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The Twilight Saga: New Moon

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Forks, Washington resident Bella Swan is reeling from the departure of her vampire love, Edward Cullen, and finds comfort in her friendship with Jacob Black, a werewolf. But before she knows it, she's thrust into a centuries-old conflict, and her desire to be with Edward at any cost leads her to take greater and greater risks.

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Release : 2009
Rating : 4.7
Studio : Summit Entertainment,  Maverick Films,  Imprint Entertainment, 
Crew : Production Design,  Director of Photography, 
Cast : Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Taylor Lautner Billy Burke Ashley Greene
Genre : Adventure Fantasy Drama

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I was Blackmailed into Watching this...---Seriously. I wouldn't have gone any other way.At the persistence of a die-hard fan girlfriend, I read the books. While cheesy and obviously not my style, I could see how it would appeal to the Prince Charming fantasy that most high-school girls like. As I got the ending I was gradually wanting more and more bathroom breaks. It's just not my thing. And having it drawn out through not one, not two, but four books just made me... irritable.Then I watched the movie, with the same girlfriend.I could sigh here and rub my temples, but let's get this over with. I don't think we need to harp anymore on just how horrible the acting of Kristen Stewart and Bobbie Patinson was. Taylor Lautner deserves some credit too. Obviously picked to be eye-candy, this dude cannot act. He looks sarcastic or angry through the entire film. His attempts at dialogue are pretty sad, and his hatred for vampires somehow makes you think he is a closet sparkly fan. I think he has a crush on Alice.Speaking of... well, Alice was dainty in the books, but here, they turn her into a pretty little butterfly, flitting and flying, huffing when she doesn't get her way. Jasper was supposed to be intense and controlled, but he comes off more as bored to be here, the same for Carlisle and Esme. Rosalie is a bitch, and even though her acting makes everyone else seem like drawings, she is still irritating and grating and you hate her anyway. The only good thing about this movie is Emmett. He seems to be having so much fun that it just makes us wanna know about him.The plot makes a sad Kristen Stewart sad, or, in her case, bland. The heartbreak would only make a three-year old cry because he/she has a dirty nappy, and well... even in the book, she seemed like she spent the entire time just... moping. And if anyone did that in real life, if a friend, I would sit her down, and have a serious 'get over him!' talk, and since she doesn't have any friends, all you can do is just pray for Laurent to kill her. Another decent casting choice, in my humble opinion.So, she is drawn to Italy, where she flies off because Edwards is, yes, gonna kill himself because he realized he sparkles in the sunlight.... no wait, because Alice saw Bella jump into the water, and for some under explained reason she can't see what happens when the wolves are involved. I really didn't get that, in the books or in the movies. Meyer has a lot of these plot holes in her work.And here we get to the only good side of the movie: The Vulturi. While their build-up is pretty weak, Micheal Sheen, Dakota Fanning, and whoever it is that plays Felix are incredible. Putting fear in the people's hearts, and well, during the Edward-Felix fight, I was chanting 'Felix, Felix, Felix,' In the movie theater, you kinda wished that the series was about them. They have the history, they have the background and something to build with. Hell, even as the bad guys, Meyer could have built them up a bit more.In the end, nobody dies, and Bella and Edward are back together again even thought nobody understood why they broke up in the first place, Bella goes home to her ever-bland daddy-o played by Billy Burke, who went on to a stunning performance in 'Drive Angry' who, wouldn't you know, grounds his 17-year-old daughter for eternity. The end.And it couldn't have come sooner.I would have given this movie 1 star, but due to the excellent casting by the under-developed villains, as well as a couple others, I decided not to drop it down all the way. Overall, not a movie you want to waste your time with, considering the only good thing about it was a few of the side actors. Made for, by, and to honor the fans, and nobody else, which in my opinion, is a blatant lack of respect.


This is one movie where a spoof would be far better than the original---Hard to believe I wasted 3 hours (hey, it was on FX and they jam everything with mega-commercials) of my life watching this tripe.If I had to watch one more 360-spinning view of Bella sitting somewhere, mourning the loss of Edward, all to the strains of some overwrought teen pop music, I'm quite certain I would have had to run to the bathroom to barf.NOTHING happens in this movie. You don't need to worry about spoilers because there can't be any.What I *am* anxious to see is the spoof of this movie, because it will be deadly funny.


Frustrating---Truthfully, the CGI is good. Then we come to the real problem; Kirsten Stewart is not the actress to carry Bella off with conviction. It's a shame. Because this film is all about Bella. She is the core of the story, with Edward absent for a significant portion of the film. Without a good core, the cheesy dialogue and long sorrowful glances are just that, cheesy and long, it's impossible to see past them. It takes FOREVER for anything to happen. Happy or sad, suicidal or in a bad mood, it really is impossible to tell. Kirsten's broody look never changes. Scenes which should have some poignancy are simply flat and dull. I know that the character is somewhat thinly written, but really, come on. And then Robert Pattinson comes back in, and he also delivers his lines as though he's reading from a telephone directory. Very disappointing.


Slightly better than the first, but a far cry from being any good---The reason it took me so long to review this film is because I wanted to wait for it to show on the movie network, as my interest in it was next to none. I got bored today and watched this movie and they basically took all of the redeeming qualities of the first film and removed it.The most interesting part of the story was the relationship between Jacob and Bella, however it began to get tiresome after Jacobs third attempt to reach out to Bella, and then it just wouldn't stop. Edward and Bella's relationship is totally annoying to me, as there is no apparent passion between the two when they're interacting with each other. Close talking with convenient lighting does not convey passion.I tried watching this with the notion that this is a children's movie, and I guess its good enough for kids if they decide to like it. However the subject matter leads to a rhetoric that is heavily politicized. I do not wish to discuss that here.I understand that fans of the Twilight novels wanted this film to do what the previous one could not. Which is to do the novel justice. The script writing was not thoughtful enough to even come close to representing even a poorly written novel. The dialogue was that of an after school teen TV series. You can tell that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson tried a bit harder to convey emotion. However Pattinson is too caught up in the image he wishes to portray as a vampire instead of becoming his character for the film, and Stewart is likely in a quandary. The acting was so bad in the first one, but there is a huge fan base for Twilight. How does she make the character better without straying too far from what was done in the first film? That being said, Bella's character was ruined before they even started filming New Moon. Unless they rebooted the series, there was no saving this film.What bothers me is that I know these actors can do much better. I've seen Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart do some good work in the past, and it seems they've both let the Twilight attention get to their heads. Their acting is pretentious and dull in New Moon. I hate seeing scenes with them together because I'm numb with boredom every time they are.This movie was slightly better than the first as a MOVIE, not as a representation of the novel. I have no comment about the novels because I have never read them, nor do I intend to. Vegetarian vampires, and the struggle of two people who want desperately to be together is not really my thing and quite frankly it's the oldest story ever, are not really my thing. How about every religious person and their desire to be with a God who may or may not exist? That's how old this story is.


Thumbs down for New Moon---Kristen Stewart once called herself as a "professional liar" when referring to her performances in movies, like Twilight. The problem with "New Moon" is that the performances of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattison, Taylor Lautner, Anna Kendrick and others are so obviously a lie that it is nearly impossible to believe in any of them. In this respect, New Moon is a very inferior film to the first Twilight which, for all its flaws, at least had believable characters and a believable love story. The main reason for this major flaw in New Moon is that the script lacks compelling dialogue. Most of the dialogue, especially in the beginning, is absurd; and the actors know that their dialogue is absurd because they give the consistent impression that they do not believe in what they are saying. So the result is a superficial vampire movie. But the problem with "New Moon" goes even deeper than that. The plot is not really interesting. For most of the film, Bella is meant to be depressed after her break up with Edward Cullen that is never properly explained. But Bella never succeeds in establishing a connection with the audience - not least because the Kristen Stewart voice-over sounds so fake - and therefore watching her depressed is a boring experience, instead of a touching one. There is a somewhat interesting part of the film with the wolves, which in my view really do upstage the actors. But the part with the volturi, who are meant to enforce a rather rigid set of vampire laws, was done completely wrong. If the film-makers were smart, they would have done something unique and original with the set, like create a whole new vampire world hidden from human civilization with its own unique look (why do vampire buildings have to look like human buildings, for instance?), culture and way of life. Instead human beings can see the volturi simply by walking into an elevator, clicking the basement floor - how unoriginal (what happened to secret passages) - and then walking into a throne room that looks like a baroque cathedral from a tourist guide. The volturi themselves, moreover, are not that scary, even when they do come close to killing Edward Cullen (I really stopped caring by that point, because I wanted an early end to this film). Martin Sheen is miscast as the head volturi, because he lacks the stature and command to make that role work. Sheen was much better in "Frost/Nixon" because in that film he was supposed to be a mousy interviewer who seemed way over his head financing and carrying out the interview of President Nixon. Perhaps Frank Langhella would have made a better volturi or Eva Green. But Sheen is all wrong for the part. The same is true for the other actors attempting to look scary as volturis. The female volturi, for instance, looks like one of those part geeky, artsy theatre chicks one meets while attending the fringe festival. Of course, the script does not give the volturis much to do or anything interesting to say. So these actors are also hamstrung from the start. Overall a disappointing film. Thumbs down. The other sad thing about this film is that Graham Greene, who was so brilliant in "Thunderheart" and "Dances with Wolves," is in this film, but the film-makers only gave him a bit part instead of utilizing his considerable talents in full. What a sad day when a great actor's potential is not exploited to make a bad film, like this one, somewhat better.

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