (2003), so you can probably guess the sort of time & commitment spent on Leeches! First of all it's true what everyone says about Leeches!, DeCoteau uses & films as many half naked young guys as he can. I can't remember a shot where a guy actually had a shirt on to be honest, constant shots of young men in their speedos as DeCoteau's camera can't get enough of it! Surprisingly this was shot in a 2:35:1 aspect ratio (basically you will have thick bars at the top & bottom of the screen if you see it that way) which could have given DeCoteau the opportunity to make a nice looking & stylish film, he obviously passed the opportunity up. The violence & gore is as restrained as possible, someone coughs some blood up, a few leech bite marks & a decent bit where a wire slices through someone's throat. For some bizarre & highly annoying reason DeCoteau films the weak attack scenes with quick cuts & with strobe lighting effects which happen during the attack's but not before or after, the words cheap 'n' nasty spring to mind.With a budget that probably wouldn't cover a round of drinks Leeches! is a pretty shoddy production that was probably made with the video/DVD market in mind. Low production values, really poor special effects as the leeches themselves are mostly just glove puppets & are only filmed from half way up their bodies & Leeches! just has that cheap vibe throughout.Leeches! is a pretty poor film, to it's credit it's short & it moves along at a fair pace although generally speaking it's just poor. If you enjoy looking at half naked young guys then Leeches! is definitely for you, if you enjoy a good horror film then Leeches! definitely isn't for you.

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