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The Lucky Ones

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The Lucky Ones

The story revolves around three soldiers — Colee, T.K. and Cheaver — who return from the Iraq War after suffering injuries and learn that life has moved on without them. They end up on an unexpected road trip across the U.S.

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Release : 2008
Rating : 7
Studio :
Crew : Production Design,  Production Design, 
Cast : Tim Robbins Rachel McAdams Michael Peña Kerry Bishé Molly Hagan
Genre : Drama Comedy History

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Excellent film, but also frustratingly god-awful---Written and directed by Neil Burger, "The Lucky Ones" tells the story of three United States Army soldiers who return from the 2003 US invasion of Iraq to embark on an unplanned road trip across the United States. The film is a fairly faithful update of William Wyler's "The Best Years of Our Lives" and Hal Ashby's "The Last Detail", though Burger claims never to have seen the former film.Like Wyler's film, which was also ironically titled, "The Lucky Ones" centres on three servicemen of different social strata, rank and age. There's Sgt Cheaver (Tim Robbins), who's wrestling with a divorce and financial problems, Pvt Colee Dunn (Rachel McAdams), who's struggling to cope with a wounded leg, poverty and isolation, and Sgt Poole (Michael Pena), whose sex organs have been severely damaged by a piece of shrapnel.There's a lot of good stuff in the film. Burger's direction is gentle, easygoing and relaxed, our trio of characters are both likable and pleasantly low-key, the gang's road trip is immensely fun and the film features a number of fine conversations. Unfortunately "The Lucky Ones" also contains a number of absolutely god-awful scenes which totally kill the picture. Such heavy handed atrocities – scenes which would embarrass most writers - include a sudden marital break-up, an out-of-nowhere argument over a locked car, a ridiculous car crash and a LITERAL TORNADO ATTACK. Half this movie is a masterpiece of low key observation, the other half is an embarrassment. What's going on?Still, mentally filter out these terrible moments and the film has a lot to recommend. Burger positions us to sympathise with these soldiers, shows how the army exploits minorities and the marginalised, how each of these characters has absolutely no place to go, no one to take them in but the Armed Forces, how the military engenders dependency, how enlistees treat income and institutional connection as a bigger priority than the larger ethical and political ramifications of War, how the Army neuters ideological conflict (within its staff), how civilians (on either end of the political spectrum) condescendingly treat soldiers, how the military experience is completely divorced from the every-day reality of most Americans, how soldiers oft return home to a kind of soft segregation, how the soldiering class is almost a class unto itself, often unable to mingle comfortably with others, how the army compensates for weak egos and becomes an almost cultic figure for the disenfranchised etc etc. This is an unusually perceptive film. But a frustrating one too, because for every good sequence there's an abomination which makes you want to gouge your eyes out.7.9/10 – Frustrating.


you're lucky get to watch a good movie---Do you feel lucky? The lucky ones sure do. Who are the lucky ones? Rachel Adams, Tim Robbins, and Michael Pena star lighthearted road movie about three injury soldiers on the way back from duty, trying to head home across America. They are forced to drive together in a car, due to sudden black out forces all flights out of New York to be canceled. Each one has a purpose to get home, but on the way, the journey turns into self-discovery as all of them, learn a little bit more of themselves and each other through laughter and hardship. Tim Robbins is Cheaver--- a middle age soldier with a broken back who come back to a broken home- full of a wife who wants a divorce and a son who needs $20,000 for college. Rachel Adams is Colee who lost her friend and wants to find his family in order to return his guitar and live with them since she's lost any ties with her own. Last is Michael Pena whom is TK who suffered a wound that has made him impotent trying to go to Las Vegas for treatment. Each character has it faults and charms. It's really funny and intelligent— but there are scenes that make you questions what message are they trying to show. There are hints of anti-war messages, while addressing the pros and cons of army life but all three understand their life in duties in the armed forces. -Three strong performances from three solid actors. A great watch in and out. Check it out


Want to see a great movie?---See this film."The Lucky Ones" (2008) is a true hidden gem. I wasn't expecting much when I put the DVD in my player but before too long I knew I had stumbled on to something great.THE PLOT: Three soldiers coming back from Iraq meet at JFK in NY where all flights are delayed due to a blackout. One soldier is older and getting out of the Army for good (Timothy Robbins), one has a serious groin injury and is trying to heal-up (Michael Pena) and the other is on leave to visit the family of a dead comrade (Rachel McAdams). They end up in a rental vehicle traveling across the country where they experience many sides of American culture and each other's deepest secrets, hopes and pains.All three stars have great chemistry and Rachel McAdams (who I've never seen in a movie before) is a total revelation as Colee. Although Colee isn't highly educated she's not dumb. In fact, she excels socially and is the catalyst to hope and healing for the other two. A more beautiful, spunky, stimulating woman could hardly be found! Both Timothy Robbins as Cheaver and Michael Pena as TK shine in their roles as well. Cheaver becomes the necessary father-figure in the trio and the others become increasingly concerned about the well-being of their temporary "dad." The film features a good balance of Eastern and Western locations, shot in Illinois, Missouri, Colorado and Las Vegas.FINAL WORD: I don't want to say anymore. If what I said perks your interest, be sure to check out "The Lucky Ones." RUNTIME: 115 minutesGRADE: A


excellent and believable acting---Here you have three people, no dramatic problems, stuck in an airport. They, strangers to each other, join in a trip across from the East to the Midwest. Ho hum. Oh, wait, Tim Robbins is in it, OK, give it 6 minutes. Then, this believable trio display the best part of human life...empathy. You fantasize, in somber spirit, that humans are like these three. The movie comes to a quiet, completed end, and you love each character and find yourself hoping they have a good life, because they are no longer Tim Robbins, Mike Pena, and Rachel McAdams, the actors. The "public" that they navigate around seem always insincere with their 'thank you for serving', although in real life, past returning veterans were treated with total disdain. The scene in jail and the phony confession to a robbery seemed...not quite honest or believable, but it was the only weak scene.


Grows on You as it Progresses---I wasn't sure if I liked "The Lucky Ones" from the opening moments - it seemed a little implausible and contrived, but over the runtime the movie settled into some interesting character development and story. I liked the directors willingness to keep it low-key and quirky. (spoiler) One of the better scenes in the movie was the party, where we finally listen to some serious conversation and reflection on the current wars. The dialog is well written here, as you start to see the unwarranted and sneering ridicule that comes out misdirected at US Servicemen. The detractor/anti-war character in the conversation demonstrates the idiocy of protesting a war to people in the service. The actors all do good jobs, and by the end the eventuality doesn't seem surprising but highly fitting. Good movie.

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