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I'm with Lucy

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I'm with Lucy

It's an hour before Lucy's wedding and her best friend wants to hear all about what led up to that moment. So, Lucy tells about the five men she had blind dates with over the past year (Doug, Gabriel, Bobby, Barry, and Luke) and her experiences with each one. But which one of the five men is Lucy about to walk down the aisle with?

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Release : 2002
Rating : 6
Studio : Acme Date, 
Crew : Director,  Writer, 
Cast : Gael García Bernal Harold Ramis Monica Potter Henry Thomas John Hannah
Genre : Comedy Romance

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Some things I liked some I did not.


A Major Disappointment


It is so daring, it is so ambitious, it is so thrilling and weird and pointed and powerful. I never knew where it was going.


an ambitious but ultimately ineffective debut endeavor.


I saw this movie a couple of years ago and liked it immediately. Its funny, sad, sweet and has a terrific ending. The cast is very likable, with a lot of familiar faces you will recognize. I really like the lead actress. She is one of my new favorite actresses. Monica Potter is a blond Julia Roberts. She even sounds like her. But Gael Garcia Bernal is definitely the reason I rewatched it! He's is so scrumptious to look at and I thought he was very good in the movie. It is good all the way through and I would definitely recommend it. In fact, I would like to see it again. I will probably buy it for my own collection.


There is no purpose in this movie. Maybe it's just shot for entertainment but i cannot say they succeeded in doing that.This movie just addresses some teen girls who search for the famous "Right Guy"."While I was watching the movie life just stopped for me, I completely forgot my identity and I felt like I was Lucy instead. I felt I am not capable of choosing any of those five men and i felt I gotta get away. So I turned my player off and I returned to my real life. So tragic, isn't it?.."


I'm with Lucy (2002) is a dumb movie with nothing to recommend it. The star, Monica Potter, has been called "the poor man's Julia Roberts," but Julia Roberts can act, and Monica can't. (Maybe she can, but she doesn't demonstrate any acting ability in this film.)Will Lucy marry the arrogant orthopedic surgeon? Will she find true love with someone humbler? Do I care? Does anybody care?If you want to watch Julia Roberts, watch the real thing. "Accept no substitutes."


If you love romantic comedies, this is definitely for you, and if you don't like them, this might just convert you! I'm with a Lucy has a refreshingly original concept, because it is totally unlike typical romcoms, as there aer 5 potential leading men instead of 1! Lucy is a newly single girl who is still unhappy after being dumped by her seemingly perfect boyfriend in a lift. Over the course of the year, pushed on by her sister and best friend, she goes on 5 blind dates. It is revealed at the beginning of the movie that she is marrying one of the dates.The film is about the 5 dates she goes on, and it is not revealed until the end who she marries, so it is thankfully not all predictable like so many of films of thid type are. In fact it's such a great idea, I'm surprised no one thought of it before! This is totally uplifiting, funny and really sweet film, and not at all pretentious or silly or irritating. Potter is great and not at all annoying as you might expect from some comedy actresses, as in this film she is a bright, witty and wise girl, and all the men are great, what a brilliant range of men all in 1 film. Even guys might like it! Please see this, you will pleasantly surprised and uplifted. It's just a shame you can't buy it in England!

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