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Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and Daughters (2016)

May. 06,2016
| Drama

Interwoven stories of what it is to be a mom seen through the lens of photographer Rigby Gray.


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Good start, but then it gets ruined


everything you have heard about this movie is true.


Very interesting film. Was caught on the premise when seeing the trailer but unsure as to what the outcome would be for the showing. As it turns out, it was a very good film.


This story has more twists and turns than a second-rate soap opera.


Not every movie has to be a highlight. Some can just be decent movies that have a more or less good feeling about them. This is one of them. It's about ... well the title is a bit of a give away isn't it? And yes you can expect drama to ensue. That's life and that's what this movie will be about. Question is: Is this the kind of movie you want to watch or are you looking for something more exciting? That's totally up to you then.The actors do a good job and if you "like" watching life unfolding and get invested easily in characters you will have a good time watching this. With all it's highs and lows, you probably won't care about it lacking the something special. Buf if you do, don't be too harsh with this


My wife and I watched this movie on Netflix streaming and enjoyed it. I am a bit puzzled why it has such a low rating, but I see as of now 9% of the votes are "1" which cannot be supported in any analysis of the movie.In other words, it is a better movie than its current rating would suggest.As the title suggests it focuses on a variety of different types of mother-daughter relationships. And on a couple of women who find themselves pregnant and will soon be mothers, perhaps with daughters.This movie really has an all-star cast and they do very well. There aren't any simple issues with simple resolutions. A grown daughter seeking to meet her birth mother who gave her up for adoption as an infant. A grown woman who finds that he mother is really her grandmother. A woman who has to make a decision on keeping an unplanned pregnancy or get an abortion. And a couple of others.One mother-daughter pair are mother-daughter in real life. One married couple are married in real life with four children. Overall an interesting and well-presented set of stories, slices of life.


This movie is a soap opera that thinks it is a movie. From the very first scene we are hit in the face with wordy, run on drama that never stops. The next scene then introduces a moody, wordy couple, and so does the next scene, and the scene after that. We eventually end up with a cafeteria of moody, wordy, argumentative, frowning characters who each take their turns being moody, wordy, argumentative and frowning.This IS a soap opera. We have the unhappy couple, the person finding out they are adopted, the person dying in a hospital, the fighting over a funeral/will, the person who finds out they are pregnant and the drama goes on and on. Seriously, one could have a drinking game downing shots whenever someone (especially guys) suddenly break into tears. Even the kid characters aren't spared the pained past stain to their dialogue.I don't know where this was filmed but on that planet the people live in perfect homes without dust or signs of wear. AGAIN, just like a soap opera.I honestly do not see how this screenplay managed to secure such a famous and talented cast. However, they are utterly wasted here. It is impossible to like anyone because you can't get to know them. They are always talking, talking, talking. Or crying. Or talking to their computers. God, if someone had a pet in this movie I am sure the screen writer would have written a scene with them having a ten minute, tear filled scene on the floor with it. The cast deserved better to work with.This should have been a soap opera named PMS Hospital.


It's a fresh Comedy, cheering and entertaining. The plot is not original but inspired enough not to leave you disappointed: you'll be easily able to foresee what's coming next but this isn't exactly a pity, if you stop and think about it for a second, in this kind of flicks.The film doesn't offer any new or deep insight about maternal love: it just celebrates it and in doing so it leaves the impression that the story, in the end, is pointless.The overall design reminded me of 'Love Actually (2003)' with the remarkable difference that that movie was mainly about males (plus some beautiful women). Here is the opposite.