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High School Musical 2

The East High Wildcats are ready to have the time of their lives. Troy (Zac Efron) is thrilled when he’s offered a job in a country club, but it’s all part of Sharpay’s (Ashley Tisdale) plot to lure him away from Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens). How will it all turn out? All questions are answered on the night of the club’s Talent Show.

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Release : 2007
Rating : 4.9
Studio : Disney Channel, 
Crew : Producer,  Producer, 
Cast : Alyson Reed Zac Efron Vanessa Hudgens Ashley Tisdale Lucas Grabeel
Genre : Drama Comedy Music

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Danger! America's IQ is dropping!---Okay, so the day the first High School Musical came out I watched a documentary on PBS instead, so I had no idea what horrors were going on at Disney Channel until the next day at school. I stepped into class and WHAM! I hear everyone belting out "We're soarin', flyin'," and "We're all in this together!" and I was like, "What the heck are you guys singing?" and in unison they cried, "High School Musical!" and I could literally see America's IQ was falling. So I decided to see it for my self, and I must say I was sickened by the time they got to, "Stick to the Status Quo." No song should actually tell you to be average. I was disgusted by all the actors, especially Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale, who seemed to have no brains at all, for bringing this message to the world. And now High School Musical 2. Even worse than the first. It's completely devoid of any intelligence. And don't think I'm some teenager watching R-rated horror movies-I'm a twelve-year-old watching R-rated Oscar winners. I'm not saying parents have to let their kids watch Silence of the Lambs instead of High School Musical-but please, at least let them watch decent musicals/movies, like The Sound of Music or Dr. Strangelove (which is not a musical but still great-and rated PG! Don't say your kids won't get the jokes either-I got them when I was seven!) or maybe Singing in the Rain. Not this crud. Do you really want your kids watching airheaded rich kids complain about their boyfriends/girlfriends and how terrible their lives are? I didn't think so. Please, save America's movie reputation by bringing and end to High School Musical!!!


One of the worst movies I've seen.---This movie was AWFUL. The acting was terrible. The singing was terrible. The script was terrible. The whole plot line was terrible. I had actually thought that the first movie was bad, but compared to this rubbish, the first movie was way better.On the actors:Zac Efron is gay. As simple as that. He's twenty and he acts like a sixteen year old. When he sings, he sounds like he has an apple down his throat. He has that pretty-boy look and that doesn't help his career at all. Many girls worldwide have major crushes on him, but why? I don't understand. His looks stop them from seeing him for what he really is.Vanessa Hudgens is somewhat okay. SOMEWHAT. I once read somewhere that Vanessa and Miley Cyrus are best friends, and comparing the two, I think Miley Cyrus is a much better actress (yeah, I do like Miley Cyrus). As for Hudgen's singing, she's nothing great. She is an opposite to Efron (who's older acting young); Hudgens is young but tries to look older. I like Ashley Tisdale only in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody; but on this? She sucks on this. Her singing can be pretty good sometimes but she's not really on my favorites list. Lucas Grabeel is probably the only good actor here. His acting is the only thing worth seeing even though he seems slightly gay to me.Corbin Bleu? No comment.On the plot:School ends. Almost all kids get good summer jobs at one place and are paid well. Main guy and main girl are dating. Other girl is jealous and tries to get main guy into dating her. Singing show going on. All of them are somehow talented at singing and all want to take part. The same evil girl tries to get everyone else out of singing so she can win.Doesn't that all sound too cliché? Too predictable? It does, of course. Face it, HSM fans; it's been done a hundred times.Rating:A- Amazing B- Somewhat good C- Okay D- Bad E- AwfulActing- E Singing- D Plot- DOUBLE negative EThe only happiness you'll get out of this movie is when it's over.

Jenna (hayden-panettiere-ukfan)

A great sequel---I understand that a lot of people feel that this wasn't as good as the first movie, but personally I think it's as good, if not better than the first one. The cast seem a lot more comfortable with each other and their characters, which make their characters seem a lot warmer and welcoming.I also like that this film concentrates a little more on the importance of characters such as Martha, Kelsi, and Zeke. In my eyes, they're just as important as the main six, and I can't imagine the movie without any of them.As with the first movie, the singing and dancing are flawless and perfect. My only problem is that there isn't a song that is as amazing and climatic as Breaking Free. The equivalent in this movie would be Everyday, but it's nowhere near as powerful.Nevertheless, an amazing film that you'd be a fool to miss, no matter what age you are (take it from a 19-year-old!)


Another bad, cheap Disney movie---I've never been a fan of Disney movies including HSM 1. So when I heard about HSM 2 I knew it was going to be pathetic. My little sister begged me to watch so unfortunately I gave in. IT WAS HORRIBLE! It's made HSM 1 look good. The acting is bad and the singing is OK. OK, Zac Efron is cute, not cute enough to make this movie at least half way decent. If you want a good quality movie then it's best to not watch a Disney movie. They're so cheap on Disney movies and celebrities with no talent. And now they're having a HSM 3 that's coming out in theaters, that should be good;) HSM 2 should get a lower rating than 5.2. The only people who should be a entertained by this movie should be little kids. The producers, directors, actors, etc, are just trying go as cheap as they can go and at the same time make money off their viewers. If you want to see a real musical then watch hairspray (2007).


Oh dear---Where do you start? How about the warped message this film is sending out to children who's families genuinely have money issues? I almost choked on my own disgust when Troy complained that he was fed up of seeing all the rich people at the Country Club while his parents were 'scraping for pennies'. With a house the size of his I doubt they're scraping for anything. Secondly, isn't it wonderfully convenient that they all managed to get pretty good jobs with no previous work experience and that they all managed to secure employment on their first attempt, at the same place, at the same time. Apart from being the luckiest group of 'teenagers' in the world, they are all the most ungrateful group of spoilt brats I've ever witnessed. The jobs they secured aren't given away to teenagers with no employment record and you don't become an assistant chef because you made a Crème Brule and some cookies then complain about it.Apart from those two minor points that really, really grated on me, the rest of the film is truly dire. I would happily watch High School Muscial (which, I am shamed to admit, made me laugh a little) every day for a week rather than sit through this trash again. The pointless, meandering plot-line, the dreadful, dreadful songs and the nauseating tones of Vanessa Hudgens were all too much for me. I stayed true to my word and sat through the whole thing, but not before my soul was permanently tainted. You may think I'm exaggerating, and you might be right, but a movie hasn't dragged like this since the Forty Year Old Virgin. Mercifully, I didn't have to pay for this one, but I did have to waste electricity on it.There are many, many bad points to be raised about this poor excuse for a film, and I think Nastarinvonjacobis has made them quite eloquently. Oh, and before I forget, who in the world has a portrait photograph of themselves in their basketball gear in their own room? A dreadful film, even by Disney Channel's standards, I don't recommend this film to anyone, unless you're playing a drinking game to take a shot every time something in this film annoys you (not recommended for those who don't want to get seriously drunk)

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