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The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist (2017)

March. 12,2017
| Drama Comedy

An aspiring actor in Hollywood meets an enigmatic stranger by the name of Tommy Wiseau, the meeting leads the actor down a path nobody could have predicted; creating the worst movie ever made.


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Terrible acting, screenplay and direction.


Save your money for something good and enjoyable


One of the worst ways to make a cult movie is to set out to make a cult movie.

Walter Sloane

Mostly, the movie is committed to the value of a good time.


A movie with a rating of 7.5 is talking about a movie with a rating of 3. But seriously, Tommy didn't hit her.


James Franco performed Tommy wiseau so good and directed the movie well too. Dave Franco was not bad and The movie's story is so funny however not much comedy came out of it. Also the lack of the effect of the music of the movie could have made the scenes a lot more better and give them another whole better look. The movie's rhythm was boring a little bit too. The scenario was too fit for the characters. Only watch it to see James as Tommy. 6.5/10


The Disaster Artist has been quite hyped up and praised among critics during its released, During these type of films, the art of these films is how continued and consistent they are into true based story. Having low expectations and seeing the Room for the first time a few years back, memory of the film wasn't too vapid.The Disaster Artist truly does live up to the hype as a film which is generally funny throughout and inspires a true developing message. The high praise for James Franco is worthy as he steals his scenes as he delivers one ofhis better performances acting comparible to Tommy Wiseau in the film.Many scenes in the film are funny in an unintentional way due to the delivery of Franco, as well as the chemistry between him and broth Dave Franco. It's quite a shame this film did not receive as much Oscar awards as well as money at the box office office. Though with a small budget of $10, the Disaster Artist went on to make slightly under $30 million worldwide. Overall, the Disaster Artist lives up to the hype and is a generational film. Well done to the entire cast.


I'm reading some very confused reviews here. Yes, the movie is a dramatized portrayal of the relationship between Tommy W and Greg Sistero and their work together on the infamous 'the Room', but all of the behind the scenes depictions and buildup to the actual film are inspired by Greg Sistero's 'The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside the Room, The Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made', his ***BEST-SELLING*** BOOK of the same name. I've just scrolled through like 20 reviews that say something to the effect of " why make a movie about a bad movie I've never heard of?!" Well, person with no attention span or access to an internet search engine, that's the whole point of the book, and the Disaster Artist film. The book is an insiders look at the mysterious and confounding figure of Tommy Wiseau, and a telling of why and how he became one of the most improbable success stories of Hollywood. No one just sees a bad movie and goes "hey let's make a movie about this bad movie that no one knows about." 'The Room' has inspired a legion of cult film fans to further explore it's mysterious director/star, Tommy Wiseau. The co-star of the film, Greg Sistero, wrote a book called 'The Disaster Artist' loaded with anecdotes about the mysterious director and his relationship to him, many of which were just as confounding and hilarious as 'the Room', and at times heartbreaking and tragic. It's a great true story, THAT'S why this movie was made. That being said, I found the 'disaster artist' film to be kind of a hollow disappointment compared to it's source material. The liberties taken in the movie do more to hurt and weaken the story than flesh it out. I won't compare the two in detail because you should just read it for yourself (it's a very entertaining book), but I will say that I find it ironic that a story about two aspiring Hollywood scrubs trying to make it in the entertainment world got such a shallow Hollywood treatment. I'm not surprised, just disappointed. 6/10