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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Matt and Christina Drayton are a couple whose attitudes are challenged when their daughter brings home a fiancé who is black.

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Release : 1967
Rating : 7.8
Studio : Stanley Kramer Productions, 
Crew : Production Design,  Set Decoration, 
Cast : Katharine Hepburn Spencer Tracy Sidney Poitier Katharine Houghton Isabel Sanford
Genre : Drama Comedy Romance

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A 50 year old dinner - Still warm---I went to see it for the first time with my grandmother when I was 17. I loved it but it felt strange to me because my grandmother after 22 years of widowhood, had remarried to an African American man. He had become a blessing in my grandmother's life and in ours. How could Spencer Tracy of all people be against the union? After the movie we went to dinner and my grandmother answered all my questions with a single answer that's been with me always and that sometimes explains absurdities like Charlottesville 2017 - "Society, humanity doesn't evolve all at the same time" Of course Grandma', you were right. Watching Guess Who's Coming To Dinner in 2017 was an experience. Is not that Spencer Tracy is against their union, - Tracy was only worried to what his daughter was going to face 1967 - He was thinking like a father and not like a thinking, evolved liberal. On the other hand, Roy Glenn, Sidney Poitier's father objects to his son marrying a white girl. Sidney Poitier stops him by saying "Dad, you see yourself as a colored man, I see myself as a man" Was it as didactic as it sounds in 1967? Who cares? The message was delivered - I also was so moved to see Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy together for the last time and they knew it was for the last time. Sidney Poitier is superb as the messenger who points at the absurdity of racism. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner is a delicious document of its day.


A Sad, Innocent Film Foreshadowing an America That Never Became---I'm going to speak frankly.As a person who is by no means a leftist or a liberal, I found this film to be very moving. Most people who review the film I assume are liberals, so I guess I offer a different perspective. For me, this is a sad film. It is sad because the vision of America that the liberals Tracy and Hepburn's characters have here just did not pan out. The moment when Poitier's character says "you see yourself as a colored man, but I see myself as a man" shows just what sort of society these people imagined we would have, and it's tragic that history did not turn out that way. From the vantage point of 2017, race relations are worse than ever before. With SJWs, Affirmative Action, crime in the inner cities, anti-white racism, immigration problems etc, the vision that race would no longer matter just simply did not pan out. As whites today this film can only make us sad. It's tragic. I almost wish things did turn out that way, that race in America could have become a nonfactor and that none of the crazy problems we face today exist, but they do. And so viewing this film in retrospect, it seems so innocent and naive in a tragic way. Beautifully filmed with a San Francisco location and a lovely soundtrack, this is by all means a tremendous film, and I probably like it a little more than snotty liberals who probably can find this or that reason to view this film which to me seems progressive as "reactionary."


Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is unforgettable memory of interracial marriage---Marriage is all about the one you love, it does not matter the race. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, according to Stanley Kramer, he portray the interracial marriage and show the idealism of two couple difference racial. Therefore, the movie itself does not give a chance for the couple to know their love, for-example there is only one shot that shows lips of Dr. Prentice and Joanna meet together. However, in 1960s it was a period political movements of racial segregation, though it was lawful for interracial marriage. Eventually, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, came on the prep time and when the couple plan to meet there future in-laws they believe it might be difficult for the family to accept there relationship. Nevertheless, Acting was very amazing accompany by Katherine Hepburn, Tracy Spencer, Katherine Houghton and Sidney Poitier. Moreover, the movie was very successful on cultural influence and as a results of today's interracial marriage.


Everyone deserves a seat at the dinner table---Guess who's coming to dinner is a first class film. It focuses on the subject of interracial marriage and the challenges that can arise. Set in the 1960s, this was definitely topical. We are treated to first class acting from Sidney Poitier who is arguable one of the greatest and most dignified actors to grace the screen. Great performances from Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn who play shocked and concerned parents. This film also focused on the important issue of walking the talk, righteous people who preach certain ways of living but we see it put to the test when they themselves are in that situation. The parents who raised a unbiased and open minded daughter must deal with her choices. Spencer Tracey's speech to his daughter and Sidney is one of the best in film. He passes on an important message of understanding and righteousness to not just his daughter and son in law to be but the rest of America watching. A showcase of brilliant acting and messages in a film that was ahead of its time.

Claudio Carvalho

Interracial Marriage in USA in the 60's---After a period of vacation in Hawaii, Joanna "Joey" Drayton (Katharine Houghton) returns to her parents' home in San Francisco bringing her fiancé, the high-qualified Dr. John Prentice (Sidney Poitier), to introduce him to her mother Christina Drayton (Katharine Hepburn) that owns an art gallery and her father Matt Drayton (Spencer Tracy) that is the publisher editor of the newspaper The Guardian. Joey was raised with a liberal education and intends to get married with Dr. John Prentice that is a black widower and needs to fly on that night to Geneva to work with the World Health Organization. Joey invites John's parents Mr. Prentice (Roy E. Glenn Sr.) and Mrs. Prentice (Beah Richards) to have dinner with her family and the couple flies from Los Angeles to San Francisco without knowing that Joey is white. Christina invites also the liberal Monsignor Ryan (Cecil Kellaway), who is friend of her family. Along the day and night, the families discuss the problems of their son and daughter. "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" is a witty dramatic comedy about interracial marriage in the racist USA in the 60's. The theatrical story has magnificent performances and dialogs and has not aged after all these years. This is the last movie of Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, who is the aunt of Katharine Houghton, has never seen this movie because of the loss of her friend. My vote is nine.Title (Brazil): "Adivinhe Quem Vem Para Jantar" ("Guess Who's Coming to Dinner")

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