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Beastly (2011)

January. 21,2011
| Fantasy Drama Romance
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A curse transforms a handsome and arrogant young man into everything he detests in this contemporary retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Wealthy Kyle Kingson has everything a teenager could want in life, but he still gets off on humiliating the weaker and less attractive. When Kyle invites his misfit classmate Kendra to an environmental rally at their school, she questions his motivations but reluctantly accepts. Later, Kyle blows Kendra off, prompting the spurned goth girl to cast a dark spell on the swaggering egotist.


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Maybe this is worth 5 stars out of 10, but just something about it makes me leave my rating at 4 stars.The main reason to watch this movie is to gaze at the beauty of Vanessa Hudgens. I guess teen girls will enjoy looking at the male star.This isn't really all that bad of a movie - but it's just so simplistic and obvious and it's been done many times before - and better.I really do feel this is geared towards 12 to 15 year old kids - and not particularly smart ones. Not that that's a bad thing.But many of the rest of us will be naggingly unsatisfied by this pablum.


Well that's a shame because the book was pretty good. This was just a terrible movie on all counts, bad acting from the two leads (well, everyone involved actually) cliché story -even for a teen drama with this somehow ending up feeling more like a TV show than a movie. I also didn't care for Kyle's beast makeup, it was way over the top and honestly never did figure out how he explained his changes to his father? The story also jumps around with serious continuality issues, I mean you know what's happening and why but it just felt rushed and didn't flow properly. On the plus-side I did enjoy (surprise) one of the Olsen twins as the witch and Neil Patrick Harris's blind character gave me a couple of smirks that never developed into laughs. 6/4/14

phoenix 2

Beastly is a modern look on the classical story beauty and the beast. An arrogant rich boy, Kyle, is cursed by a witch and he is turned into an ugly "monster", a situation that can be permanent unless he can find someone to love him in a year. During that year, Kyle discovers his real self and fells in love with one of his old classmates, Lindy, who stays with him in order to be protected by some gang to whom her father owns money. To be honest, I expected more from it. The season 2011-2012 was a great season for movies based on fairy tales, and even though I finally watched beastly some years after, I still believed it would be interesting. However, from the start, it didn't lived up to the expectations. The story line is pausing at some points, when at some others, the script just rushes forward, getting very confusing and slightly stupid and cheesy. The action scenes are, well, not good enough, and the romance, good, but it could have been better. The ending especially was really bad, when Lindy rushes out of the airport to find Hunter ( the beastly self of Kyle) only to bump into Kyle in his real self. But, there were some good things about beastly, though. Some lines were clever and funny, and the atmosphere was fairytale-like. So 3 out of 10, because I wouldn't watch it again, but the performances were decent and there were some good parts in it. But still the movie seemed like it was put in fast forward.


I remember when I first watched this movie. It was two years ago -- I was over at my cousin's house past midnight, since that's where my friends would all gather to hang out often. Said cousin wasn't home, and Friend A was passed out on the couch in another room. So I was in my cousin's room with Friend B, bored, and we decided to look and see what movies were uploaded to the PlayStation 3.Lo' and behold, we came across "Beastly", and said friend told me that he'd seen it several years back and that it was garbage. We have a twisted world-view and thus we have ridiculous senses of humor, so we decided -- at 2 A.M. in the friggin' morning -- to watch this thing called a "film".It didn't take long to realize what type of movie this was. Y'know, the type that the director and writers very obviously intend to be one of those abhorrent disposable "chick flicks", a.k.a. films you go out to watch with your significant other because it's "like, ohmahgawd, so romantic!!" And I knew I was gonna be in for a very terrible experience, and I was not let down at all. So everyone involved in the creation of this movie can pat themselves on the back, because they succeeded two years ago from today in making two innocent men wish they had firearms available for the sole purpose of removing the memories of having watched said film the only way they know how -- forcefully, WITH BULLETS.I won't bother going in-depth with the characters and plot, because if you've seen any of the other 24948912829110389 films of this type, you already know them. In fact, if you even just read the plot summary, you know what happens in the movie.NONE of the characters are likable, except one, and that is a blind man played by none other than Neil Patrick Harris, which is literally the only redeeming quality of this film. Without any hint of hyperbole, he is the only reason this film got higher than a "1/10" from me. You will wish so desperately to beat the snot out of all the characters, because of the mind-numbingly stupid things they do and say.This film is so stupid, I actually think it may have been a sort of satire, taking all the tropes of these types of films and turning them on their heads, except that -- like I already said -- this film is too stupid for that, so I think that's giving the creators too much credit.Not to mention that the premise of the film itself is ridiculously boring and anemic as well. "Watch closely as this unlikable rich stereotypically-handsome jock douchebag transforms into an UGLY unlikable rich stereotypically-handsome douchebag (yes, this dichotomy was intentional), because he is a dick, and wants this girl!" That's literally the whole movie. Just some douchebag who gets cursed for being a douchebag, a very drab and boring one at that, and he has to "redeem himself" by...doing random good deeds, magical good deeds. While simultaneously chasing after a girl who is not as attractive as the film tries to get you to believe, and on top of that, is REALLY annoying as well.Great. No, not really, and you'd do well to stay away from this trash. Even if you're actually INTO these types of brainless teeny-bopper chik-flix, you can do much better.