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Ordinary World

Ordinary World (2016)

October. 14,2016
| Drama Comedy

Perry is a happily married father of two living a comfortable but sedate life in the suburbs. On the occasion of his 40th birthday, he seeks to revisit his former life as the lead singer in a popular punk band though his middle-aged reality quickly (and hilariously) clashes with the indulgences of his youth.


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Such a frustrating disappointment


a film so unique, intoxicating and bizarre that it not only demands another viewing, but is also forgivable as a satirical comedy where the jokes eventually take the back seat.

Janae Milner

Easily the biggest piece of Right wing non sense propaganda I ever saw.

Jonah Abbott

There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.


One of the best of the year.Watch any YouTube videos of Billie Joe Armstrong, and you'll witness a modern day punk rock star making out with fans, jumping into the audience, drinking onstage, and expressing wild antics in front of his audience. I think he was built for the screen.His personality shows through, with the high-pitched voice you rarely hear him speak with, but are so used hearing in song, and expresses a character on screen that both "depresses and enlightens."Seeing him on screen, at first, witnessing his tattoos on his arms, and realizing, "this is really a movie starring Billie Joe Armstrong" you realize, "how am I watching this..?" -- a stunning movie for fellow musicians, or anyone who grew up with Dookie, or the songs he got famous for, like "Brain Stew" and "When I Come Around."The individual has literally been in the music industry for pretty much the majority of his life, and he is by far one of the most talented performers for his audiences anywhere, who always seems to appear paradoxically "young" -- youthful -- witty -- amusing -- and never seeming to age beyond his original nineties persona, which gained him so much fortune today.He deserves better reviews for this work, and I take great pride in adding this as a "DVD" to my movie collection, within all truth and honesty, more than just a little Redbox viewing, or Google Play showing, because I feel this one ought to be added to any and all film-makers -- especially indie, or musicians, DVD collections.As far as the plot, I don't wish to reveal anything, because I feel this is the kind of movie that speaks for itself. it is highly enjoyable, and charming, to say the least. Watch it knowing as little about it as possible, in this reviewers opinion, and you will enjoy it even more.Enjoy.:)-Brendan


The title says it all. I thought the movie looked interesting which is why I watched it. After all, I know a lot of people in his situation (not that far off myself) so I was at least hoping for some familiarity feels especially since Billy Joe's in the movie so he'd bring the role some realism.Most of the movie, although there are things I would have done differently, I was enjoying myself and it seemed like it was heading a good direction. Then it just stopped. Done... roll credits. There were all sorts of possibilities and various situations that were prepped for exploration all left unsatisfied.If I want to watch someone be cranky about their 40th birthday while bemoaning the rock star life they could have had, I have plenty of real life friends to watch do that. A movie I expect to at least shove me through the Premise > Conflict > Resolution cycle... you know 3 acts.. blah blah blah. This one left me with 2/3 and I truly felt empty at the end denied the 1/3 of the movie they were too lazy to shoot. Of course given the apathetic, slacker demeanor they overplayed in Billy Joe's character, maybe that was the intention? "Just like the main character we're too apathetic to finish anything we start."Anyway... boo. Directors Cut? You can shoot it and polish it now and we can all come back and watch the extended edition a year from now! ;-)


This film tells the story of an ex rocker who gave up on his band years ago to have a family. On his fortieth birthday, he experiences a midlife crisis, and splashes out on a presidential suite to party with his friends."Ordinary World" is about the seemingly ordinary life of a man who works in his family business. He is a character that people can relate to. It is rather sad that his family do not remember his birthday, something that I can imagine is rather terrible. As his day gets worse, he decides to counteract the downward spiral. The whole premise of the story is quite funny, and I can see both humour and dark humour in the story. I like the ending too, I did not quite expect the wife saying that outside the house to Perry in the dog house! I enjoyed this lighthearted comedy.

Alexander Stamelos

Really guys ??? 7.1 for this ??? Billie Joe cannot act...it would be better if you put a complete amateur actor than him but of course Billie Joe will bring tickets.This movie is SO bad... It doesn't have any plot and the directory is still somewhere out there. It makes you bored after 30 minutes and I don't understand what is trying to achieve...More predictable than Tom & Jerry. Avoid it ! Read a book or watch the sky...it will have more excitement than this.Total waste of time !I think 3 out of 10 is very generous !