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Sing (2016)

November. 23,2016
| Animation Drama Comedy Music
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A koala named Buster recruits his best friend to help him drum up business for his theater by hosting a singing competition.


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Better Late Then Never


best movie i've ever seen.

Tayyab Torres

Strong acting helps the film overcome an uncertain premise and create characters that hold our attention absolutely.

Rosie Searle

It's the kind of movie you'll want to see a second time with someone who hasn't seen it yet, to remember what it was like to watch it for the first time.


A bunch of odd ball characters with dreams of their own, looking to a seize gratification via an award show. It sounds familiar, because isn't that all of us. To seek to be someone who we want, rather than the misalignments that life leads us to be.I thought the show had plenty of opportunities to create actual dialogue, and to present actual problems in life, that one has to overcome, and to understand that not everything goes according to plan, but yet is what you make of it.One of such scenarios was of the elephant being made a stagehand, rather than allowed to compete on the show. It was a good chance to diverge and look into conditions that one might face in such situations, and how one could go about it- but in the next moment, the camel got hospitalised, she got a part in the show, and everyone is a-okay once more.You might argue that it's just a children's show, but than again, so are the movies from pixar, and in those movies, you actually walk away learning something precious.

Neil Welch

Buster Moon, seeking to save his failing theatre, stages a talent contest. The competitors include dancing housewife Rosita, teenage delinquent Johnny, undervalued songwriter and ace guitarist Ash, cocky crooner Mike, shy songstress Meena etc. And each of these has personal and domestic issues to be resolved.A synopsis makes it clear that there is very little originality here as regards story. This sort of tale dates back to the 1930s, to early sound musicals with Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney. And even though the characters' assorted problems can be viewed as more modern - Johnny's Dad is a bank robber, Rosita's husband undervalues her, Mike is tied up with organised crime - they still won't come as a surprise to any adult who has watched films since childhood.But let's factor in that these characters are all anthropomorphised animals, and that this is a CGI movie with kids as its primary audience, and the familiarity of its plot becomes considerably less important.Since marvelling at Toy Story, and then Shrek, there have been so many CGI features that one can more or less take it as read that character and product design, animation and voicework will all be first rate, and that is the case here - one expects accomplishment, and a film which falls short in these areas is far more noteworthy than one which doesn't. So we can take it as read that Sing - largely put together by the French Despicable Me production company - is as visually striking as we would expect it to be.Where it succeeds is in the musical numbers, both in how they are staged, and in how emotionally they are integrated into the narrative. I'm a sucker for music which grips me by the throat, either in its own right or by reference to how it is presented, and a lot of the music here does just that. I'm not going to give examples because, if this movie is your sort of thing, then I don't want to spoiler any of the delights in store for you.The music, from across the musical spectrum, is well-chosen and well-used, whether in its or original form or as rearranged. I had never realised that Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight was so sad.So don't see it if you hate musicals, CGI, or movies with no surprises. But if you're OK with all that, you'll love it.


Universal must have been desperate in 2016. Though the concept of a bunch of animals going through a similar process as many vulnerable people do - with the likes of the X-Factor, The Voice, or Britains Got Talent and all those other 'Reality' (notice the quotation marks there) shows that basically repeat the same thing every season - take a breather... it doesnt work in this film. The story is shallow. A bunch of animal characters, non who you are led to care for, audition for the false promise of $100,000 even though we were shown prior to this, that they all just sang because they enjoyed singing. Some get picked for the show others don't. No heart strings plucked for those animals who didn't get picked. No time to learn their names, well apart from a Giraffe whose name I've forgot already. Love the fact the soundtrack is just a bunch of songs everyone's heard already over the years and how non of the songs have any connection to the characters. It's just like Suicide Squad, the score is horrendously unrelated to the film. Anyways it's the same reason why big name actors were brought in to voice act on this film. It enticed many people to watch it. This is a film for children, but I find that insulting really, Toy Story is for children but that has story, characters you care for, great original score and some high name actors even back then in the 90's. It is obvious the film industry on a whole are only making movies to make money but it's just getting more and more desperate these days. There's barely any love or care in these sort of films anymore. And worst of all now that companies have tapped into the media they can promote the film through everything these days and have people believe it's a great film. Truth be told many out there believe it is. Maybe their children liked it. But many kids like just about anything like that. Doesn't mean it inspired them or taught them anything about life. Anyways I'm ranting now and not really reviewing this properly. A mediocre review for a mediocre films. Just a bunch of old material recycled in the never ending cycle of milking the cow until its bone dry.


Basically a movie made because, we like these actors, we like these songs, shove all of this in a shell of a story and we will eat it up. Things like this are getting tiresome. The main character of this kids movie doesn't pay his bills, his employees, he lies to get things, and is just a terrible person (koala), but as long as you never give up on your dream, everything will work out.