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Bookish and unpopular Mandy finds her luck finally changing when Drew, the school hottie, invites her to the year's biggest party. But with being grounded and Drew's ex-girlfriend bent on thwarting her, Mandy may be destined to remain a geek. Can a little ingenuity and some help from her friends save the day?

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Release : 2008
Rating : 5.4
Studio : Hughes Capital Entertainment, 
Crew : Director,  Co-Producer, 
Cast : Kevin Pollak Maxim Roy Ashley Tisdale Dani Kind Shenae Grimes
Genre : Drama Comedy Romance Family

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Frasier Executive Producer/Writer Suzanne Martin should watch this!---We know that Suzanne Martin created her favorite 2001 series project that got discontinued in the wrong time in 2002, not only by the series' despicable critics, but it was badly messed by the entire WB network, until its shutdown in 2006. We already know that former WB network president Jamie Kellner is badly related to the WB network since it has been revealed that he's more of a comedy type of president rather than the real TV network president.Now on this movie, Suzanne Martin should be watching this because it is truly related to her own personal life, nothing else, and if she can get an idea of watching this, then she can reboot her discontinued favorite 2001 project, get it aired in a low public cable network, and make it last for more than 1 season, this time, without failures nor problems, TBH, IMO.


Horrific---This movie was truly horrific. Every inch of it made me cringe. Everything was horrible. This is coming from someone who enjoys bad movies. This one was a whole level of complete useless, meaningless, pain. It leads me to question the actors and crew: why? why are you doing this? Do you realize that everything you say is the most cheesiest string of words in the English film language? I don't get it. And the plot line! Why? What is the point of it? Did someone actually write this in a serious manner? why??? I guess I can admit that there is originality within the plot line because it is a rare to see a plot written so horribly. It's such a useless story line that it is rarely ventured to. So cheers for that, I suppose.


Teen drama limited comedy---Mandy Gilbert (Ashley Tisdale) lost her mother at 4 and her dad (Kevin Pollak) is clueless. Her close friends are Alexa (Lauren Collins) and Cayenne (Shenae Grimes). Drew Patterson (Robbie Amell) is the hot boy in school. He's from the rich neighborhood of Camelot and she's from Nottingham. He rescues Mandy from drowning and invites her to hang out by the lake. When Drew's mean girlfriend Lisa sees him hugging Mandy, she goes ballistic. Lisa finds Mandy's phone and Mandy's dad catches her in a lie. Drew invites her to his party but her dad grounds her. Cayenne thinks Drew has ulterior motives in the tradition of sacrificing a virgin. The girls lie to her dad, battle Lisa, and goes to the party. Along the way, they have to play in a Battle of the Bands contest and almost get into a major accident.Firstly I like most of the actors. I think Tisdale has a great comedic touch. On the other hand, this is a run of the mill teen drama. She's playing the bespectacled nerdy girl not in with the cool crowd. It's a lot about how to lie to the parent in the age of cell phones. The comedy isn't that funny. Sometimes it's cute but it's never hilarious. It's not a good high school comedy although there is an attempt at something. On a side note, this is directed by Stephen Herek who made some great movies in the past. I hope he gets better material to work with in the future.


Good movie. Great moral of the story.---The parts that ring very, very true make the badly acted bits worthwhile. It's a good twist on the classic Cinderella story with a great message behind it that all parents struggle with--once you've raised your kids properly, at some stage, you have to let go, and often that can avert a lot of the bad behavior from kids acting out.Loved it, but would have been better if they cast different actors and moved away from the signature Disney Channel-style overacting. Ashley Tisdale's maturity really shines in the scenes between her character and her character's dad (Pollak). I liked that Robbie's character was the sweet, gentlemanly jock from beginning to end, but I wish there had been more of an explanation about why he was with Lisa (Busby) to begin with -- was it because they were expected to be together as top jock and "alpha blond" of the school, did she somehow coerce him, was it because you're expected to have a boy-/girlfriend in high school and Lisa just happened to be the most likely candidate in his social circle?Also, more specific references to Camelot vs Nottingham would have been nice. It was a good idea that was kind of explained in the beginning, but they just seemed like labels slapped onto the Haves and Have-nots with no particular reason that tied into the rest of the movie.Overall good, and maybe I'm expecting too much from an hour-and-a-half long TV movie, but I'd love to see a proper remake/sequel.


Cute and funny---Mandy is not one of the popular girls. She doesn't live in a gated community like so many of the students at her high school. She supposedly looks like a nerd to others, but even with the glasses, she doesn't to me. And her architect father Tom, who has had to raise Mandy on his own since her mother died when Mandy was little, is more than a little overprotective.On her eighteenth birthday, Mandy gets contacts to replace her glasses, and a phone that can send videos--not because she needed one to be like the others, but so he can spy on her! Mandy likes Drew, the hot guy at school, and after she falls in the pool and he rescues her, he likes her too. And he invites her to the party of the year. But he's still with Lisa, who is evil and hates Mandy; now she has a real reason to.When Mandy drops her phone and Lisa finds it while Mandy is doing something her father would not approve of, that's it. Mandy is grounded. But will she let that stop her? No! With the help of Alexa and Cayenne, and a claim that she has to study with Alexa, Mandy really manages to put one over on her father.Tom has his own problems; while checking in with Mandy every half-hour on her video phone while she is "studying", he must baby-sit the bratty son of his sister Marsha, who has an attitude.And no matter what obstacles she faces (including more physical comedy, and more problems caused by Lisa), you just know Mandy will reach her goal!This is nothing more than a cute teen comedy, though the deceptions are brilliantly executed and fun to watch. And there are plenty of surreal nightmares that make this at least a little more than fluff. The actor playing a furniture salesman is quite good. Kevin Pollak is too good-natured to come across as big brother, but definitely overprotective.There's no quality acting here by the usual definition, but for what this is, everyone does a good job. Ashley is quite good-looking, even in the nerdy glasses, and really hot in the dress she eventually wears.Ashley does sing, but it's not my kind of music at all. There is pleasant background music, but most of what is called music in this movie doesn't really qualify as music in my opinion. But I'm closer to Tom's age than Mandy's, and they didn't make this movie for me.Even after being cleaned up for TV, this movie falls just short of family fare. It's fine for older children, but after cleanup, even some young kids could watch.It's actually pretty good.

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