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Frankenweenie (2012)

October. 04,2012
| Animation Comedy Family

When a car hits young Victor's pet dog Sparky, Victor decides to bring him back to life the only way he knows how. But when the bolt-necked "monster" wreaks havoc and terror in the hearts of Victor's neighbors, he has to convince them that Sparky's still the good, loyal friend he was.


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A Masterpiece!


I cannot think of one single thing that I would change about this film. The acting is incomparable, the directing deft, and the writing poignantly brilliant.


There are moments in this movie where the great movie it could've been peek out... They're fleeting, here, but they're worth savoring, and they happen often enough to make it worth your while.

Raymond Sierra

The film may be flawed, but its message is not.


Frankenweenie is a fun adaptation of the classic Frankestein and also a Pet Semetary for kids… Tim has already done it in 1984 in a amazing short movie with human cast… For me that was enough! It was cool, moving, dark and crazy so his work should have been rest in peace! But no! Like his character, Tim wanted it back, with the power of Electr-Onics and this new animation is like Sparky, a gentle, kind companion with a lot of scars. It's a pity to see that today, artists have become lazy, without inspiration and new ideas: Lynch comes back to TP, Spielberg works on another Indiana Jones, Blade Runner has a sequel while the novel stands alone, U2 celebrates Joshua Tree, Waters does the Wall one more time, and I don't forget Alien, Star Trek, Star wars that work like industrial factories…. So here you know what you will receive: nothing new! It has been already done and told so what do you except? Maybe the mass experiences were left of the short movie but if you have seen Gremlins or Ghostbusters, you know the flavor… I already heard the racial complaints to have a bad Japanese student as nobody accepts difference and understands imagination! OK the movie is filled up into the bones with all the things that Tim likes and packs in one movie all the others but at the end, it stays nearly worthless (and even Danny's score is pretty much uninspired!)… So there is a lesson: dead things are meant to left be still… RIP


I've always been a giant admirer of Tim Burton; particularly his imaginative script ideas and his fairy-tale filming style. But, somehow, my appreciation for him has gone down tremendously since "Alice in Wonderland". There were his greatest films ("Sleepy Hollow", "Edward Scissorhands", "Big Fish") used to be macabre, unique and melancholic, his newer efforts ("Dark Shadow", "Alice in Wonderland", "Big Eyes") are sentimental, childish and dull. Burton has become his own caricature, but I still had reasonably high hopes for this "Frankenweenie". After all, Burton's other two stop- motion/animation flicks ("Corpse Bride" and "The Nightmare before Christmas") belong to his finest efforts and I also really liked the 30-minutes short that our director made in 1984 for Disney and largely kick-started his career. But alas, the magic has faded away here as well Oh sure, "Frankenweenie" is undeniably a masterwork in terms of meticulous and professional stop-motion techniques and it still remains admirable how Tim Burton continuously pays tribute to so many older horror titles; famous classics as well as obscure foreign gems. Unfortunately, however, he also always reverts to the same old clichéd trademarks, daft character drawings and tiresome pacing. Young Victor Frankenstein loses his beloved dog Sparky when a car runs over it, but he paid close attention during the classes of his eccentric teacher Mr. Rzykruski and uses the next electrical thunderstorm to bring it back to life. Victor's creepy classmates also have deceased pets they want to give the same science-project treatment as Sparky, but these critters aren't as cute and raise a little hell during the town's annual Dutch festival. Fellow horror fans can moderately amuse themselves by spotting all the references and tributes to legendary films, characters, and actors/actresses, but "Frankenweenie" on itself is a feeble story without any highlights or even remotely memorable parts. I watched this with my 8-year-old son and even he was disappointed, and more particularly frustrated about how infantile and tame this was!

Mihai Toma

After the loss of his best and only friend, his dog Sparky, Victor tries to bring him back to life using electricity. Unknown to him is the fact that his experiment will be copied by others who don't have his sincere and honest intentions leading to chaos throughout the city.Although it started very promising, it slowly began to lose momentum falling into the other side of interesting. From a lovable and captivating drama it jumped right into the bowels of horror (aspect which I didn't like) leaving with the impression that the man who wrote the script remained without any ideas. I can't say that I was disappointed by its finale but it was a bit, let's say inconclusive although it was positive. I really liked the animation, the fact that it was presented in black and white really gave it a great feeling but it was unfortunately let down (quite badly I'd say) by its plot. An average movie overall in my humble opinion.


Frankenweekie is a stop motion animated movie directed by the master of this type Tim Burton. In this film we see the story of the Frankenstein with a new twist and in more child friendly tone. However the basic themes are here and Burton made them work in to the story.Now it is by no means as good as a Nightmare before Christmas or Corpse Wife but it is not meant to be and as far as children movies go, is at least fine and has elements that will make it enjoyable for adults also. So to the main story Victor Frankenstein here is a boy in a small town, he is opposed with science and he only real friend is his dog Sparky ,but after a car accident which killed the K9 ,Victor tries to bring him back to life, but his actions create ,of course, problem that he has to face.OK the story and some of the character, like Victor's parents, are by the numbers for a children film and this is its only drawback, because when the person who for cry out loud make the slender man likable, a film like that seems to low for him. I personally disagree ,yes, although he has directed better films than that is still really good and its Gothic style of animation ,mixed with the fact that is in black and white(!) and the more kid friendly approach ,make a really good Burto film. To sum up I believe that is his best project since Corpse Bride and if you consider what he has directed and produced in the last 12 years ,be thankfully that he did not did to the Frankenstein what he did with Alice in Wonderland.