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High School Musical 3: Senior Year

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High School Musical 3: Senior Year

It's almost graduation day for high school seniors Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Chad, Ryan and Taylor ― and the thought of heading off in separate directions after leaving East High has these Wildcats thinking they need to do something they'll remember forever. Together with the rest of the Wildcats, they stage a spring musical reflecting their hopes and fears about the future and their unforgettable experiences growing up together. But with graduation approaching and college plans in question, what will become of the dreams, romances, and friendships of East High's senior Wildcats?

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Release : 2008
Rating : 4.7
Studio : Walt Disney Pictures, 
Crew : Director of Photography,  Director, 
Cast : Alyson Reed Zac Efron Vanessa Hudgens Ashley Tisdale Lucas Grabeel
Genre : Drama Comedy Music Romance Family

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Disney made yet another sucky movie---Disney will you please stop with this torture. i mean really how many times can we see stupid teenagers sing about Capri pants. these teens need to grow up. i want to see the one movie where they are all grown up. they submit there 401 (k)'s and do there taxes and there mortgage that is if they can get married. i swear if they make one more of this they are going to make me lose my mind up in here up in here. what would be really funny is that if they started cursing. example. all i have to say is....... (beeeeeeep) ooh yeah it's that badrated G theatrical version 1hr 52min/112min extended version 1hr 58 min/118minBOMB/****


A disappointment as it ditches the previous success formula---This is the third year in high school for the teenagers of East High, and they have to make their final year special by staging a play altogether."High School Musical 3: Senior Year" is a disappointment compared to the previous two "High School Musicals". The previous two radiates youthful energy and vibrant happiness, this one just lacks any of these qualities. There are no catchy songs, as the songs have a more contemporary feel, ditching the previous bubblegum formula. Many of the songs are not related to high school at all, such as the dance that occurs in a car dump which is so random. It seems the filmmakers want to revamp the High School Musical cast to become more mature to prepare for possible sequels. However, such a move does not work as it alienates existing fans while fails to attract new fans with their new direction.

bob the moo

An entertaining film with many flaws but many of them come with the territory and shouldn't be met with too much surprise---The low score on IMDb is representative of the majority opinion of those that are not really within the target audience of this film, however it is also the opinion of those who have never watched any of the High School Musical films for themselves. Rather than accepting that the film is not for them they also feel the need to deride it as worthless when really they mean that nothing about it holds any value for them. This is not the same as the HSM films being brilliant though – just I think that they come in for some overly harsh criticism by those that seem surprised that they do exactly what they propose to do. In a way it is like complaining that Star Wars is an awful film because it is a sci-fi.OK, there is plenty wrong with HSM3. The plot is obvious but yet full of sanitised relationships and situations, cloying moral messages and forced sentiment and certainly if you are watching it as a film then yes there is plenty that is clunky. However it is probably not fair to pick holes in all of the obvious stuff while ignoring that it does actually do a good job as a musical. Have you been to a musical? It tends to bring cheesy overacting, big smiles, easy sentiment, big musical numbers and not a lot of room for gritty reality of teenage life and the messy business of teenage relationships – that HSM3 has all these faults is not really something that I'm going to kick it about. It is a bit overlong though and, at almost two hours it does have sections that appear to have little forward motion and perhaps lack pace or a sense of fun that it does when it is in good form. It could and should have lost at least 20 minutes in there somewhere and would have been better for it – although I know that Disney see it as a flagship product recently so want to do more with it. It must also be said that several of the musical numbers are not as fun as they should have been. Some don't inspire in terms of choreography and several of the songs come over as rather bland and samey.The cast do well, although I understand why some viewers do not like the performances. Efron may not have a great range to expand out of this but he is a great presence in the film – he does singing and dancing really well and has a light touch that makes him easy to like. Likewise Hudgens, for all her photographic "scandals" delivers a wonderfully light turn that is nothing but sweetness. OK neither of them come over as real people but they are sweet and enjoyable couple at the heart of the film. As before Tisdale is fun and bitchy without being unlikeable and she works well with Grabeel. Bleu has less to do than before and I didn't think he was used that well – likewise Coleman.Overall HSM3 is far from a great film. It is clunky and obvious, overlong, cheesy and is not the sort of thing that will win over viewers who do not like cheesy musicals – but it is a bit harsh to blame that on the film when it is pretty clear from the start that this is what it is setting out to be. It should not be given total forgiveness for its flaws and of course the casual viewer may be left a bit cold by aspects of it but if you are happy to meet it on its terms then it is a reasonably good (if sanitised and soullessly packaged) product.


these movies made these actors stars???WTF????---This was my first experience with anything HSM related and I regret having decided to watch this. I like musicals, so I thought there would at least be catchy songs to like. Well, there aren't. I can't see how anyone could like this unless you are a 10 year old girl. The acting is horrible, and the fake lip-singing is so awful. It doesn't even sound like their voices. Plus, the songs are horrible. The music, the lyrics, all of it. I know I never liked corny shows like this when I was a kid. I feel bad for all the parents that took their kids to the theater to see this and had to sit through it. Maybe some were smart enough to bring ear plugs and blindfolds.FINAL VERDICT: One of the worst scripts and songs for a musical that's ever been made. Only watch it if you want to be tortured.


Perfect ending.---The lights dimmed and the children became quiet. With a theatre packed with children aged under 10 years of age i could sense the excitement as the much long awaited High School Musical 3: Senior Year was about to come on screen.The screen lit up and there it was. The face of Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) sweating from ear to ear. The movie had begun. I squealed like a two year old when i first saw his face. Believe it or not but i had been waiting several months for this movie to come out. The night before i had hardly slept as i was just too excited.In all honesty, this movie blew me away. It really took my expectations out of the water. For a cinema release the actors had to step it up so much more from the first and second movies and they did exactly that.Each dance number had amazing choreography and lots of glitz and glamour. The story was beautiful and in some parts it almost had me in tears.High School Musical 3: Senior Year was nothing but an amazing entertaining and fun loving film for the children and even teenagers to love. It was not made to win any Oscars or make history, it was made to entertain and it just did that. I don't understand the people who criticize this movie. It may not be something you're going to enjoy but sure as hell the little one's are going to love it.People say it's unrealistic, that no high school is this perfect. Which is true but why criticize this movie for stepping out of the boundaries and letting people's imaginations run wild for a couple of hours. The story was touching, the songs were beautiful and the actors really tried their hardest and as the words High School Musical came down and the six main characters jumped in the air for the last few seconds of the final song and movie i couldn't help but wipe a tear from my face.A perfect ending to the High School Musical trilogy and i thank them for bringing something new in to the lives of younger children for the first time in a long time. High School Musical 3: Senior Year had me wishing that my life could feel just like a musical.

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